Save The Woods is a video game that focuses on Snow Patrol members Emerald, Shiver, and Christmas visiting Alaska to help protect the animals there from hunters.


After waking up in the woods of Alaska, Emerald, Shiver, and Christmas discover that hunting season has opened. Now, each of them must get help from the three types of animals they hunt the most and run the three hunters known as Donald, Bill, and Jeff back to town!


  • Prologue
    • Objective: Follow a truck into the woods.
    • Playable Character: Emerald, Shiver, or Christmas.
  • Hunting
    • Objective: Avoid getting shot by Donald, Bill, or Jeff.
    • Playable Character: Emerald, Shiver, or Christmas.
  • Beaver Land
    • Objective: Save the beavers from Donald.
    • Playable Character: Emerald
  • Duck Land
    • Objective: Save the ducks from Bill.
    • Playable Character: Shiver
  • Rabbit Land:
    • Objective: Save the Rabbits from Jeff.
    • Playable Character: Christmas
  • Animals Vs. Hunters
    • Objective: Stop Donald, Bill, and Jeff once and for all.
    • Playable Character: Emerald (stage one), Shiver (stage two), and Christmas (stage three).


  • Each Character has four lives.
    • When a character loses all those lives, they die and are picked up and carried away by whichever hunter killed them.
  • After being scared away, the hunter they scared off will drop his firearm, but it cannot be picked up by the character.
  • If you run into a campfire, bear trap, or bump your head, you will not lose a life, but the controls will be flipped for about ten seconds.
  • After a character makes friends with the animal they were assigned to, they can use it as live ammo in the final level.