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Riley is one of the five original ideas. She is a second year student. And she really really like bread she is also good at making them. Hi I'm Riley Smith! catchphrase: Go Eco!.


Riley is a young girl with Gray hair, and is held down with pink flower clip and a plane one and has brown eyes. For her Casual she wears a pale yellow sweater with a green collar and floral pattern, green plaid skirt, underneath are pale green leggings and leg warmers with brown Mary janes .On summer she wears a light green dress with white and green detail and a pair of white and gold sandals with flower decoration. For winter she wears a pink turtle neck beneath a long Green coat with heart details for her shoes she wears leg warmers and brown boots. And her hair has a Pink Cherry Blossom Clip.


Riley is a cheerful athletic girl and a member of her school's softball team. She is very energetic and optimistic girl whose hopeful nature often inspires or encourages others. She is bored easily on subjects she isn't interested in. She is selfless and kind but has a short temper at times. While she is good at baking delicious bread, she seems to struggle with making other things. Sometimes she will go crazy if she is mad or excited. She is has a crush on Turquoise. Riley cares very much about her friends, and cannot bear to see someone hurt. However, she's also got a very bold nature too and is very friendly. She's also very hard working to get good grades, and very brave (the only thing that scares her is ghosts). Riley likes the nature and is sad that people just trashes the Earth cause she is the "eco pup/human".


Thunder- Riley and thunder are very close its because they are siblings. Riley is older than Thunder but he is taller than her which annoys her.

Blue - Riley Respects Blue because he is the leader of the group.

Turquoise- Riley is very kind and understanding after they met, and she shows signs of having bonded with him over time, much like how Lola, Summer, and Hazel bonded Thunder, Blue, and Chris (P.S Hazel is and Chris is 16 they have brotherly sisterly relationship). Turquoise has come to open up to Riley over time and shows her less bad attitude and is no longer a sharp tongued.


Paw Patrol

Riley was supposed to be the leader of the patrol cause Blue was scared back then and riley then wanted still to become the leader so bad but she encouraged Blue that he should be a leader and needs to be more confident on himself then blue accepted his dad's offer of becoming a lead if it wasn't for riley he wound not be leader the today. She was childhood friends with her team mates because of their parents. When she first met turquoise he was very hard and doesn't open up on the outside but then learns he is very soft on the inside. Overtime and she shows signs of having bonded with him over time and teaches him to open up more to people he trust. That and there she had a crush on him when she learned he had a gentle and soft side. And also she wants to become like Chase when she grows up.

Image Songs

  • Riding Far Off.. Dreams In The Sky!- First Image song for Riley says that she has more than one dream and that her Dreams aren't complete without her friends
  • Primal♡Heart- Second image song for Riley about her dreams and flowers✿. this song was inspired by Cure Flora's Primal Place song. (P.S this is not copy pasted I made my own lyrics oh and the tune is also primal place).



  • Riley's birthday is on November 23rd, making her star sign Sagittarius.
  • Riley is 14 which makes her older than thunder, cause he is 13 but thunder is taller.
  • blood type is O.
  • Riley and thunders mother is unknown.
  • Her height is around 5'0"
  • Her front hair was inspired by hanasaki tsubomi's
  • She is the 3rd youngest in the girls followed by Lola being 12 and lastly hazel by being 9.
  • Riley is also like hyuuga Saki and Ichigo Momomiya. Both Saki and Riley gets bored on subjects same with Ichigo they both like shopping.
  • She shares her name with 2 more Riley
  • She shares her hair clips with Nodoka Hanadera/ Cure Grace
  • Riley shares her names with Riley waterson and Riley Smith.
  • When she gets older she becomes a doctor


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