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Remedy is a first generation Medic pup owned by Tundrathesnowpup


Remedy is an incredibly confident and happy-go-lucky pup.  She's always eager to help and take care of her friends, but often neglects to take care of herself and her own emotions as she's trying to make sure everyone else is healthy and happy. While her friends admire her loyalty and kind-nature when they need support or someone to turn to when they're hurt, she can sometimes be a bit stubborn in sharing her own feelings. Instead she tends to bottle up her emotions and hide them deep down until she pops the cork. She's incredibly resourceful and can make ease of any situation, able to think and act quickly especially in times of stress. As an adult, Remedy is more in control of her emotions and tries her best to take more breaks and take a breather outside of medical emergencies to keep her mental health in check. As a mother, Remedy can be a bit protective because of her medical experience and often worries about the pups breaking bones or getting hurt, but she tries not to smother them, wanting them to still experience life and to rough-house as young pups should, though she tends to smother them with affection, even as adults.


Remedy was born on the streets, but doesn't remember much about her family as she only recalls being taken care of by a woman in a very crowded house from the time she was able to open her eyes. An elderly woman who owned the house took in all sorts of animals in need, but didn't quite realize that she was taking in too many at once and not giving all of them proper attention and care. She spent a years of her life in that house, watching as the house became more fur than carpet and food became increasingly scarce. Several animals were sick and old while others were mean and territorial, it just became too much for the little puppy to bear within the cramped walls. Without much notice, Remedy slipped out of the house and off into the fields. She lived on her own for a year, just enjoying life with the fresh, open air and scrounging around for scraps and food; but she soon began to realize that she craved something more in her life. Affection, care, a purpose. So off she went, stowing away on a nearby fishing boat to travel to the next town across the bay.

The journey was taking some time, but Remedy was quickly discovered by the fisherman as she got herself tangled within his fishing nets, but he just chuckled and told her she didn't have to worry. The man introduced himself as Captain Turbot, and they were heading back to Adventure Bay. Remedy couldn't help but giggle, it sounded like the perfect place for her! As the two got closer to the port, Remedy was a little startled by a massive walrus swimming alongside the boat, splMallowing up at her. She gazed in awe at the creature before noticing he had something wrapped up against his front flippers. She called over to Captain Turbot and the man greeted the walrus, but too became concerned with what was wrapped around Wally's flipper. He stopped the boat and leaned over to get a better look as Wally jumped on-board, accidentally grazing Turbot's arm with his tusk as he did so. Turbot called for Ryder's help over the pup pad as Wally barked apologies and wiggled over to the man who was observing the small wound in his arm. It wasn't very deep, but was bleeding quite a bit. Remedy quickly got to her feet and rushed to the first aid kit that Turbot had in the cabin of his boat. The pup took out the bandages and gauze-pads and helped him apply pressure to stop the bleeding and wrapped his arm up right as a Chocolate lab zoomed up towards the boat on a hovercraft.

After getting the situation under control and the team brought the boat over to the dock, Ryder called Marshall over to check up on Captain Turbot only to be told that he was taken care of. The teen looked over at the white and orange pup who was exiting the boat and beckoned her over. He asked where she learned to do first-aid and she explained that she'd watched the woman she lived with whenever she would take care of wounded animals or the kids in her neighborhood that would skin their knees and sometimes fall from the fruit trees in her yard when they would dare each other to pick the highest lemon or orange. Upon finding out the pup was homeless, Ryder offered her a spot on the team as their main medic pup and Marshall would help her learn a bit more about her position. Remedy happily agreed and was overjoyed to finally know where she belonged as Ryder gifted her with a name, collar, and tag.

As another year rolls by, Remedy becomes more comfortable with her job and the other members of the team. She slowly develops a crush on her goofy, clumsy partner and tries her best to hide it, but gets very flustered and giggly around the sweet dalmatian. Everyone realizes her crush on him except for Marshall himself. Remedy was a tiny bit jealous that Skye and Tundra got asked out by their crushes, but didn't want to force anything if Marshall didn't feel the same way and she didn't want to mess up the relationship they already had. Eventually though, after letting her feelings bottle up for too long, Remedy took the first step and blurted out one afternoon that she'd like to go on a date with him. To her surprise, he accepted. The two began to date and eventually married a few months after Rocky and Tundra. They decided to wait a little longer to have pups, but after helping their friends take care of their pups, they decided they were ready for their own family. They have a litter of 6, about a year after their nieces and nephews were born.


Remedy is an orange belton English Setter with light green eyes. She has a white base coat with orange ticking and spotting on her body and face with her ears being a darker orange than the rest of her markings. She wears a teal collar with a pale seafoam badge with a blue stethoscope in the shape of a heart for the emblem.




  • "Feeling sore? I've got the cure!"
  • "Remedy's the name, First aid is my game!"
  • "I'll patch 'em up!"

Pup Pack tools:

Remedy's pup pack contains equipment that you would find in a standard Trauma-bag.

Main Compartment:

  • Gauze pads
  • sticky Bandaids of all sizes
  • Gauze and fabric bandage rolls
  • fabric bandages
  • Ice packs
  • soft and hard splints
  • Asprin and pain medication
  • Trauma Shears
  • AED
  • Epi-pens

Tool compartments:

  • X-ray machine
  • Crutches
  • Thermometer


Remedy's ambulance resembles Marshall's EMT vehicle, just a bit larger since it can morph into a make-shift doctor's office(much like Ace's does when he becomes her trainee). (Decsription will be worked on since I'm more of a visual artist than a writer and won't be able to describe it until I flesh out the design on paper)


  • Losing those she's close to
  • Absolutely cannot stand bugs, she's terrified of the creepy crawlies aside from Butterflies and ladybugs.


Remedy is close friends with the other PAW Patrol girls, though spends most of her time with Tundra, Skye, and Mindy. She does enjoy Everest's company when she does join them, but since she lives over at Jake's mountain and doesn't hang out too often she's not as close to her as she is the other girls. She really enjoys having spa days, baths being one of her favorite things because of how much she adores the water and bubbles. The girls often tease her playfully about her crush on Marshall and vice versa with her teasing them about their own crushes. She's incredibly close to Zuma and Rubble platonically out of the male pups, often joining Rubble in movie marathons and eating contests and surfing and scuba diving with Zuma. She does enjoy the company of the whole team, but prefers the company of those 5 pups the most, aside from Marshall.


  • Loves to swim, she can spend the entire day in the pool or ocean if she could
  • Is sometimes referred to as "Em" by the other pups and people around town. Marshall has nicknamed her "Emmie", Remedy has declared that only Marshall may call her by that name and will ignore others that try to use it on her.
  • She later gets an apprentice named Rosemary (owned by midnightcollies). She loves the corgi's energetic nature and the way she bounces around
  • She loves to give her friends nicknames. so far she's got:

Marshall- "Stitches"

Mindy- "Freckles", "Marshmallow"

Skye- "Bubbles"

Tundra- "Cocopuff", "Snowflake"

Everest- "Boots", "Sledster"

Rocky- "Mister fixit", "scruffy"

Zuma- "Zooms", "Waverider"

Rubble- "Kibbles"

Chase- "Sheriff"

Rosemary- "Bunny" "Rosey"

  • In an AU with Em, Remedy is in a poly relationship with Marshall and Nome <3

Voice actresses

Young Remedy: Sarah Gadon (Ruby Gloom in Ruby Gloom)

Teen Remedy: Mae Whitman (Amity Blight in The Owl House)

Adult Remedy: Melissa Fumero (Amy Santiago in Brooklyn nine-nine)

Stories she appears in


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