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This is the sequel to the adventure Wish Upon a Pup and takes place after Pup-TailsPups in the Magical World, and one of my other scripts from a different Wikia.


Skye and Milli invite their friends to Harmonia, after an entrance is discovered in the Magical World, and they discover that Sunshine Giggles and Kirby are having their coronation celebration in a few days where they'll be crowned as the rulers of Harmonia.

However, there's a new group of enemies called the Rogues, a group of Easterns who don't like the uniting of Harmonia and have now joined forced with some of the dangerous creatures from Beginner Forest. To get the Harmonia throne for the Rogues, Chief, the Rogue leader and Charlotte's father, has Charlotte and some other Rogues kidnap Geo and hold him captive as part of the Rogues' plan. Can the brave heroes rescue him and stop the Rogues' evil plot?


PAW Patrol

Team Umizoomi



The Rogues

PAW Skills

Lend a PAW Skills

  • Think before you act
  • Everyone has to follow their own path, even if it means going against the wishes of the ones they love
  • Being Unique makes you Strong
  • Sometimes, all you need is a friend
  • The power of words



  • Marshall reveals that he can climb trees without being clumsy at all.
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