Ryder: Paw Patrol is on a roll!

Another truck scene later...........

Chase: Ouch!

Skye: What's wrong Chase?

Chase: Nothing I guess my broken paw has not fully healed.

Then Chases truck swerved out of control and flung him off.

Skye: GASP!

Ryder: Are you sure he will be okay?

Katie: Probably

Ryder: What do you mean probably!

Chase woke up to see he was at the vet room in Katie's salon, he could hear them talking. He tried to get up, but then relized he had a cast around his front legs and his neck.

Chase: Ouch!

Ryder and Katie ran in to see him.

Ryder: Are you okay?

Chase: My neck hurts.

Katie: He`ll be fine, he just needs to stay here overnight.

Chase: Overnight! B- B- By myself?

Katie: I`ll stay here overnight to.

Chase: Okay.

That night.....................

Rocky: What do you mean almost snapped his neck!?

Rubble: Oh my gosh!

Zuma: Man, he's had more injuries than Marshall lately!

Marshall: Well that is a big problem! I am going to protect my title! (runs outside) Ouch! I still have more inguries now!

Zuma rolls his eyes

Rubble: Hey where's Skye?

Marshall: Yeah (walks in with brusies on his nose)

Rocky: She's already asleep.

Skye was outback in Chases pup-house crying.

Skye: Oh Chase, i'm so worried, please get better. Tonight, i'm sleeping here.

The next morning..........

Chase: Yawn, Good morning every..... oh yah, i'm here. Sigh

Katie: Good morning Chase, I made you breakfeast.

Chase: Oh wow, eggs, pancakes, (gasp) bacon!

Katie: You deserve it, oh and Alex was at the beach the whole time.

Chase: Good to know.

Katie: Now we can take the cast off, but the neck brace has to stay on.

Chase: Okay.

Back at the lookout.......................

Skye: Is Chase here yet?

Zuma: Na, he's coming later.

Skye: Oh, now what?

Zuma: You can play with us?

Skye: No, I am going to wait for Chase.


All: Chase!!!

Zuma: Come on, let's play at the beach!

Rocky: No, let's play jump rope!

Rubble: Soccer!

Skye: No! Were playing pup pup boogie!

Marshall: Well whatever we play, I am going to be the most clumsy one.

Katie: Sorry pups, Chase cant do that stuff for awhile, he got really hurt.

All: Awwwww

So Chase had to miss missions, games, and other things, but soon he healed.

Chase: I am going to be extra careful from now on!

Marshall: LOOKOUT!!!!!!!!!!



Chase and Marshall: Were okay