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This is not my original idea. The concept of a dreamwalker was made by SonicTheFox19. This is a continuation of our previous collaboration.



After Sonic, Robby, and Chase (Sonicverse) had left, Starlight started to have these weird dreams where she was in a situation where she had to make a decision all by herself. She couldn't look to Comet or her friends for help. It wasn't just any type of decision, it was life or death. She prayed for an answer, and when a strange man started recurringly appearing in her dreams, she knew he might be the answer. One day, she saw him in real life and failed one of the tests that he had been putting her through. Turns out that Starlight was meant to be a dreamwalker, a pup who goes into peoples minds and dreams to save them, and possibly be a universal protector. For her entire physical life, she had looked to other when she had a hard decision to make, but now she was on her own. Would she learn how to think for herself, or would she let the dreamwalkers of the past down?

Starlight the Dreamwalker!

Starlight: (Wakes up and gasps) Where am I? What is this place?

(Starlight wakes up in a room, and in front of her are two giant glass containers filled with water. Inside one of them is Comet, and the other contains Terra and Stella. There are two buttons in front of her that say "release," and they have wires leading to the containers, one to Comet's container and one to Stella and Terra's)

Automated Voice: You have 1 minute, choose who to release.

Starlight: What? No! This has to be some kind of joke. Guys it's not funny!

(When she gets no answer, she runs up to Comet's container, and he swims towards her)

Starlight: (Starting to cry) No, it's really you! I- I can't make a choice, I need Comet to help me, or Stella, or Terra!

Automated Voice: 15 seconds.

Starlight: (Sobbing) No! I can't choose! Please don't make me pick!

Automated Voice: 10, 9, 8-

(Starlight helplessly looks into the pups' eyes. Then she sees Stella and Terra go limp, and she can't take it anymore, so she frees them and Comet is left)

Starlight: Comet! (Sniffs) No!

(In the back of the room where Starlight didn't check, there is a strange man observing her. He writes down that she was too caught up in emotion to try pressing both, and then he closes his notebook)

Automated Voice: Time is up. Container 1 was chosen.

Starlight: (Sobbing) No, Comet!

(She watches helplessly as his body goes limp, but then his eyes widen and his mouth opens. She can hear him calling her name as she jerks awake)

Comet: (Shaking Starlight) Star, wake up!

Starlight: (Gasps) Comet!

(She hugs him tight and explains her nightmare)

Comet: (Calmly comforting her) It's okay Star, it was just a dream.

Starlight: It felt so real, (sniffs) I never want that to happen again!

Stella: What's going on? (Concerned) Are you okay Star?

Comet: She had a really bad nightmare.

Terra: Aww, come here. (Hugs her) It's alright, it's over now.

(Starlight calms down just enough to get her day started as she tries to shrug off the nightmare)

Ryder: Planet Patrol, to the Space Station!

Stella: Yay!

Terra: Get us up there Stella!

Comet: I can't wait to hear what this is!

Starlight: (Excitedly) What are you waiting for?

(Stella gets them up to the Space Station)

Stella: Planet Patrol ready for action Ryder sir! (chuckles)

Ryder: Sorry to ruin your enthusiasm, but this is for a earthbound rescue.

Comet: Aww man.

Terra: Then why did you call us up?

Ryder: That's because I need Starlight and Stella for this mission. Corny ran away from the barn and we need to get him back. Starlight, blast him so that he stops running away.

Starlight: Starlight is ready to fight!

Ryder: Stella, I need you to blast him so that he gets back home safe and sound.

Stella: I'll send them home!

Ryder: Alright! Planet Patrol is on a roll!

(the pups all howl as Ryder takes Starlight and Stella down, and their mission starts)

Starlight: Stella, follow me. We're gonna have to chase him.

Stella: I'm not as good as I was for the triathlon, but I still think we can catch a pig!

Starlight: Come on, we'd better hurry.

(For 10 minutes Stella and Starlight sprint after Corny, as Stella falls behind to take a break, Starlight is getting tired as she manages to get just withing striking distance)

Starlight: Blaster! (Barks) Fire! Please get him.

(Corny gets hit by the blaster and immediately starts becoming loopy)

Starlight: (Panting) Yes, finally.

Stella: (Runs up from behind) Did you get him?

Starlight: (Smiles) Sure did!

Stella: I knew you could do it, great job Star. High paw!

Starlight: Yeah! (Gets a call on her pup tag) Oops, Ryder wants me to go to the Space Station.

Stella: Want me to give you a helping paw?

Starlight: Sure, thanks Stella.

Stella: No problem, have fun!

(Starlight arrives at the station and she sees Ryder and Rocky finishing up their repairs on her ship)

Starlight: Ooh, what did you guys do?

Rocky: Just finished up a couple repairs on your ship, it should run much better now.

Ryder: Can you go take it for a test flight?

Starlight: Starlight is ready for flight!

(She flies it out and while she is on her course back, she suddenly sees Asteroid and Pluto taking food from a research space station)

Starlight: (Sighs and calls Ryder) Ryder, Asteroid and Pluto are up to no good again.

