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Samantha 'Sam' Williams




SNOW Patrol Human Leader









Sam Is the leader of the SNOW Patrol and is the No. 1 member. Being inspired by the PAW Patrol she wanted to help in the snowy weather so she made the SNOW Patrol.


Sam has white skin, brown hair that is usually always in a ponytail that is held by a red hair tie, with blue eyes. She wears a red, white, yellow, and blue vest that covers a white short-sleeved shirt. She also wears blue jeans and has black snow boots that keep her legs dry.


She's very calm, but when put under a little to much stress she needs to be alone for a while. She is very helpful and know's all mountain paths like the back of her hand. When one person get's lost or needs to find their way around she's the one to go to. Sam is very intelligent and has trained every one of the SNOW Patrol pups for their proper job. With the little help from she created the vehicles for the SNOW Patrol pups. She knows the solutions for each mission they go on from someone being trapped in the middle of a frozen lake to those that are lost and missing on the mountain.


Sam was raised by two loving parents out on her mothers family ranch where her father moved after they got married. She loved playing outside in the dirt and being around all the animals. At the age of 7, Sam's younger brother was born, she protected him from anything and everyone who wanted to bully him when they were in town. Sam and Ryder were home-schooled, their parents getting the best teachers that focused on their kids' strengths instead of the average classroom. Sam and Ryder both were extraordinary in school and their studies advancing them quickly than any other kids their age.

Sam ended up graduating early and started an internship working with a snow rescue team stationed just outside of a small town called SnowPort. She ended up moving there and come the age of 18, she decided she wanted to stay there. She went back to Adventure Bay to give her family goodbye wishes. She ended up learning more than she could and at the age of 20, she ended up taking over the rescue squad and renaming it the SNOW Patrol.

Before she left for SnowPort, Ryder had given Sam a gift, a black cover for her face in the snow that was embroidered with a small pink heart and she treasures it always wearing it and patching it up if it ends up getting a hole in it. She also wears a helmet and goggles when it snows really hard too. Before getting back to SnowPort, Sam found out that her closest's friends dog had puppies and Sam ended up adopting a St. Bernard naming him Viktor. She did need to end up getting her team together and that's what she did. Viktor and Goliath ended up being the first pups to join the team and the remainder of them started to follow, each pup having a special talent. It was because of the growth of the SNOW Patrol that caused Ryder to want to start up the PAW Patrol in Adventure Bay with the support of his parents and his best pup friend, Chase.



Made by others

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  • "The SNOW Patrol is on the go!"
  • "When freezing winds blow, the SNOW Patrol will show."

Fun Facts

  • Sam is claustrophobic
  • She puts the pups first and their health
  • Before and after every mission she makes sure the gadgets are working properly
  • Sam was home schooled by her parents so was her younger brother
  • Sam wears a wrap around mask, it was a gift from her younger brother Ryder (With the help of his mother sewing it), looking closer there's an embroidered heart on the mask. Sam adores it


Sam grows a crush on Jake, meeting him early when she and her family took a trip to the Ski Resort, they've been close friends since they were young