This is the script to Pups and the Harmonia Rescue, which is the sequel to Wish Upon a Pup.

Story inspired by: Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure


(There's a big map of Harmonia in the middle) (The crack disappears and the land comes back together)

(Narrator is the same girl)

Narrator: After the visit of Skye and Milli, the land of Harmonia became reunited. And love, hope, and harmony filled the land like never before.

(Sunshine Giggles and Kirby are shown, they are surrounded by feelings of hope, love, and harmony)

Then, Kirby and Sunshine Giggles felt a strong love between each other. Soon, they got married and will soon be crowned as the rulers of Harmonia. It seemed that Harmonia would prosper for a long time.

(The map suddenly has a darkness on the East) (An eagle and a bunch of other former Easterns appear by his side) (They are all really angry)

But, not everyone was happy about this. Many Easterns, still holding on to their hate and angry for what happened to Charon, did not apprecate this.

(They are seen walking over a map of Beginner Forest) (Many other dangerous creature start to walk with them)

Thus, lead by the eagle, Chief, they left for the Beginner Forest and joined forces with several of the forest's dangerous creatures. They are now called... The Rogues. The Rogues plan to get their revenge somehow and take over Harmonia.

(The map returns to Harmonia) (It shows Kirby, Sunshine Giggles, the other Dronies, Stella, Oracion, and Minty)

The royal family realize that The Rogues must be stopped or Harmonia will wither away and fall. They instead do their best to spread love, hope, and harmony. For the magic in all three will defeat all feelings of fear, hatred, and disorder.

(The map disappears)

Of course, they hoped that these feelings would spread throught not just Harmonia, but the entire universe.

Return to Harmonia

(In the Magical World) (The pups are playing together) (Skye's not with them)

Marshall: Watch this!

(He jumps but he crashes into the other pups)

Sorry, guys...

Rubble: You know, Marshall, I always wondered if you could not be clumsy at something.

Marshall: Am I that clumsy?

Zuma: Well...

Lilac: Ah think that it's a rhetorical answer.

Chase: A what?

Rocky: She means that we all know the answer to the question.

Penelope: Don't worry, Marshall. Um, you're still a great pup.

Marshall: Thanks, guys.

(Skye runs over to them)

Skye: Hey, guys!

Chase: There you are, Skye!

Lilac: Now where have yuh run off to?

Skye: Well, I found some old friends, again.

(She turns around and shows that Team Umizoomi on her back)

Geo: Hey, guys!

Chase: Team Umizoomi!

Bot: It's so great to see you guys here.

Marshall: So what's going on?

Geo: Um, you'll see. So what's up with you, guys?

Chase: Well, we saved Ryder, helped bake a cake, found pirate treasure, and--

Lilac: Uh, Chase, Ah think that's enough...

Chase: Sorry...

Skye: Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. Milli and I found something nearby.

Chase: What is it?!

Milli: *Giggles* You'll see.

Skye: C'mon!

(She rushes back the way she came) (The other pups follow her)

(They follow her to one of the many portals) (Team Umizoomi is sitting on a rock right next to Skye)

Zuma: It's a 'porwtal'.

Rocky: What's so special about it?

Geo: I don't know?

Skye: Remember the pretty crests that Milli and I have?

(The other pups, Geo, and Bot nod)

Milli: Well, this portal leads to Harmonia!

Chase: Really!?

Bot: That's so cool!

Milli: I wonder how our friends are doing there.

Skye: Well, there's one way to find out! *Ruff*

(She jumps into the portal)

Pups: Skye!

Geo: She jumped through the portal!

Milli: C'mon you guys! Let's go!

(She jumps through the portal)

Geo: Let's go!

Bot: Yeah!

(The two jump through)

Zuma: Let's dive in, guys!

Marshall: Yeah!

(The pups jump in one by one) (Penelope is the last pup)

Penelope: Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!

(She jumps through the portal)

(On the other side) (The other pups are in a pile)

Skye: Wow! Harmonia's so beautiful!

Milli: It's umirific!

(The other pups get out of the pile)

Geo: That's one way to make an entrance...

(Skye and Milli look up) (They see someone familiar in the sky)

Skye: Look, Milli!

Milli: *Gasps happily*

Skye: It's Moonlight Rose!

(They both call out to her)

Both: Hey, Rose!

(Moonlight Rose looks down and notices them)

(She flies down to them)

Moonlight Rose: Milli! Skye! It's so great to see you two, again!

Skye: It's been a long time.

Moonlight Rose: Who are those pups, the robot, and the other two-legged?

Skye: The pups are my friends, the PAW Patrol.

Milli: This is Bot, and this is my little brother Geo.

Marshall: It's nice to meet you.

Moonlight Rose: Same to you. Say, how'd you get here?

Skye: We've found a portal in the Magical World.

Moonlight Rose: I've read about it. Oh, I almost forgot. You've arrived at a great time. Sunny and Kirby are having their coronation in a few days!

Skye and Milli: Really!?

Moonlight Rose: Yep. How about we all go to the castle, what do you think?

Milli: Wa-hoo!

Skye: Yay! Yeah! *Ruff Ruff* Yeah!

(Some time later) (The group arrived at the castle) (They've already gone through the introductions) (Sunshine Giggles, Stella, and Kirby are not there)

Sweetheart: It's so great that you and your friends are coming to the coronation!

Skye: We think so too, Sweetheart.

Milli: You know, I think your hair has grown 6 units longer since we've seen you.

Sweetheart: Hey, you're right. It has.

Minty: *Chuckles* She gets it from me.

Oracion: Anyway, we have a lot to do before the celebration. We've got some other friends of ours to help,  but we discovered that one of them got himself out of helping us! One of the others went after him to try to talk some sense into him. 

Milli: We can help.

Blue Skies: Really!?

Skye: Of course we'll help you guys. Sunny and Kirby are really good friends of ours.

Chase: And we can help too!

Minty: Oh, my little drony is so lucky to have good friends who have good friends too. Thank you so much!

Bot: You're welcome.

Sweetheart: Hey, Rose, are the flowers here yet?

Moonlight Rose: Actually, I'm not sure our friend has found enough for the celebration.

Sweetheart: Maybe, she needs some help. Let's go find her.

Lilac: Can we come with yuh?

Penelope: Um, we just want to um, make sure none of the flowers are uh, not dangerous...

Moonlight Rose: The more the merrier.

(Lilac hops on Moonlight Rose's back) (Penelope hops on Sweetheart's back)

Sweetheart: We'll be back before the sun goes down!

(They leave the castle)

Rubble: Now let's all get to work on the double!

(After a while, everyone helps in different ways) (Geo is on Marshall's back) (They both put some cups on a table)

(The drony twins walk over to them)

Minty Grass: So you're Milli's brother, huh?

Geo: Um, yes.

Blue Skies: Hmmm, and you're Chase right?

Marshall: Uh... no. I'm Marshall; Chase is over there.

(Chase has his megaphone out)

Chase: (through his megaphone) A little to the left, Skye!

Blue Skies: Oh, I got a little mixed up.

Minty Grass: Me too; I thought that Chase was Marshall.

Blue Skies: Oh, we're about to go on a cool adventure with a buddy of ours.

Minty Grass: You two can come with us if you want to.

Geo: I don't know.

Minty Grass: You'll learn more about the kingdom if you do.