Ryder: What does the space station's tag say?

Starlight: It's ID is C-27.

Ryder: It's a research station, okay, thank you Starlight.

Starlight: No problem. It's a good thing I found them, their communication antennae was turned into goop!

Ryder: Planet Patrol, to the Space Station!

Stella: Here we go again.

Comet: Maybe we can have a mission to do this time.

Terra: Let's go up and find out then!

(Stella gets them up to the Space Station and Starlight lands her ship)

Stella: Planet Patrol ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Thanks for coming so quickly guys. Starlight found Asteroid and Pluto robbing food and water out of station C-27.

Stella: Yay! Space rescue!

Ryder: I need you guys to use your teamwork to make sure they don't cause too much trouble. It is a C station, which means that they might have tampered with their research, so go check on that.

Comet: You can count on us!

Terra: We are ready to go!

Ryder: Alright! Planet Patrol is on a roll!

(They go out to the space station)

Starlight: I've got eyes on the two.

Stella: Let's send them home!

(Comet boards the station first and uses a space rock to block Pluto's blaster)

Comet: Give it up you two, we're here now!

Researcher: Oh yes! The Planet Patrol!

Terra: Blaster! (Barks) Fire! (Hits Asteroid) Now you stay.

Pluto: Hey, that's no fair!

Starlight: (Barks twice) Now both of you be good and we'll leave you with some food.

Pluto: (Loopily) Yeah, I'll be good.

Stella: (Chuckles) Since you two didn't cause too much trouble, we'll give you a little food. Do you guys have enough?

Researcher: Yes, we have more than enough.

Stella: So it's okay if we give them some?

Researcher: If that'll get them to leave us then sure.

Stella: Alright you two, bye bye!

Pluto: (Loopily chuckles) Bye!

(Stella sends them home with their food and the Planet Patrol goes back to the station)

Starlight: (Yawns) After a long morning of work, I think it's time for my nap.

(Before she can fall asleep, Ryder calls her)

Starlight: (Grumpily picks up) Yes Ryder?

Ryder: I need you to come down to Mr. Porter's. Digi and Glow got stuck in Mayor Humdinger's trap and I need you to cut them out of it. Rocky is visiting Everest and January.

Starlight: Okay, Starlight is ready to fight.

(She goes down and works on cutting the web that Digi and Glow are stuck in)

Starlight: Okay Ryder, just a little more and they'll be free.

Digi: Thanks Star.

Starlight: No problem. (She says with a smile)

Alex: Hey Starlight! Can you help me find my toy in the basement, it's really dark and I need some light.

Glow: I'll go do it after I'm free Alex, don't worry.

(Alex doesn't hear Glow and keeps distracting Starlight)

Alex: Come on Starlight! I want my toy! (He complains)

Starlight: Hold on Alex, I'm almost done.

Alex: (Grunts and picks her up) I said I want it now!

Starlight: Uh oh, Ryder!

Ryder: Wait, they're not cut free yet!

Starlight: Ryder! Catch! (Throws her star)

(Ryder catches it and frees the two, then he throws it back and she catches it in her mouth)

Ryder: Thanks Star!

Starlight: (Winks)

(Alex carries her off to the basement where they begin looking for his toy)

Starlight: (Yawns) I don't see it. (Sneezes)

Alex: It's so dusty in here.

Starlight: (Coughs) I can't see a thing!

Alex: It should be a red racecar.

Starlight: (Sneezes and uncovers some books) Maybe under these books?

(Alex lifts the books up and he finds his car under them)

Alex: Yay! Thank you Starlight!

Starlight: Don't mention it, just make sure you don't do that again.

Alex: Do what again?

Starlight: It's rude to just pick someone up and haul them away, okay? (She waits for an answer while looking at him in the eyes)

Alex: (Sighs) Okay. I'm sorry Starlight, I should've waited.

Starlight: Everyone makes mistakes, it's okay Alex.

Alex: (Hugs her) Thank you.

Starlight: No problem, bye Alex!

Alex: Bye!

(She calls Ryder and tells him that she is so tired that she needs the rest of the day off, and he lets her. Then she goes to Stella so that she can go back to the Space Station)

Stella: Take a nice long nap Star.

Starlight: I will, thanks Stella.

(Starlight sinks into the warm comfort of her pillow and the blanket wrapped around her little body as she falls into a deep sleep)

Starlight: Hey Comet, ready for training?

Comet: Yeah I am, let's go destroy that asteroid out there.

Stella: We just need to plant the bombs and it'll be gone.

(They fly out and begin to plant the bombs on the asteroid, but then Starlight see's someone pick Comet up and take him away)

Starlight: What? Comet!

Comet: Starlight!

Starlight: I've got to follow him, I have to see where-

(Starlight doesn't pay attention and gets hit in the head with a space rock, knocking her out. She wakes up in a room with Comet, Stella, and Terra all tied into different chairs, looking at her with pleading eyes)

???: You have 30 seconds to choose who to free, go.

Starlight: What? No! You can't do that to me!

???: The clock is ticking.

