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Sarah is one of the 9 main character it used to be 8 but Luke joined


Sarah has orange eyes long strawberry blonde hair that is tied on a braid a diamond necklace pink outfit with a ribbon and a dark pink shoes


She is a bit bratty girl who use to only care for herself she is very rich and spoiled but her personality change she is still a bit bratty and she is a bit spoiled but she now cares for herself, her friends and the other people


Jay- Sarah Respects Jay because he is the leader. and she used to have a crush on jay but not anymore.

Cody - She used to have a crush on Cody too but not anymore.

Zach- She thinks Zach is un-trustable but eventually she had develop a crush on Zach.

May- they are good friends.


Paw Patrol

Sarah and the others are good friends, they were friends since childhood they do different things together that makes them very close.


  • Sarah's birthday is on June 4d, that makes his zodiac Gemini
  • Sarah is a 15 year old girl
  • blood type is 0
  • his height is 5'8"
  • Creator @Cure Sammy