Geo: That sounds nice.

Marshall: As long as we don't fly, I'm good.

Blue Skies: Okay, no flying for you then.

Minty Grass: Then let's go!

(They walk out the castle)


(They all duck and something flies right past them)

Oof! I'm okay!

(They notice who it is) (It's Charmy Bee)

Marshall and Geo: Charmy Bee!?

(Charmy notices them)

Charmy: Minty Grass! Blue Skies! How you been?

Minty Grass: Charmy, you came here yesterday...

Charmy: I did? I thought I came earlier? Oh, hey 'Garshall', hey 'Meo'!

Marshall: Uh, it's "Marshall" and "Geo".

Charmy: I knew that! Or maybe I didn't. That crazy rescue in the Magical World seemed like forever ago.

Minty Grass: You know him?

Geo: We met him in the Magical World.

Blue Skies: Okay... Well, he's coming with us into Beginner Forest.

Marshall: You mean the place where dragons were first born?

Minty Grass: Uh, yes.

Charmy: C'mon, guys! Let's go!

(They walk into the forest)

Marshall's Secret

(After a bit of walking)

(They reach the top of a tall dirt hill)

Charmy: I bet this hill is great for sledding when it snows.

Geo: Me too!

Minty Grass: I'm not sure about that. I wouldn't allow someone to do something like that. 

Blue Skies: *Sarcastically* Mmmm-hmmm.

(Marshall gets an idea)

Marshall: What about a pup doing this? Pick a tree, any tree.

Charmy: I pick the tallest one.

Marshall: Okay then.

Blue Skies: Wait, Marshall, do you need to--

Minty Grass: Blue Skies, that's not polite to say to a boy. Marshall, do you--

Charmy: Minty Grass, not polite to say on screen.

Marshall: I know what you're trying to say, but nope!

(He walks up to the tree Charmy picked)

Now watch this!

(He jumps on the trunk...)


Others: *Gasp*

Blue Skies: Marshall, what are you doing!? Get down here, now!

Minty Grass: Marshall, it's crazy for a pup to be climbing a tree!

Marshall: (calls out) Well, Amy Darling said that embracing our uniqueness makes us strong!

(He jumps onto a branch) (A bunch of birds suddenly land on his back)

Hey, guys.

Geo: Birds really love Marshall.

Minty Grass: That is unique all right...

Blue Skies: *Giggles to herself*

(The birds fly off Marshall and he continues to climb up the tree) (He reaches the top)

Marshall: This is great! I think I can see the other side of the forest and-- Hey, who are those guys down there?

Lying on a Lion

Charmy: What does he see?

Minty Grass: Why don't you see?

Charmy: Oh no! The tree next to the tall tree has a beehive in it. And beehives mean honeybees, and honeybees mean... *gulps* honey...

Blue Skies: You're scared of.... honey?

Charmy: *innocently* Nope. I'm allergic.

Minty Grass: And you're a bee.

Charmy: Ironic, right?

Geo: Uh, is Marshall climbing down without fallling?

(They notice something that you won't believe)

(Marshall climbs down the tree and lands on all four paws without any klutz at all)

Marshall: I'm great!

Blue Skies: Well, I'll be a Ditto's best friend!

Pinky: Hey, I thought you were my best friend!

Blue Skies: You are.

Marshall: Guys, I saw a frog, a goat, and a jaguar heading this way from up there.

Charmy: Well, maybe we should go say "Hi!"

Blue Skies: What!? Charmy, we told you that the Rogues live on the other side of the forest!

Marshall and Geo: "Rogues"?

Minty Grass: Long story short, group of dangerous and bad creatures.

(Charmy's antennae wiggle)

Charmy: Hey, guys, did you know that bugs can use their antennae to smell?

Marshall: Uh... no.

Minty Grass: Is this your way of saying that you smell something?

Charmy: What did I say? *Calmly* Well, I was really supposed to tell you guys that I smell a lion coming this way.

Marshall: A LION!?

(They all notice a maned lion approaching them)

Minty Grass: No worries, we got this.

Blue Skies: Let me do my thing!

(They both run around the lion)

Minty Grass: Hey, you scardey-cat! Can't catch me!

Blue Skies: This way, meat eater!

Geo: Get him, guys!

Marshall: Go Dronies! Go!

Charmy: GO GO GO!!

(His antennae wiggle)

Hey, I smell a frog, a goat, and a jaguar.

(Minty Grass and Blue Skies run in one direction)

Blue Skies: We'd better run now!

(The others follow them)

(They lose the lion and see the animals Marshall and Charmy were talking about)

Minty Grass: We showed that lion!

Marshall: You guy sure did.

Charmy: So cool!

(Marshall turns around)

Marshall: What do you think-- Huh?

(He notices that Geo is gone)

Geo? Where are you? This isn't a prank, is it?

Charmy: Excuse me, sirs. My name is Charmy, the Dalmation is Marshall, these are the twins Blue Skies and Minty Grass, and... somewhere around here is our buddy, Geo. So, what are your names?

Frog: Uh....

Goat: Err...

Jaguar: I'm Brown Nose. The frog is Grudgy and the goat is Billson.

Grudgy: Brown Nose, sshh!

Charmy: No need to be shy.

Minty Grass: You look familiar...

Grudgy: Uh, I don't think we've met before.

Billson: Yeah, um, we are uh... chasing a flying creature, so uh, we took a wrong turn and next uh, we gotta go!

(They all rush off)

Charmy: Talk about rude! Least we introduced each other.

Marshall: Has anyone seen Geo?

Blue Skies: What!?

Minty Grass: He disappeared? It's not safe for a two-legged out there.

Marshall: Oh, yeah, two-legged are your way of saying "people".

Charmy: Hey, guys, I've only found a small scent of Geo, but I picked a strong scent that where he was, something else was there.

Blue Skies: Like what?

Charmy: Hmm... one creature, but it smells like a parrot and a rabbit, but still one creature.

Marshall: You mean, a Pabbit?

Charmy: Nope... I mean a girl Pabbit.

Minty Grass and Blue Skies: *Gasps*

Marshall: Why are you guys so scared?

Minty Grass: Charlotte!

Charmy: Who?

Blue Skies: She's a Rogue, and we know what's happened to Geo now!

(Charmy and Marshall have clueless faces)

Minty Grass: We mean that Charlotte has kidnapped him!

Marshall and Charmy: WHAT!?

Excitement in the Air

(Meanwhile, at the castle) (Everyone else is working hard)

(Skye hangs some streamers on the side of the castle)

Chase: (Through his megaphone) That looks great, Skye!

(Skye flies down to Chase and lands)

Skye: Thanks, Chase. I'm so glad that you and the rest of the pups could come to Sunny and Kirby's coronation celebration.

Black Rainbow: We're glad too!

Milli: You know, Black Rainbow. You're starting to speaking really well now.

Black Rainbow: Sunny read a reading book with me. It really helped me out.

(Sunshine Giggles and Kirby fly down)

Skye: Hi, Sunny! Hi, Kirby!

Sunshine Giggles: Hello.

Kirby: Hey, how's our favorite pup and two-legged?

Milli: Umirific!

Skye: I'm great too! We can't wait for your big day. Sorry we couldn't come for the special day.

(Zuma sticks out his toungue)

Zuma: *Quietly* Yuck...

Sunshine Giggles: It's all right. We're so glad you could come.

