PART TWO One truck scene later...................

Chase: Okay Marshall, look around city hall. Rubble, look around Katies. And Rocky, ask everyone if they have seen her!

All 3: Yes sir!

Then their tags started beeping, it was Ryder, he told them to get to the bay fast!

All 4: Let's go! come on

Chase: I'm scared

When they got there Skye was far out in the sea, and it was to dangerous for Zuma's hovercraft. But then Chase jumped on and drove out to her, before the hovercraft sank, Chase threw Skye to shore. Then Chase heard Skye scream, but before he could look up. Everything went black.

Rocky: He's waking up!

Marshall: Oh, poor Chase!

Rubble: SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! He's fine.

Zuma: You owe me a new hovercraft dude!

Skye: You saved my life.

Chase: Wh-what happened?

Skye: When you threw me on shore, your foot got caught in the hovercraft as it sank, you practically drowned!

Zuma: Then Skye was screaming like a baby.

Skye: HEY!!!!!!!! At least I cared!

They both growled at each other,then Ryder came in.

Ryder: Pups, Chase has to rest.

Skye rubbed her cheek on his nose, Chase blushed badly.

Skye: Thanks.

Chase: He he.. just my job!

All: Bye!

Chase:Love you Skye, breaking my leg was worth it!

Marshall: (pokes his head through the door) What?

Chase: Nothing!!!