First, I would like to thank Golden Latias6 for this idea called Pups on a Chase. Second, Some pups won't be here case I think the order goes like this, Rocky then Skye, then Chase then Zuma, then Marshall then Rubble. Third, LAWL. :P

One day Rocky was tanning while Skye was in the pool. They were both smaller.

Skye: Come play with me Rocky! (flips off diving board)

Rocky: Not right now. Hey, let's get a new pup!

Skye: We've been asking for a month, and like Ryder wants to deal with a 3rd pup.

Rocky: Why wouldn't he?

Skye: Remember last week.

Rocky: For the last time, I didn't know the town needed that A.T.M!

Skye: It's how they get money!

Skye: Wanna go to Katies? I need a bath.

Rocky: You get a bath, I'm getting my fur done, were it's dry.

Both laughing.

At a pup military school.........

Chase: (squeezing through an electric fence) Almost out.

Chase: Yes! I did it I did it! 

Military teacher: CHASE!! WERE ARE YOU!!

Chase: I better go. (runs off)

At Katies...........

Rocky: Bye Katie!

Katie: Bye! I hope you come back to my new salon.

Skye: I still can't believe Callie threw you in the water!

Rocky: Yea, I'm not sure Katie picked the right kitten.

Skye: Rocky look, there's a puppy in the middle of the street!!

Rocky: Hey!! Come here!!

Chase: Hi, I'm Chase!

Skye: Hi, I'm Skye and this is Rocky.

Chase: Hi (thinks) DAAAAAAMMM SKYE!!!

Rocky: Are you aware you almost got hit by a car?

Chase: Oh I didn't. My owner sent me to a military school on this island, I'm training to be a police dog. (talks in a cool voice to impress Skye)

Skye: Lets go have lunch at the lookout!

Rocky: Yea!

Both run off.

Chase: Wait for.........howl! What's that smell!

Chase: It's coming from that place called Mr Porters.

At the lookout............

Skye: Ryder! Ryder! We found a german shepard who is a police pup! Can he be with us, please!

Ryder: Were is he?

Rocky: He's right......... we're did he go?

Ryder: His owner must of takin him home. Now after lunch you have to do your lessons on driving your trucks.

Both: SO CLOSE!!!

At Mr Porters.............

Chase: mmmmmmmm!

Mr Porter: Here you go, you look so hungry.

Chase: I am, my military school has awful food.

Mr Porter: Wow finished already?

Chase: Could I have some more?

Mr Porter: Shure!

At the lookout........

Skye: Do you think he has an owner?

Rocky: He's a police dog in training, he probably is owned by a police station.

Skye: Gasp! Wait, dissent he have a collar?

Rocky: No he didn't.

Both: The dog catcher!

Back to Chase.........

Chase: Bye!

Mr Porter: Bye!

Chase: Whew! I am full! Oh what's that? (walks into Katies)

Katie: Aww! A little puppy!

Chase: I'm Chase. What is this place?

Katie: This is my new salon!

Callie: Hiss!

Katie: That's my new kitten Callie. Oh! You're so dirty!

Chase: Well I did some dirty challenges at my military school.

Katie: Lets run you a bath. Then grooming, then your teeth, then a new look!

Chase: Wow, how much will that cost!

Katie: As a welcome, it's free.

Chase: Alright!

Back in town........

Both: Chase, Chase.

Rocky: What if he got caught!

Back to Katies........

Chase: That was a good bath.

Katie: Now ill dry you off and groom you.


Chase: Wow!

Katie: One last thing.

Katie brought back a red box, inside there was a pair of sunglasses shaped like a bone, the outside was gold and the glass part was blue.

Chase: I feel like a million bucks!

Katie: giggles, come back soon.

Chase: Shure will!

He bumped into the mayor on his way downtown.

Mayor Goodway: Hello, little puppy, do you want to be mine?

Chase: Na, ill be Chase. (runs off)

Mayor Goodway: Oh well, a dog isn't the pet for me.

At Mr Porters..........

Rocky: Have you seen a german shepherd puppy?

Mr Porter: He was just here, I think he went to Katies.

Skye: Lets go!

At Katies........

Skye: Have you seen a puppy named Chase?

Katie: I gave him a makeover! He shouldn't be hard to miss now.

Skye: Good to know!

Back to Chase...........

Chase: Wow, what a farm.

Farmer Yumi: Yep! And not time to harvest.

Chase: I can help reach the branches!

Farmer Yumi: Aww, thanks little puppy.

Lots of Apple picking later........

Chase: That's all I can do. Bye!

Farmer Yumi: Bye!

Back to Rocky and Skye........

Skye: Mayor, have you seen a puppy.

Mayor Goodway: One just ran by.

Both: Ugggggg!

Both: Farmer Yumi!

Farmer Yumi: Hey pups, are you looking for a german shepherd?

Rocky: Let me guess, just missed him.

Skye: Now what?

Rocky: Lets chase down Chase!

Back to Chase.........

Chase: Hello sir!

The dog catcher put Chase in a net, but before he got there he chewed through the net.


Skye: Chase! We've been looking for you all day!

Rocky: Now come to the lookout!

Chase: Okay, but do ya like my new style?

Skye: Ya, you look great.

Chase: He he, thank you.

Both: Ryder! We have him, his name is Chase.

Ryder: Do you have an owner?

Chase thought about how mush these pups cared about him, and how cold and unforgiving his city was.

Chase: No, no I don't, can...... um.... can I live here?

Ryder: As long as you don't break A.T.Ms. (looks at Rocky)

Chase: No sir!

Ryder: Well then, you are now a member of the Paw Patrol, and I hear you're a police puppy.

Chase: Yea! I get a job here right?

Ryder: You sure do! I'm making the pups new pup houses, ill make you one too.

All 3 pups: Howl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That night, Chase slept by Skye with Rocky on top of them in the lounge, he was never happier.