Stella: Yeah, especially since there's the Rogues are out there!

Milli: We heard about that.

Skye: I still can't believe that some of the Easterns haven't accepted the uniting and have gone rogue.

Black Rainbow: They even joined forces with some of the dangerous creatures in Beginner Forest.

Milli: I even heard that Charlotte is part of them.

Kirby: Yeah, but her father Chief, is the leader. He's just as cold and dark as dad... was...

Sunshine Giggles: You know, if he was here, I'm sure he's proud of both of us now.

Rubble: Um, I don't like interrupting, but where is everyone else?

Black Rainbow: Sweetheart and Moonlight Rose went with Penelope, Lilac, and Cream to find flowers.

Rubble: Oh, I forgot that Charmy and Cream were invited too.

Kirby: Well, I invited them along with two others I met one time.

Chase: You mean Sonic and Tails, right?

Kirby: How'd you know?

Chase: Uh....

Skye: It's just a hunch.

Chase: *Whispers* Thanks Skye.

Sunshine Giggles: Oh, I just remembered that Blue Skies and Minty Grass went exploring somewhere with Marshall, Charmy, and Geo.

Skye: How are those two? Are they still arguing a lot?

Kirby: Actually, they're getting along... most of the time.

Sunshine Giggles: *Giggles*

(Moonlight Rose, Sweetheart, Lilac, Penelope, and Cream walk in) (Sweetheart is holding lots of flowers with her hair)

Cream: Sorry we're late... Mr. Bot needed help with a banner, and we had to help him.

Skye: Hey, girls!

Sweetheart: (To Sunshine Giggles) Hi, sis. What do you think?

(Sunshine Giggles smells the flowers)

Sunshine Giggles: They smell great, and they're pretty.

Penelope: Oh, well... um, we couldn't have done without Lilac...

Lilac: Darn tootin', whatever that means. Those flowers are perfect for the big day and safe for all the little critters here.

Black Rainbow: Did you see the twins, Marshall, Charmy, or Geo out there by any chance?

Lilac: Uh... no.

Cream: We're sorry.

Cheese: Chao...

Sunshine Giggles: It's all right. It's just getting late. We're just a little concerned about them.

Moonlight Rose: Should I go find them?

Sweetheart: I'm sure they'll be fine. They might be taking a fun path that takes a little longer.

(Suddenly, Minty Grass, Blue Skies, Marshall, and Charmy rush in) (They are all out breath)

Sunshine Giggles: There you are.

(Milli notices something)

Milli: Uh, guys, where's Geo?

Blues Skies: *fearfully* Charlotte!

Sunnshine Giggles and Milli: *gasp*

A Rescue Begins

(Kirby and Sunny are standing on the top of the area looking over the Beginner Forest)

Sunshine Giggles: Charlotte's on her way to the other side of the forest.  There's not much time.

Oracion: Sunny, these are the Rogues. There will be a lot of dangerous creatures.

Milli: We can't wait. They have my little brother.

Moonlight Rose: But this is what they want us to do. Lure us to them and then they'll attack.

Oracion: Let's get ready. We leave at dawn.

(The group heads back to the castle)

(No one notices that Sunny, Kirby, Stella, Skye, Chase, and Milli have already went into the forest)

The Rogues

(Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest)

(The Rogues are waiting for something)

(Grudgy, Billson, and Brown Nose walk over to an eagle, who is the Rogue leader)

Grudgy: *clears throat* Chief, sir--

Chief: Don’t tell me. You bunch of baboons have failed, again.

Brown Nose: Actually, someone didn't fail.

(Charlotte flies down and drops Geo in front of Chief)

Geo: You have sharp claws.

Chief: Well now, who might this two-legged be?

Billson: His name is Geo. We've found out that he's the younger brother of the other two-legged.

Chief: You mean this small two-legged is her brother? *laughs* Two-leggeds are so amusing sometimes.

Geo: Hey! Don't make fun of my size!

Chief: It's just like what happens when a dragon marries a pony.

Geo: Who are you?

Chief: I am Chief, king of the Rogues.

Geo: I thought some of you guys look familiar. You're the monsters that kidnapped my sister!

Chief: *Angrily* Why you little--

Charlotte: Father, let me handle him.

Chief: Just make sure he doesn't escape, and keep him alive. Until I change my mind...

Charlotte: Yes, father.

(She carries him off)

Chief: Listen you baboons, I let you try to do a simple task and you didn't bring her too!?

Brown Nose: Hey, we got a bit of craziness. He and some other creatures were in the forest and--

Chief: Never mind. At least he'll still be the perfect bait for our plan.

(Meanwhile, the others have made it back to the castle)

Blue Skies: That's our big sister for you. Never can ignore someone in trouble.

Marshall: Uh, how dangerous are the Rogues?

Oracion: They are very dangerous.

Lilac: Even though our pals' kind hearts are in the right places, it's really reckless to go without a plan.

Rocky: I wouldn't worry about them much. Our friends are tougher than they look.

Rubble: I have one questions about the Rogues, are any of them... *gulps* spider?

Black Rainbow: Nope. But I've heard that Charlotte's daddy is an eagle. One of his ancestors was a parrot.

Penelope: Did you say... "eagle"?

Sweetheart: Are you scared of eagles?

Penelope: Well... no...

Rubble: But Skye's terrified of them!

Minty Grass: She is!? Then we need a plan, stat!

Charmy: But I don't get it. Why would they take Geo, anyways? There's gotta be some kind of motif.

Zuma: A "motif"?

Blue Skies: That means a reason why the Rogues took Geo.

Moonlight Rose: Well, I know what the Rogues are planning.

Minty: What is it, my smart little drony.

Moonlight Rose: They want us to go over to their land to save Geo and end up getting trapped in their valley, but then, they'll have the other creatures come into Harmonia, attack, and take over the kingdom. Then, the kingdom will be destroyed.

Marshall: You mean, they're only using him as bait?

Oracion: I'm afraid so. Some of us should stay here and guard the kingdom, just in case.

Blue Skies: Maybe Minty Grass, Sweetheart, and I can go after them?

Minty: Sounds like a plan.

Bot: I'm going with you!

Blue Skies: No, Bot! It's too dangerous!

Bot: But Geo's like a little brother to me. I'm not going to stay here while those Rogues are holding him.

Sweetheart: Okay, you can come too.

Rubble: We're coming too!

Moonlight Rose: No, the Rogues are very dangerous. It will be too risky for all of you if you come along.

Minty Grass: We'll be ready to go at daybreak.

Minty: Just be careful, dears.

Not the Vines... (again)

(Meanwhile, in another part of the forest)

(The others are hurrying down the path)

Skye: Are you sure this is a shortcut?

Kirby: Of course.

(They all screech to a stop)

(In front of them is a huge cliff and a bunch of rapids are flowing below)

Milli: Whoa! This is a really huge cliff.

Chase: And that water looks really cold.

Kirby: No worries. We'll fly over to the other side.

(A crack sound is heard from his wing)

Ouch! My wing!

Sunshine Giggles: Are you alright!?

Kirby: Yeah, I just twisted it, but it will be fine by morning.

Skye: How about we cross this river, find a place to rest, and continue in the morning?

Milli: I don't know...

Sunshine Giggles: Milli, we all know how much your brother means to you, but we shouldn't be reckless.

