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Ranger is Ryder's twin brother (born two minutes ahead), the top Air Cadet of the Army and enemy of the PAW Patrol.

Early Life

Ranger was born as Chase Ryder (Ryder named Chase, the first Pup in the PAW Patrol, after him), twin brother of Zack Ryder Jr.. From an early age, he and Ryder were best friends, but after a quarrel, Chase left him and his family for the Army, since every man since the dawn of time with the surname "Ryder" had served in the military, and adopted the nickname "Ranger". He tried to persuade his twin to join but with no success. Ever since, a grudge between them developed. However, they did take a photo together when the PAW Patrol was created.


Ranger looks exactly like Ryder: well-defined facial features, slim muscular build, agile body and tall spiky hair. In the Army, he wears a desert camouflage fatigues, alongside with a cap and a badge displaying his rank as a Captain. When he's off-service, Ranger commonly dons on a leather jacket and jeans, along with a skull mask, to display intimidation and fear.

Ranger's main weapon is a Glock 22 silenced pistol, firing .45 caliber rounds capable of killing in one shot. He wears a wrist computer, just like Slash, bearing the same purpose as Ryder's Pup Pad. His main vehicle is a compact unarmed helicopter that folds up to conserve space, similar to Skye's copter, and able to maintain autopilot.


Being in the Army for most of his life, Ranger has the skills of a bloodthirsty warrior. He is a master of military MMA and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He is an expert marksman and has the body of an Olympian, the perfect display of endurance, agility, flexibility, speed and strength. In many ways Ranger is able to take down Ryder, but however lacks his intelligence and brain power.


Like Slash, Ranger can be very cold-blooded, as shown in Pups on a Hunt where he shot Ryder twice in the stomach and knocked out Katie. Nevertheless, like Chase, his soft side often shines through, as he still loves his brother no matter their differences.

In Video Games

In Pups and the Chaotic Clans he is known as General Crossbones. But in Adventure Bay's Most Wanted, he is known as Ranger


  • Ranger has no feelings for females
  • Despite this, he has a HUGE crush on Sabina Alfonso
  • Ranger was Talon's drill sergeant when he was still in the US Army and was responsible for his discharge as well as the knife stab to his eye
  • Ranger dies when Talon blows up his helicopter