A former pet to a computer game programmer, Scattorshot can do computer work no problem. He is one of the main protagonists of A Tale From The Woods.


Scattorshot was once the pet for a computer game programmer in Adventure Bay. One day, his owner left to go to Canada to make a new type of game, but he wasn't allowed to take Scattorshot with him. Upset, Scattorshot left to find a new place in Adventure Bay. He decided to help anyone who needed computer help.


Scattorshot is a husky with black fur, a white face, white paws, and green eyes. He wears a blue and yellow toboggan, a blue and yellow uniform, and a dark gray collar with a blue tag with a pair of goggles on it, a reference to the Autobot Scattorshot.

Vehicle and Pup Pack

Scattorshot has a pup house that was given to him by his previous owner. It transforms into an anti-aircraft half-track similar to the vehicle mode of Scattorshot from Transformers: Cybertron.

He also has a pup pack, which was also given to him by his previous owner. It has a tablet and a pair of goggles.


  • Pack your bags and get ready to say goodbye!
  • Prepare to be scattered!

Voice Actor

Richard Ian Cox (voice of Scattorshot in Transformers: Cybertron)


  • Scattorshot's vehicle transforms into a military vehicle because he believes it will get him out of getting parking tickets.
  • Scattorshot dreams of meeting his owner again some day.
  • Scattorshot is inspired by Scattorshot from Transformers: Cybertron.