Chase: But wasn't it reckless to just--

(Skye shrugs him)

Oof! I-I mean how can we cross now?

Kirby: Sunny has strong wings.

Sunshine Giggles: I can carry Kirby across, but I won't be able carry anyone else across too.

Skye: I guess we'll have to find our own way across the cliff, but how?

(Milli notices something)

Milli: I know!

(Skye and Chase notice what she's looking at) (Skye gets excited, but Chase gets nervous)

Chase: No! No, Milli! Not the vines! ... Again!

Skye: We did it in the Magical World.

Chase: But I was just impulsive at that time!

Milli: Chase, we have no choice.

Chase: Why not let Skye--

Skye: Chase, I won't be able to carry you, and it takes two pups to swing on a vine.

(A while later, Chase is hanging on the vine by his teeth and Skye is holding on by his tail)

Chase: And 'new' I 'ham' 'til' 'ipultive'! And 'pie' 'til' 'wint' 'eva' be the 'tame'!

("And now I an still impulsive! And my tail won't ever be the same!")

Skye: 'Pwat'?!


Chase: 'Jut' 'piggle'!

("Just wiggle!")

(Skye start to wiggle her paws until they both land on the other side) (Sunshine Giggles, Kirby, and Milli are already there)

(Chase and Skye stick their toungue out)

Kirby: Well, that's what I call getting into the 'swing' of things!



Never mind... Let's go find a place to rest...

(They walk off)

Skye: We still got it and it's all in the tail.

Chase: Maybe in what's left in it...

Skye: Huh?

(Meanwhile, at the castle, everyone is asleep... almost)

(Charmy is muttering in his sleep)

Charmy: no way, that was a foul... *snores*

(Marshall, who's wide awake, pokes at him)

Marshall: *Quietly* Psst! Charmy! Charmy! Wake up! Wake up!

(Charmy wakes up suddenly)

Charmy: *Loudly* It was a foul!

(Marshall covers his mouth)

Marshall: Shh! Quiet!

Charmy: *Quietly* Why?

(Marshall motions him to come down)

(It turns out, Marshall was standing on a stool) (The screen made it look like the bed was higher)

(Charmy climbs out of bed)

(Cream, Cheese, and the other pups are there too)

Charmy: Why are you guys all here?

Cream: *Quietly* We're going after our friends.

Charmy: *Loudly* At this time of--

Cheese: Chao...

(He cover's Charmy's mouth)

Rubble: *Quietly* What were trying to say is that since you and Cream helped out a lot in the Magical World with the big rescue, we're hoping you could help out again.

(Charmy removes Cheese gently)

Charmy: *Quietly* Um, okay.

Penelope: *Quietly* Thank you.

Charmy: Let's move and out of here and I'll pick up the "Peach Blossom Number 6".

Zuma: Wha?

Cream: It's the perfume Milli uses.

Zuma: Oh...

(They all sneak out of the castle and head for Beginner Forest.

One Touch

(Meanwhile, in the Rogues area)

(Geo is trembling and shivering)

(Charlotte walks over to him) (He notices her)

Charlotte: You look cold.

Geo: I'm not cold, I'm freezing. Do you guys always sleep out here?

Charlotte: We have our ways of doing so. But you must probably be hungry.

Geo: Maybe just a little...

(Charlotte tosses a small carrot over to him)

Well, it's better than nothing at least.

(He nibbles the carrot until half of it is left)

Mmm... That's better.

(He tosses the other half over to Charlotte)

Charlotte: *Confused* Why aren't you eating the rest? This is probably all you have to eat while you're here. 

Geo: I was just leaving the other half for you. It's sharing. 

Charlotte: "Sharing"?

Geo: That's where you give part of something you have to someone else, or letting them borrow an item.  It always feels good to share.

Charlotte: That's not how we Rogues do it. When we have limited food, we fight for it.

Geo: Maybe you should try something new.

(Charlotte just nibbles on the carrot) (It turns out, it actually tasted better than anything she ever tasted) (What surprises her is how Geo was so kind to her,  even though he's really scared) (No one has ever been so kind to her before)

Charlotte: It's.... good.

Geo: I told you it would taste good.

Charlotte: You also look tired. Sleep over there; you'll be warmer there. 

(Geo sees where she’s referring to and skates over to it)

(Chief and Billson walk over to her)

Chief: He's not like the other two-legged! He is just small and weak!

(Geo is still shivering while he's trying to sleep)

Billson: If he weren't a two-legged, he wouldn't be cold!

(Charlotte walks over to Geo) (She lies down besides him)

Chief: What are you doing!?

Charlotte: Making sure that our bait doesn't freeze. 

Billson: But are you sure that he should stay alive?

Chief: Listen, the Harmonians have until the moon rests on top of the tallest mountain tomorrow. After that, the two-legged is no longer useful to us.

(The two of them just leave Charlotte alone with Geo)

(While tossing and turning in his sleep, Geo somehow, some way, touches Charlotte's wing)

(Charlotte looks at him and smiles) (But she shakes it off due to fearing that the other Rogues would think she's going against them)

Two Old Friends, One New Quarrel

(The next morning...)

(Kirby, Sunny, Skye, Chase, and Milli are resting in a small hideaway they found last night)

(Chase and Skye are awoken by a familiar voice coming from the trees) (A different voice is heard too, but it's unfamiliar to them)

Voice 1: It's not like you to run away from someone who needs help! Why did you even try to get out of it?!

Voice 2: Hey, you know I go wherever the wind blows, and the wind isn't blowing in that direction! 

Voice 1: But is your heart in the same direction? 

(Chase and Skye crawl out of the hideaway and look up an see someone familiar and someone unfamiliar) (One of them is resting on a tree branch and the other is standing on a nearby branch and he doesn't look happy)

Chase and Skye: Tails?!

(Tails looks down and sees them)

Tails: Chase?! Skye?!

(He flies down to them)

What are you two doing here?

Chase: Well, there's an emergency, and we're here to help. 

Skye: But what are you doing here? And who's the blue guy? 

(Sunny and Kirby come out of the hideaway)

Voice 2: The name's Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog. 

Tails: And he’s supposed to be helping out at the Harmonia castle. 

Skye: You mean this is the friend who got himself out of helping with the celebration? 

Sonic: Decorating is not in my nature. 

Kirby: Well why didn’t you say so? We could've given you a different way to help.

Sonic: Tempting, but I don’t see why you came here to say that. 

Chase: That’s not why we came here! 

(Sonic notices Chase and Skye)

Sonic: You guys never told me that you had talking dogs. 

Tails: Sonic, remember when I said that I was helped by talking dogs after I crashed in Adventure Bay? 

Sonic: I thought I told you that I believed you were! 

Tails: That's not what I'm saying! These two pups are Chase and Skye from the PAW Patrol! 

Sunshine Giggles: Listen, it's nice to see you guys again, though it's not nice to see this quarrel you two are having. But we don't have much time! The Rogues have kidnapped our friend Geo!

Sonic and Tails: What!?

(Sonic jumps down to the others)

Sonic: Why didn’t you say so? Dealing with bad guys is my life! 

Kirby: I don't know. The Rogues are really clever, and you're so... uh... so... reckless. 

Tails: And that's what gets him in trouble all the time.

Sonic: Hey, it's what I do. 

