When Roadbuster isn't on missions with his buddies, he's watching a NASCAR game or wrestling the toughest pups.


Roadbuster was once a professional wrestler from Scotland. He fought many pups all over the world, including Front Line. He took a break and traveled to Adventure Bay, where he met Nicole, Regina, and Ocho. Now, he's a member of The RP League.


Roadbuster is a husky with dark gray fur, a light gray face, light gray paws, dark gray freckles, and blue eyes. He wears a dark green and white toboggan, a dark green and white uniform, and a red collar with a dark green tag with the number 88 on it, a reference to the Autobot Roadbuster.


  • Let's get some!

Voice Actor

Ron Bottitta (voice of Roadbuster in the live action Transformers movies)


  • Roadbuster is a huge NASCAR fan.
  • Roadbuster usually calls himself "Amp" after how his vehicle is modeled after Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s AMP Energy race car.
  • Roadbuster once wanted his vehicle to be modeled after Jeff Gordon's #24 DuPont-sponsored Chevrolet.
  • Roadbuster is inspired by Roadbuster from the live action Transformers film series.