Paw patrol rosie and marshall by xfangheartx-d791l7y-1

Rosie without gear

Rosie belongs to XFangHeartX 

Rosie is the PAW Patrol's doctor pup, it is said her best friend is Skye.


Rosie is a doctor pup in the PAW Patrol. She drives an ambulance truck and is always ready to help. She tends to worry about the pups, especially Marshall. Her best friend is Skye and she tends to spend a lot of time with Skye and Marshall, but is always up to play with her other pup pals. She is very sweet, caring and kind to everyone as long as they are nice back to her and her friends.


Rosie is a black and white Border Collie pup, she is all black except for her lower-face area, her feet, her belly, the back of her tail and the fluffy spot on her forehead. She has a silver nose, her right eye is yellow and her left eye is blue. She wears a red collar with a pup tag that symbolises a red cross.


Rosie is a kind hearted pup. She has great concern for Marshall's clumsiness, she cares a lot about him.... probably because she has a crush on him. She is very sweet caring and loyal to her family in the PAW Patrol.


  • Rosie was created on deviantART by XfangheartX
  • Rosie has a crush on Marshall
  • Her catchphrase is "Rosie to the Rescue!"
  • She and Marshall eventually have four puppies together: Ash, Bia, Smokey, and Hershel