Tails: The Rogues are dangerous, Sonic! If we're not careful, someone can get hurt! Wait, who's Geo? 

(Milli walks out of the hideaway)

Milli: He’s my little brother. 

(Sonic and Tails notice her, though Tails just mostly looks lost in her eyes)

Skye: Are you all right, Tails? 

(Tails breaks out of his trance)

Tails: Huh?! *Gets nervous* Oh... uh... 

(He turns around) (His cheeks are red)

N-nothing! *Under his breath* She’s so adorable. How can I look at her eyes?!

Sonic: *under his breath* What’s gotten into Tails? He looks like... Amy...

Milli: Will you two please help us save him? If anything happens to him, I don't know what I'm going to do!

Sonic: I don't know...

Tails: Sonic, can I talk to you, alone?

(They both walk behind the tree to where the others, except us, can't hear)

Sonic: What is this about, Tails? 

Tails: Sonic, we have to help them. Didn't you see how much she really--

Sonic: You like her? 

Tails: *blushes* No! I do like her, but not what you're trying to say!

Sonic: Okay! Okay! But I get what you're trying to say. 

Tails: Well, that's not the only thing I wanted to talk about. I'm sorry that I said those mean things to you. 

Sonic: It's all right, but I'm the one who should say that I'm sorry... You were just trying to help me remember what's the right thing to do. I won't try to even get out of helping anyone again. 

Tails: It's cool. 

(They both return to the others)

Sonic: So, are you guys waiting for the Rogues to give out invitations, or are we going to crash their party?

Sunshine Giggles: You'll help us?

Sonic: Yeah. Sorry for being such a jerk earlier. 

Kirby: It's all right. We knew you were going to apologize eventually. 

Sonic: Thanks you guys. 

Skye: Then what are we standing around for? Let's go! Geo's waiting for us!

(They all go together and continue on)

Charlotte's Conscious

(Meanwhile...) (On the other side of the forest...)

(The Rogues are still waiting for the rescuers to come)

(One of the Rogues, a snake, slithers over to Geo)

Snake: Lissssten up, two-legged. I'm getting really hungry here. 

Geo: Then go get something to eat. I'm just barely a tiny berry. 

Snake: *hisses angrily*

(Charlotte stands in front of him)

Charlotte: Shaa, back off from the two-legged!

Shaa: Let me at that little brat!

Geo: Where? I don't see one.

(Charlotte just steps forward and Shaa slithers backwards until he falls off the cliff)

Hey, Shaa! Walk it off! 

Shaa: *under his breath* Sssssnakesss don't walk, they ssssslither...

Geo: Thanks for protecting me, Miss Charlotte. 

Charlotte: "Miss?"

(Chief flies over to them)

Chief: What are you doing!?

Charlotte: You said that I should keep the two-legged alive. 

Chief: Listen, if there are no signs of the Harmonians by tonight when the moon reaches the top of the tallest mountain, only Shaa will have use of the two-legged. Do you understand me? 

Charlotte: Yes, father. 

Chief: That's my girl. 

(He flies off)

Geo: *gulps* Does he mean that the scary snake will eat me?

Charlotte: "Eat you?" *Laughs softly* I'm sure you taste very badly. 

Geo: Yeah, maybe. Um, Miss Charlotte, why do you listen to your dad so much? You sound like that you don't want to do this anymore. Did something happened?

Charlotte: Well... I guess I could tell you. It all began back when I was a small Pabbit, long before we came to Harmonia.

(A flashback begin)

(Charlotte is really young) (She's with Chief, who looks very happy, and a white female rabbit is next to him)

(voiceover) Things couldn't be better. I had my father with me, and I had... my mother. She's who I got my rabbit half from. We were all so happy. Until... one day...

(Scenery gets dark with dark silouettes of two-leggeds) (Strange sounds are heard) (Chief carries little Charlotte off to safety) (But as her mother.... she didn't make it)

(Young Charlotte shouts out "Mother!" as she is carried off by Chief)

(The flashback ends with Young Charlotte's face and goes to Charlotte's face)

(not voiceover) Those two-leggeds took her away. Neither Father and I saw her again.

Geo: That's so sad...

Charlotte: That time changed Father forever. You and your sister were the only other two-leggeds we ever met since and before then. He assumed that all two-leggeds are like that. And well... I did too... Father has darkened his heart, but until now, my heart was darkened too.

Geo; What do you mean by "until now"?

Charlotte: Never mind that now. Your friends have to get you away before the moon reaches the tallest peak tonight.

Getting into the Swing of Things

(Sunshine Giggles, Kirby, Stella, Skye, Chase, Milli, Tails, and Sonic are all walking by a river)

(Up on the cliff on the other side, the others appear) (They notice the group)

Lilac: *Calls out* Hey y'all!

(The others look up and see them)

Sunny: *gasps*

Sonic: Cream? Charmy? 

Kirby: What are you pups doing with Cream and Charmy?!

Penelope: We came to help you find Geo! 

Chase: By yourselves?

Rocky: Uh.... kinda....

Stella: But how did you find us in this vast forest? 

(Charmy wiggles his antennae)

Charmy: I sniffed the scent out. Milli’s the only girl I know who uses Peach Blossom Number 6.

Kirby: Did you have to bring perfume along? 

Milli: *blushes* It’s what girls do....

Sunny: But do you realize that Beginner Forest is a dangerous place?!

Zuma: We are 'weally' good at handling danger. 

Sunny: But why did you come, Cream? Do you want me to talk to your mom about this? 

Cream: Please don't talk to my mother! I just want to help. 

Cheese: Cha chao.

Marshall: Well, Geo is our friend! And we're going to help rescue him. Whether you like it or not! 

Lilac: Yuh ain't gonna talk us out of it! 

Sonic: I like these pups' guts.

Kirby: But they shouldn't have come.

Charmy: How about we carry you pups across?

Cream: Sorry if I sound rude, but we can't carry all of you across. 

Penelope: We understand. If only there was another way to cross. 

(Marshall gets an idea)

Marshall: Wait, remember the Gravity Chasm? 

Penelope: Um, I guess it's time to be impulsive again....

(Marshall takes some steps back)

Chase: Marshall, don't get any impulsive ideas!

(Marshall runs over to the cliff)

Marshall: This is for Geo!

(He leaps over to the vine and grabs it with his jaws)

Sunny: MARSHALL!!!

Kirby: MARSHALL!!!

(Penelope lunges out and grabs Marshall's tail)

Sunny and Kirby: PENELOPE!!!

Marshall: 'Pwiggle'! 'Pwiggle'!

("Wiggle! Wiggle!")

Penelope: 'Aim' 'tieing'!

("I'm trying!")

(Charmy picks up Rubble and Zuma and Cream picks up Rocky and Lilac)

Skye: Marashall, Penelope, listen, when I say "Now", you let go. Okay, Penelope, ready?

Penelope: NNOOO!!

Skye: Now!

(Penelope lets go of Marshall's tail) (She lands on Kirby's back)

Chase: Nice catch!

(Charmy and Cream fly the other pups over)

Skye: Ready, Marshall?

Marshall: 'Pwat' did 'ou' 'tay'?

("What did you say?")

Skye: Let go! Now!

(Marshall lets go) (He crashes in the bushes ahead)

Marshall's voice: I'm good....

(He comes out with a new bushy hat)

Sonic: Nice hat.

