Ryder: Ok, the triathlon begins in 5 seconds!

Zuma: See ya there!

Skye: I bet I`ll win.

Chase: (mumbles) Go Skye.

Marshall: Huh?

Chase: Nothing!!!

Ryder: GO!!!!

The first event was the mile run,Chase was in the lead. Then the truck race, with Marshall leading, but Zuma won with the swimming part.

Zuma: HA!! I won so give me all your treats!!

Rubble: No fair!

Ryder: A bet is a bet.

Skye: Uggggggggggh!!! Fine!!!

Later at lunch the pups ate thier food watching Zuma eat a big pile of treats.

Zuma: You should of known I was going to win.

Skye: That's it!!!! Im going to the beach. (Skye runs off)

Chase: Way to go Zuma!!!!! Come on guys, lets go!

Rubble: Wait! Skye needs time alone.

Chase: (thinks) Alone with me, maybe later.

Rocky: Come on guys, let's play.

Zuma: Fine! I dont need you!

The pups played without Zuma, while Skye was staring at the water at the beach.

Skye: Mean Zuma!!! Why is he so mean about contest?

Skye: Well, I should head back.

But then a big storm came out of no where and threw her in the deep water, Skye was screaming like crazy.

Chase: Its been an hour! Im going check on Skye.

Marshall: Ok, you can go.

He ran to the bay wondering if today he would ask her an important question.

Chase: Skye! Skye! Skye! where are you?

But she was not there and it was raining hard.

Chase: Skye!!!

Chase: Maybe she went to Katie's.

Chase asked Katie if she had seen her, but she hadn't, he looked all over town. But no Skye.

Ryder: Pups! Come inside its storming bad now!

Chase: Ryder! Skye is missing! (almost in tears)

Ryder: Don't worry, no job is to big no pup is to small! Paw Patrol to the lookout!

All But Skye: Ryder needs us!

One elevator scene later...........

Chase: Ready for actoin Ryder sir! (still in tears)

Ryder: Alright Paw Patrol, Skye went missing.

All: Gasp!


Rocky: Its okay were the paw patrol we will find SKYE.

Rubble: We need to find her before this storm gets any worse! I'm scared.

Zuma: sniff sniff sniff 

Ryder: Zuma, we need you to look around the bay.

Zuma: Let's dive in!

Ryder: And Chase, we need you to search the streets.

Chase: Chase is on the case! sniff sniff

Ryder: The rest of you check town. Paw Patrol is on a roll!