Snowy is Icee's younger twin sister, but she's a bit too shy around other pups except for Icee. She's usually hanging around in any place with snow or any cold weather with her owner in fact. She's only willing to play unless Icee is there with her, she doesn't play much so she needs Icee to teach her how to play since Icee's way more of a tomboy than her. Knowing that Tundra is her half sister and she looks like a lighter female version of Glacier, she always gets a little sad around her, unlike Blizzard, she always cries in front of him because of either him hurting her feelings or Tundra, Icee's or the whole PAW Patrol's feelings.

Her life is pretty good, she stays indoors and often goes outside to talk to Light and Icee, when she gets older, she's still shy, but likes Tundra a bit more but absolutely positively likes Blizzard ever since he died it down on the mean side and is a bit nicer to her. She still can't stand Bleu though, just because she calls her and Icee mutts even though he's a mutt himself and still is a bit of a bully.


Snowy is a lighter gray and white wolf-husky mix with light turquoise eyes and wears a light blue bow in her hair and around her neck, along with curly hair and tail.

Voice Actresses

Young Snowy: Tara Strong- Voice of Bubbles from Power Puff Girls (one of her many characters she voices which she does amazing at~)

Older Snowy: Ming- Na Wen- Voice of Mulan from Mulan and Mulan 2


  • She's owned by Tiffany, a mean person to Jayla, Noelle and the PAW Patrol
  • She walks outside of her home to talk to Icee, Light and sometimes Tundra
  • she has a crush on a stray named Light, making her more shy than she is
  • She's really close to Chase, Elsa , Fletcher , and Rex's sister Anna- due to her being like another older sister, she's really happy and she's not that shy around her


Heights, the Dark, loud noises, wasps and bees, and not too fond of snakes like Tundra