(Marshall notices the bush on his head and shakes it off)

Marshall: I thought nature was the latest fashion!

Lilac: Listen, Marshall. Yuh are the pup that looks good in red. Sugar Pup is the one who looks good in green.

Stella: *laughs to herself* "Sugar Pup"?

(Rocky's cheeks turn red)

Sunny: Now what was that for?

Marshall: Uh... Chase and Skye could do it...

Penelope: And everyone gets impulsive at times....

Kirby: What are we going to do with the rest of you?

Milli: Aw, c'mon, you two. They came all this way to help out. And how can you resist their eyes?

(Marshall, Rubble, Penelope, Zuma, Rocky, and Lilac all give their puppy dog pouts)

(Sunny and Kirby look at each other then back at the other pups) (They smile)

Sunny: Well, last time, we went with my brothers and sisters, so I guess it couldn't hurt to let these friends come along.

Kirby: I can agree with that.

(The pups have looks of happiness on their faces)

Besides, we might need a little extra flying help.

Charmy: Say no more! I know what to do! Wait, I do? Hey, I do! See you later!

(He flies off)

Rubble: Sometimes, I really don't understand him.

Tails: That's the usual Charmy, he's a bit of a scatterbrain.

Cream: But he's still sweet.

Kirby: Well, let's go.

(The group walks off)


(Later, while in the forest...)

(The group is walking on the path)

(Chase stops)

Chase: Wait... *Sniffs* I smell something...

Skye: What do you smell?

Chase: It smells like... a big cat.

Marshall: There's a lion around here?!

Others: WHAT!?

Marshall: The lions are the only dangerous animals that aren't a part of the Rogues.

Chase: Actually... it does smell like a lion, but it's a small scent.

(A little lion cub comes out of the bushes)

Cub: Hello.

Chase: A very small scent.

Milli: Aww... She's so cute!

Cub: Thank you. My name's Mianna.

(Sunny suddenly pushes Milli away from Mianna)

Sunny: Whoa there, girl! 

Lilac: Hey! That's MY line!

Sunny: Sorry, Zuma.

Lilac: Ah'm Lilac.

(She points to Zuma)

He's Zuma. And not a gal.

Sunny: Sorry, Zu-- uh, Lilac. I didn't know.

Lilac: No harm. Carry on.

Sunny: When there's a baby animal, it usually means the parent is nearby, and they are usually very protective of their kids.

Milli: But she looks scared.

Sunny: Just look away from her and keep walking.

(She turns Milli and the others away from Mianna and has them keep walking)

(A small porcupine walks over to Sonic)

Porcupine: You guys are leaving the lion cub alone for herself?

Sonic: Apparently.

Porcupine: *gulps* But do you know what will happen if the Rogues find that cute and adorable little cub?

Sonic: Sunny has a point. We have other things to do.

(He keeps walking) (The porcupine shoots one of her spines at him)

Ooh! Hey! What was that for!?

Porcupine: Sorry, but it was a reflex. Call it karma. Keep it in mind.

(She walks into the bushes)

(Sonic just pulls the quill out)

Sonic: You know, I can understand other hedgehogs, mostly, and enchindas, but porcupines are a big mystery to me.

Mianna: You're leaving me?

Sunny: We have to.

Mianna: But I'm all alone. I haven't seen my mom or my dad in days.

Kirby: Just looks for giant paw prints. You'll be back with your parents in no time. And look hard.

Mianna: I can't! If the mean monsters see me, I'm a goner!

(Milli and Skye look at each other and they both look at Sunny) (She looks back at the cub and remembers the right thing to do)

Sunny: I guess we could let her tag along. Until we find her parents.

Kirby: Are you sure?

Skye: Would we leave a friend to fend for themselves?

Kirby: Oh, you're right. C'mon, little one.

Mianna: Thank you, but I thought she was smaller.

(Milli blushes)

Milli: *Giggles*

Pups: *Giggle*

Sunny: *Giggles* Alright, enough giggling. Let's get going.

Mianna: Awesome! I can't wait to see my mom and dad again!

(They all continue)

Reaching the Rogues' Territory

Sunny: We just have to go past those two trees and we'll be in the other side of the forest.

Skye: That's great!

Zuma: Totally!

Cheese: Cha-Chao!

Cream: The sunset is beautiful, Cheese.

Charmy's voice: Hi, guys!

All except Charmy: AAAH!

(They see Charmy on a tree)

Tails: Charmy, don't do that!

Charmy: I know, don't my stinger stuck in a tree...

(It's seen that his stinger is stuck in the tree bark)

Help me down?

(Cream flies up to him and pulls him out)

Thank you, Cream!

Cream: You're welcome. *giggles*

Charmy: She giggled...

Sonic: Did you find something?

Charmy: Oh, yeah! Good news and bad news. Good news, he's still alive, and he's all right.

Milli: *relieved sigh* I'm glad. But what's the bad news?

Charmy: See those really tall mountains? Well, see the tallest one?

Tails: We see it.

Charmy: Well, I overheard Brown Nose say something about that we have until the moon touches the peak of the mountain.

Sunshine Giggles: That means we have until midnight.

Charmy: Oh, who's the cub?

Cream: Her name is Mianna. She got separated from her family. We let her come with us since it's not safe in that part of the forest.

Charmy: Okay... If you say so! Wait, what did you just say?

(Sunny looks out ahead)

Sunny: Oh my.

(The others look out and see the Rogues patrolling areas that are past a giant field of tall grass)

Kirby: That is a lot of Rogues.

Cream: Charmy, where did you see Geo?

Charmy: Um... I was afraid that I got spotted and flew away super duper fast, so I didn't see where he was... *Nervous laugh*

Skye: That's okay. I'll just fly over and--

Sunny: No, Skye! Most of the Rogues know who you are! It's too dangerous for you.

Skye: Oh, right....

Milli: Maybe I can use my

(She pulls out her...)


(She uses her Umi-Goggles and sees Geo, Charlotte, and Chief on the cliff)

I see him! But he's with Charlotte and Chief.

Skye: Charlotte!? Ooh! When I hear that monster's name... I suddenly feel angry... grrrrr...

Penelope: Calm down, Skye. Though we don't know her as well as you do.

Skye: *sighs*

Kirby: What are we going to do?

(Tails looks around and snaps his fingers)

Tails: I got a plan!

Chase: What is it?

Tails: Well, if you all come closer, I'll tell you about it.

Others: Okay!

(They all group around him) (He's starts whispering his plan)

The Plan

Chief: Any sign of them?

Grudgly: No, sir. Not even a single hair.

Chief: Hmm... this is not like the Westerns.

(Billson notices something in the tall grass)

Billson: Hey, what's that?

(He, Brown Nose, Grudgy, Shaa, and Chief look out and see something in the tall grass)

Chief: It's huge...

Shaa: Musssst be a new sssspecsssiesss of dog kind.

(They see Chase over the tall grass) (From their perspective, he looks tall) (But he's really being carried by Kirby, who is crouching out of sight) (He's covered in a grass pattern)

Chief: That must be his territory. Let's find a way to recruit him.

(They all run down)

(Geo looks out)

Geo: Hmm... he looks familiar, but he's looks too tall.

Charlotte: Probably another recruit. *sighs*

Geo: Um, Charlotte. Can I tell you something?

Charlotte: Well, since the others are distracted, I guess I can listen.

