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Riley is one of the 9 main character it used to be 8 but Luke joined


Riley has a green eyes and long straight grayish black hair that is tied in a pony tail she wears a jump suit and she white socks with a brown boots.


riley is a sweet kind girl who cares for her friends very much. She loves her brother and friends equally. she is energetic and motivated.
Just like other teens she likes shopping and having fun. she has a strong sense of humor but even if she seems happy she can also feel sad at times but her friends can cheer her up.


Thunder - Riley and thunder are very close its because they are siblings.

Jay- Riley Respects Jay because he is the leader of the group and she think he is the best leader ever.

Summer- Riley and summer are partners cuz they both have the same duty they are very close because of that but it doesn't change the fact that riley isn't friends with the others anymore

Sarah - Sarah is a brat but she is still good friends with riley

Cody- Riley and Cody are close too they have a strong bond (just like summer) she likes hanging out with him.

May - may is like a big sister to all of them (except Zach thunder Sarah).

Luke- every one thinks he's cool even riley (except Zach, Jay, Cody)

Zach- Riley thinks Zach is a boy who likes surfing ang swimming and she think he is cool too but at the same time a rude to others often


Riley wanted to be like her father she wanted to save and help others she never lose hope she is waiting for that day to come and then it came she was assigned to partner with summer.

Paw Patrol

Riley and the others are good friends, they were friends since childhood they do different things together she was assigned to be partnered with summer so that makes her close to her.


  • Riley's birthday is on February 5d, that makes her zodiac Aquarius
  • Riley is 13 which makes her younger than thunder, cause he is 15
  • blood type is B.
  • Riley and thunders mother is unknown.
  • her height is 5'4"
  • She is the youngest in the girls followed by summer being 14
  • She shares her name with 2 more Riley
  • Creator: @Cure Sammy