Pups and the visitors

(Chase and Marshall playing ball)

Chase:Marshall it's tour season.

Marshall:I know...wait! It's tour season?! what

Marshall:Ryder hates tour season


Marshall:well he doesn't really hate tour season he just gets worried

Chase:Well I can't...


Marshall:Lets go

(later at tree scene)

Marshall:Are you ok!


Chase:I'm Chase and this is Marshall

?????:I'm Marie

Chase:Wait we know you

Marshall:I'm comfused

Chase:Marshall this is Marie your old friend


Marshall:Well what do you need?

Marie:I lost my owner

Chase:Don't worry we'll find her or him,but lets meet the other pups..ok?

Marie:I'll meet you there!

Chase:Wait up!

(Later at the lookout)

???????:Marie! MARIE!

Ryder:Pups!where are you?

? and Ryder run in to each other*

Ryder:Hi Marissa.Wait Marissa!

Marissa:Hi Ryder.okay it's not what it looks we were touring past adventure bay and she ran of.

Ryder:Well is that her right now

Marie:Hey who wants to play!?

All except Marie:mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

they fight until they hear a yelp

Marie Marshall are you ok

Marshall:I'm goo..ouch nevermind

Marissa throwing pans and hits Marshall*

Marshall go unconcious.

Marie holding back tears runs, picks up Marshall and runs into the lookout*

Ryder:pups what happened?

Skye:Marshall passed out and Marie took him to the lookout

Marissa:ok...wait Marie is here



Rocky:you might want to go comfort her?

Marissa:oh yeah.thanks for snapping me out of it

Rocky:no problem

Meanwhile at the lookout

Marie:Crying*Why can't anything go right!

Marissa:It's because life isn't fair.

Marie:You're right about that

Marissa:He'll be fine

Marie:Guess so

Marissa:Lets go check on the others

While leaving, Marie gets distracted with the pup pad*

Marie:thinks*What's this

Marie:Hello Marie here

Mayor:Help! Chickaletta is gone!

Marie:On it!*

Marie:Looks at the pull thing*

Marie:hhm. Presses on it*

Marie:Guys! Come to the lookout!

(beep beep)

All pups except Marshall and Marie:Someone needs us

Running to the elavator

Chase:Skye, Rocky's going to be last

Skye: If Rocky-

Both pups:slipping on ice*Whoa!


Zuma:Great, mowe Mawshalls.

Theme plays

Marie:Ready for action Ryder sir!

Chase:Hey! That was my line!

Marie: Sorry

Ryder:pups no arguing we have a problem

Marissa:Mayor Goodway lost her chicken Chickaletta and we need to find her

Ryder:Chase we'll need you to catch her scent and follow it

Chase:Chase is on the case!

Ryder:Skye we will need you just in case Chase can't find a scent right away and look with you goggles to see where she it if necessary.

Skye:Lets take to the sky!

Ryder:Marie you seem to be good with the medical field we need you to check and fix if she has serious injury

Marie:this pup's ready for an Emegency! Um oops....

Ryder:Laughs* It's ok.

Ryder: PAW patrol

Marie:is on a roll!

While theme plays*

Ryder:I can see how that gets anoying

One truck scene later*

Chase: Catches a scent* Got it!

The scent leads to water*

Chase:She could have gone anywhere now!

Ryder:Looks on pup-pad* Skye, did you find her?

Skye:I found her.she is in a tree

Ryder:lets go


Marissa I got her down from the tree

Marie:Lets see here?

Checking for injuries*

Marie:a broken wing but i can fix that in a jiffy!

Grabs a stick and some leaves, turning it into a brace*

Marie:There you go. Now it won't deform while it's healing

Ryder:Good job Marie

Mayor Goodway: Thanks for finding and mending Chickaletta

Marissa: No problem

Ryder: When ever there's trouble

Marie:Just yelp for help

Marissa: Marie don't do that.It gets annoying.

Marie:maybe I will, maybe I won't.

Later at the lookout*

Ryder:You all been good pups, except Marie.

Marie:Nice try kidder

Ryder:How did she know?

Marissa:Beats me



Marie:I know about who you keep eyes on

Chase:ha ha ha ha ha!

Marie:ha ha I'm serious.


Marie walks to Marshall*

Marie:Kisses him on the check* I see you're feeling better

Marshall:Blushing* yeah I am

All male pups except Marshall:Gross!

Marie:I'm going to remember what you just said

Pups: Ah!

Marie:Ihat's what you get

Skye:Please quit screaming.

Marissa:Pups, we have good news and......not so good news

Ryder:Marie I decided you will be our medical pup


Marissa:the bad news is that the Colorado officals find Marie, she couldbe executed


Marie:I'm not going away,if Katie doesn't turn me in.


Marie:When we came to tour last time all the kids were running from her screaming

Kids:Help me help me!

Katie:sorry losers

Alex:but I wanted to see Grandpa for the first time!

Katie:Shut up we don't want to be caught

Marissa:Too late

Marie: Leave these kids alone.

Katie:What are you going to do bite me hahaha

Marie:nope. Marie hits Katie with wok*


Katie:Passed out*

Marie:the next day Ryder came and she wanted to talk to him first, but Marissa was already talking

Marissa:Hi! I'm Marissa.whats yours


Marshall:I'm Marshall


Marie:Nice to meet you. Marshall do you want to play?


Chase:What about me!?

Marie: Lets go

Chase:What about me!? Wait up!

Marissa:Ryder do you want to-



Ryder catches her*

Ryder:Blushing*are you ok

Marissa:Yeah I'm fi... Marie!

Marshall:don't kill youself!

Marissa:Be right back

Then she climbed a building and Katie burned it down and we were kicked out of adventure bay the end.

Skye:what a sad story Marie

Marie:Yeah. All because of jealousy....

Marissa:Um I want to ask you one thing


Marissa:Of what jealousy?

Marie:Of you getting close friends. Looks at Ryder then her and winks*

Marissa:Blushing*Uh yeah close....

Marie:So who want's fried rice

All except Marie:Me!

Then they ate and watched Hysteria!.