Geo: Is this what you want to do forever?

Charlotte: Uh... well...

Geo: You can tell me.

Charlotte: Um... err...

Geo: Don't be scared. A real friend listens to what you have to say.

(Charlotte is shocked)

Charlotte: We're.... friends?

Geo: Yeah, I was really scared being held by these scary creatures, but you helped feel not so scared. And you protected me from that snake. That was a true friend does.

Charlotte: (smiles) I guess we are friends then. Truth is... I don't want to do any of this stuff anymore. I want to leave and learn more about friendship.

(She suddenly frowns)

But my father....

Geo: It looks like you and Chief have different paths. Kirby and his dad had different paths too. He followed his path, even though it went against what his dad want. Doesn't this sound familiar?

Charlotte: .....


(The others that aren't in the field are hiding nearby)

Sunny: Where'd you get this idea?

Tails: Well, I saw the tall grass, and the whole idea just came in my head.

Charmy: I get it! The old "little one stands on someone else's back and looks bigger" trick. Wait, how'd I know that?

Skye: And they'll never notice Kirby with the pattern on his scales.

Milli: It's all in the art of the dress.

Penelope: I feel like I heard a song with similar lines to that.

(Out in the field)

(Chief and the other 4 Rogues are standing near the edge of the tall grass)

Chief: Great dog. We respect your territory. Come into ours.

Chase: Uh... Of course! *quietly* Kirby, move in slowly.

(Kirby walks slowly over)

Sunny: Okay, now I'll creep over. When Chase lures Charlotte away, I'll go get Geo.

Tails: That's right. Now be careful.

(Sunny slowly creeps over)

Chase: I come slowly *under his breath* and strangely *normal voice* to your territory.

Chief: What's your name? Where are you from?

Chase: Uh...

Kirby: *quietly* Say "Blue Fang".

Chase: Uh.. I am... uh... Blue Fang...

Cheif: "Blue Fang?"

Brown Nose: My mother called me "Brown Nose" because of my brown nose, but how can an animal have a blue fang?

Billson: You're not much help are you?

Brown Nose: Of Course I-- Hey! Was that a let-down!?

Billson: Maybe....

Brown Nose: Why you--

Grudgy: Boys, not in front of the kids.

(He points to the screen)

Brown Nose: Sorry...

Billson: Don't try this at home.

Chief: What are you all talking about? Now, Blue Fang, tell us more!

Chase: Um...

(He sees Sunny is closing in)

Hey, who is that gorgeous and beautiful creature.

Chief: *proudly* Aah, that is my daughter. She's a supreme Pabbit, if I do say so myself.

Chase: Say, can I get a closer look if she comes down?

Chief: Charlotte, quickly!

(Charlotte winks at Geo)

Charlotte: *quietly* I hope we see each other again.

Geo: *quietly* Me too. And remember what I said.


(She flies down)

Chase: *unenthusiastically* Beautiful Charlotte. If only there were pups as beautiful as a Pabbit like you...

(Skye rolls her eyes)

Sunny: *quietly* Psst! Geo.

(Geo turns around and see Sunny)

Geo: Are you--?

Sunny: I'll explain later... Hop on.

(He hops on her back)

Chase: Well, I see that the rest of you are so brave and strong. Like me. *under his breath* How does Rainbow Dash even like speaking like this?

(The other rogues are getting bored)

(See reprise to Dance Like You Know You Can)

Chief: What was that?

(One of the Rogues looks over to the cliff and sees Sunny creeping off and Geo gone)

Rogue: Chief, the two-legged's gone and Sunshine Giggles is here!

(Chief looks over and sees Sunny)

Sunny: *Gasps*

(She flies off)

Chief: What's this!?

Chase: Gotta go! Bye!

(He hops off Kirby and they run into the grass)

Chief: It was all a trick!? *Growls* Everyone, find the Westerns! Especially the two-legged!

(The Rogues, except Charlotte get ready to run)

(Kirby and Chase make it over)

Kirby: Milli, can I get my old pattern back?

Milli: That's easy!

(She changes the pattern of her dress to match Kirby's regular look) (She uses her Pattern Power to change it back)

Kirby: Much better. Thank you.

Milli: You're welcome.

The Escape

(Sunny flies dowm)

Geo: Milli!

Milli: Geo!

(Geo hops off Sunny's back and he hugs Milli)

Are you okay?

Geo: I'm fine.

Marshall: Great to see you again, little buddy.

Geo: Thanks for saving me, guys.

Kirby: This is a problem. It's an ambush.

Charmy: This isn't good! Not good at all! And I know this time. At least, I'm sure of it...

Sweetheart's voice: Then it look likes you're going to need backup.

(They turn around and see Sweetheart, Blue Skies, and Minty Grass) (Bot is on Minty's Grass' back)

Bot: Geo!

Geo: Bot!

(Bot hops off and hugs him)

Bot: Are you all right?

Milli: We're all okay.

Kirby: We won't be if those Rogues come this way. Sunny, take the young ones to safety. We'll hold them off.

Sonic: I'm ready to show them!

Minty Grass: I sharpened my horns for this!

Skye: Wait, what about us?

Kirby: You pups go too.

Sonic: Tails, you go too. You know more about the forest.

Tails: But I can help!

Sonic: It's not that, Tails. You really know this forest well.

Tails: Okay!

Mianna: Hey, what about me?

Sunny: We'll bring you back home. You'll be safer there until we manage to find your family.

Mianna: Okay.

Charmy: Cream, go with them.

Cream: Don't worry. Rose told that who needs muscles when you have smarts?

Cheese: Chao!

Sunny: Hop aboard!

(The reunited team hops on her back)

Tails: Follow me!

(He leads the escape group up the path nearby)

Sweetheart: They may have the advantage in numbers, but that doesn't mean we'll won't hold back!

Chief: We will destroy them, and then we'll take both of the two-leggeds and do-away with them once and for all. They are both just weak!

(Charlotte really gets angry now, but she remembers what Geo said)

Charlotte, go after them and get them, and get the little pup too!

Charlotte: No!

Chief: What did you say to me!?

Charlotte: No.

Chief: Charlotte, I am your father! Do you want to have the same thing that happened to your mother happen to you?

Charlotte: I don't. But we are all wrong! I don't care if it disappoints you, Father, but I quit!

Chief: No Rogue quits the Rogues!

Charlotte: That's because... I am not a Rogue! It maybe your path, but it's not mine! And... That's final!

(She flies off)

Chief: Charlotte! Come back!

(The others see this)

Skye: What? How? What?

(She looks at Geo)

Did you have something to do with this?

Geo: Well, I'll just say that we'll her again, but she won't bother us again.

Penelope: Like I say. Sometimes, we all need to be given a little kindness.

The Battle

Chase: *Sniffs*

(He gets fearful and runs in front of everyone)

Wait! Stop!

Sunny: What is it?

Chase: I smell another lion. Actually, two really large lions...

(They all look ahead and see a lioness and a heavily manes lion running their way)

Sunny: Everyone, get behind me!

(Suddenly, Mianna just runs up to the lions, who stop in front of her)

Mianna: Mom! Dad! Stop! Please. They made sure I was safe.

(The two lions nudge her a lot) (They respectfully nod to Sunny, who nods back to them)

But their friends need help. Is the rest of the pride here?

