The episode opens with all 11 pups playing in the yard.

Crystal:Marshall, heads up!

Marshall: I got it- Woah, WOAH NO!!!!


Chase:(small chuckle)You okay Marshall?

Marshall: Yeah.


(Ryder's pup pad rings)

Ryder:Hello, Ryder here.

Katie:Ryder, There's a huge green monster down Reef Road! He looks dangerous, can you ckeck it out?

Ryder: Don't worry, Katie, we'll take care of it.No job is too big, No pup is too small!

(Collars beeping)

One elevator scene later.....

Chase: Ready to respond, Ryder, sir!

Ryder: Ok pups, you need to floor it on this one.Our best friend katie just reported that a toxic monster is in Adventure Bay.We need to capture it!

Ryder: Chase, I need you to close off I-362 and Reef Road.

Chase: Chase Is on the case!

Ryder:Crystal, I need you to use your equipment to catch the monster.

Crystal: I'm ready to roll!

Ryder: Annie, I need you at the scene in case somebody gets hurt.

Annie:Rescue time!

Ryder: Alright, PAW Patrol is on a roll!

One truck and response scene later...

Ryder: Chase, use your barriers and cones to stop traffic.

Chase: Yes sir, Ryder sir.


Ryder:Here he comes!! Crystal, your sucker!

Crystal: Right! Sucker, (barks)

Monster:( shoots toxic waste at Chase)

Chase: OH SHOOT!

Chase gets covered in radioactive waste

Crystal: CHASE!! Waste Sucker, (Bark x2)( sucks waste from Chase)

Skye: Oh, god! Chase, thank goodness! I mean.. uhh... excellent moves!

Crystal: You okay, Chase?

Chase: Yeah. 

Ryder: Crystal, you got the monster? 

Crystal and Chase: (simultaniously) Yes.

Annie:Anybody hurt?

Chase:(very sarcastically) Oh I don't know, does getting shot with radioactive waste count?!!!

Ryder: Woah, Chase. Watch your attitude.


Annie: Come to my ambulance, but first, take off your uniform, i have to examine your body for burns.

Chase: OK.

1 hour later...

Ryder: Well?

Annie: His left paw and tail have minor burns. Just tell him to rub this cream on his paw and you rub it on his tail and he'll be alright.

Ryder: OK, thanks.

Annie: Oh your welcome.

Ryder: Crystal, can you tell Katie that the monster's captured?

Crystal: OK.

3 scenes later......

The pups play at the park and then go home.