Zuma: What are you saying, Mianna?

Mianna: You guys keep going. We'll help out your friends.

(Meanwhile, the others look ready)

Cream: They are not going to get our friends, or Harmonia!

Kirby: I'm not going to let them take the kingdom!

(They all turn around and see a pride of lions) (Mianna is on her mom's back)

Mianna: Don't worry. They're friends too.

Minty Grass: Well what do you know?

Mianna: But the other creatures, they're not.

(The lions look ready to fight)

Cream: Don't worry, miss. I'll good care of her for you.

(Mianna's mom lets Cream keep Mianna safe)

Sweetheart: Looks like the playing field just got more even.

Sonic: Whoo! This is going to be fun!

Kirby: Ready to battle!

(They charge to the Rogues)

(The battle goes on fiercely) (And the the good side has the upper hand now)

(Sonic pounces on a female Rogue)

Rogue: I give up! I'm outta here!

(She runs off)

Sonic: That takes care of her.

(Grudgly, Billson, Brown Nose, and Shaa see him)

Shaa: Let'sss sssee who gainsss up on who.

Grudgly: Allow me.

(He uses his long ((and big)) toungue and wraps Sonic's legs together)

Sonic: You think this can stop me?

(The 4 Rogues approach him slowly)

Brown Nose: *laughs* We're not that dumb,

Sonic: Oh, you're calling youself dumb?

Billson: Why you-- you realize you can't move your feet away from us to attack, right?

(Up on top of the hill with the others, Tails sees what's happening)

Tails: Uh oh! Sonic's in trouble!

(The others see what's going on)

I don't think he can get out this one by himself.

Chase: We got to do something, but what?

(Milli sees an old log on top of the the hill)

Milli: I got it!

(She hops and begins to try to push the log)

Help me push!

(The other pups start pushing too) (Sunny and Tails start pushing too)

(Stella sees what going on)

Billson: Of course. You must be the famous Sonic the Hedgehog. The fastest hedgehog in the world. We don't who the secondest fastest is, but it looks like they're about to be become the fastest.

Stella: Hurry!

(They manage to push the log so much, it begins to roll down the hill)

Brown Nose: I heard that his sidekick is a little fox kit. A fox with two tails. That's a laugh.

(The log rolls right on top of them)

Rogues: OW!

(Grudgly's tougue lets go of Sonic's feet, freeing him) (He looks at the others and gives them a thumbs up)

(Tails gives a thumbs up back)

(They head down the other side of the hill)

(After a bit of fighting)

Rogue 1: This is crazy!

Rogue 2: I know!

Rogue 3: I'm getting out of here!

(She runs off)

Rogues 1 & 2: Hey, wait for us!

(They and all the other minor Rogues run off)

Chief: Stop all of you! I order you to stop now!

(He turns around and sees the lions, circling him)

(Some of other lions look at the other 4 Rogues)

Brown Nose: You won't do it front of the kids, right?

Minty Grass: It looks like we won't be worrying about the Rogues bothering us again.

Blue Skies: That's what you get when you make the wrong choices.

Sweetheart: I kinda feel bad, but I guess our work here is done.

Charmy: I guess it's time to head back now!

(Cream puts Mianna on the ground)

Cream: Try not to get lost again, Mianna.

Mianna: Thanks for helping me get back with my family. I think I'll be fine waiting for them here.

Minty Grass: Let's go!

Cream: Good-bye, Mianna! Hope to see you, again!

Mianna: Me too! Bye-bye!

(They all hurry away)

Back in Harmonia

(The escaped group finally makes it out of Beginner Forest and in the Harmonia Kingdom)

Sunny: We're home! It's so good to be home.

Skye: Yeah, but I hope the others are okay.

Sunny: My brother and sisters are big dronies. They'll be fine.

(Something flies down to them)

Skye: Charlotte!?

(The others notice her and are a big shocked)

Charlotte: No, don't be alarmed. I just want to talk.

Chase: Really?

Skye: I don't believe it!

Charlotte: Skye, I know I treated you and others badly, and I just have to say... I'm sorry.

(The others, except for Geo, look confused)

Well, my Father and I had a bad experience with other two-leggeds, and we assumed that all two-legged are like that. I know I devoted my life to what Charon and Father wished, but now, I'm more devoted to something else. Something that shows I better things for me out there.

Sunny: Why is that?

Charlotte: Well, I spent some time with Geo. But, he was so nice to me. No one was ever so nice to me before. I started to wonder... if there were nice two-leggeds that aren't so mean. I guess, there are all kinds of creatures in the universe. Good, bad, magic, but never ordinary but always special.

Sunny: I never guess all that was in you, but what about your father?

Charlotte: Well, actually, I quit the Rogues. I don't know where I'll go next, but I wanted to tell you all this. And I did.

(She turns around and gets ready to fly off)

(Geo jumps off Sunny's back and hurries over to her)

Geo: Charlotte, wait! Don't go!

(Charlotte notices him)

Charlotte: I have a bad reptutation here. No one wil accept me here.

Geo: That's not true. It's time to put the past behind and look ahead!

(She looks at him)

I know the others can put the past behind, and be your friend too.

(Charlotte looks at the others) (Only Skye hasn't easied her expression)

(Chase shrugs her and she lets her anger go)

Skye: Yeah, I'll put it behind, eventually.

Sunny: You know, Charlotte. Out of everything in the coronation, we don't have anyone to carry the crowns. Will you accept the honor?

(Charlotte smiles and nods)

The Crowning Ending

(The next day, it's Coronation Day)

(The Pups and Team Umizoomi are part of the honor court)

(Minty and Oracion stand in front of the crowd of the Harmonians)

Oracion: Our subjects, for many years, Minty and I have rules the West. But now, our time as king and queen is coming to an end today.

Minty: We passed the crowns of Harmonia to Kirby from the East and our eldest child Sunshine Giggles.

Oracion: Together, they have help reunite our land and stopped the Rogues from destroying it. And now, we present the kingdoms new rulers.

(The doors open up and Sunny and Kirby come through)

(Kirby is wearing a fancy suit) (Sunny is wearing a beautiful dress in a gorgeous pattern) (You can guess who made the pattern)

(They walk up to the podium) (Charlotte is holding a red velvet pillow with a gold crown and a silver tiara on it)

(Oracion picks up the crown and puts it on Kirby's head) (Minty picks up the tiara and places it on Sunny's head)

Friends, and citizens of Harmonia, may I present for the very first time... King Kirby and Queen Sunshine Giggles.

(The crowd cheers for the new rulers)

(The crowd then listens for Sunny has a speech)

Sunny: Some time ago, I never thought I'd be ready for this and doubted myself. But then, met my friends.

(She looks at the Pups and the team)

Each and everyone of you helped me in your own way. Whether big or small. Thanks to you, I've met Kirby and feel more like ruler.

(Rubble wipes away some tears while the other pups can't help happily tear away) (The team is tearing up too)

This is your victory as much as ours, and for that, I will always be grateful. So now, I look forward to a great future in our kingdom and bring love, hope, and harmony, not just to our land, but anythere and everywhere possible.

(The crowd cheers again)

(The Narrator finishes the story)

Narrator: And so... The kingdom of Harmonia was finally reunited, never to be separated again. Though our friends have returned to their worlds.... They know they can always return to Harmonia, and that ends the great story there....

{The End}

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