Starlight: Comet, Stella, Terra, can you guys hear me?

???: They can't talk to you, and they know that.

Starlight: But, I need them to make my decision! (Cracking under the pressure) This is too much for me, I have to-

???: 5, 4, 3-

Starlight: Comet! Free Comet! Please, don't hurt the other two.

(Comet is untied and he runs to her, but Starlight sees the strange man put the other two to sleep, and muzzle them)

Starlight: What? No, stop! Take their muzzles off!

???: You chose him.

(The other two suddenly wake up and open their eyes. They call Starlight's name in sync, and she can feel it pounding in her head until she wakes up)

Stella: Star, Star!

Terra: Come on Star, you have to wake up!

Starlight: (Jolts awake) Stella, Terra!

Stella: What's going on?

Terra: You've been sound asleep since yesterday at noon, and it's noon right now!

Starlight: (Crying) I- I'm sorry. I just had another terrible nightmare!

Stella: We can tell, you were crying a river.

Terra: Are you alright?

(Starlight goes in and hugs the two puppies before she realizes how hungry and thirsty she is, and then she goes and eats lunch)

Terra: (Jokingly) What was going on? You were sleeping like Rex. (Giggles)

Starlight: I don't know, but I don't feel great right now.

Stella: Should we get Marshall to check on you?

Starlight: Sure.

Comet: I'll go with Stella to get him, you stay here.

(Marshall does a checkup on Starlight, and they find out that she has a fever and will need to stay in bed)

Comet: I hope you get better soon Star!

Starlight: (Sniffs) Thanks. (Sneezes)

Terra: Bye Star.

(Terra closes the door to Star's room as she lies back down in her bed. She searches her thoughts, looking for answers)

Starlight: (Closes her eyes and makes the Sign of the Cross) God, please. I think these dreams are supposed to tell me something, but I don't know what they're saying, and it makes me frustrated. If you could help me find an answer, if it is your will that I find an answer, then let it be so, amen. (She says making the Sign of the Cross again)

(She lays down and tosses and turn for what feels like hours, until suddenly she lets out a soft sigh and falls asleep)

???: Get over here!

Starlight: What? No!

???: (Grabs her) I'll just do this myself)

Starlight: (Struggles) What's going on! Leave me alone!

???: (Grabs a chair and ties her to it) You stay.

(Starlight does what she's told because she's scared of the mysterious man, which he takes note of before he present her with a decision again)

???: Starlight!

Starlight: How do you know my name? (She yells nervously)

???: (Ignoring her) Choose, release the 6 pups that joined the Paw Patrol first, or release the rest of the Planet Patrol.

(A curtain opens revealing a glass window, and behind the window were the two choices, the six original pups in the Paw Patrol, or the Planet Patrol. Each of the two groups are held up and tied in a rope that is connected to the ceiling. There is fire under both of them and there is scissors with a 30 second timer that will cut the ropes that are holding both of them up)

Starlight: No! (Looks down) I can't do this again!

???: Choose! Or both of them will be cut!

Starlight: Comet! Stella! Terra! Help me make a decision.

(The three puppies keep their blank expressions)

Starlight: (Crying) What did you do to them!

???: They can't hear you, now choose!

(Starlight says a little prayer which the man doesn't interrupt, which surprises her. Then she looks away with her heart pounding and all she can hear is the fires burning, until they stop, She hears and sees nothing except for the man, and he approaches her)

Starlight: (Frozen in fear) G- Get away from me!

???: I'm disappointed.

(He flicks his fingers and it hits her head, which makes her feel like she's falling backwards until she lands in her bed, again, with everything normal. The rest of the Planet Patrol is deeply sleeping, and she can't stand sleeping alone anymore, so she goes and cuddles with Comet, and he gives off a gentle smile as they both snuggle and fall right to sleep)

Starlight: (Stretches) Hey Comet.

Comet: Hi Star, is everything okay?

Starlight: Yeah, everything is good. I don't think I have a fever anymore.

Comet: Well, let's get you checked up first.

(They go to Marshall)

Ryder: Oh, hey Comet, hi Star.

Starlight: Hey Ryder! We're here to get me a test. I think my fever went away!

Marshall: Already? What?

Starlight: I woke up in the middle of the night and it was gone.

Marshall: I'll be the judge of that. Thermometer!

(He checks her temperature and she's all good)

Comet: Yay! You can go out now!

Starlight: (Howls) Yay!

Comet: I'll race ya to Mr. Porter's.

Starlight: (Chuckles) Oh you're on!

(While they're running and Starlight isn't paying attention, she bumps into a man. She apologizes before she realizes that it's the man from her dreams, and she freezes up)

Starlight: No, no you're not real.

Comet: (Chuckles) Hey Star, who's this?

???: (Snaps his fingers)

(Starlight begins to sway and then she falls onto Comet, deeply asleep)

Comet: AHH! (Runs away)

???: (Motions his hand at Comet and leaves)

(Comet runs over to Ryu and Ryder who are at Mr. Porter's having breakfast, and he makes sure Star is still there every couple seconds)

Comet: Ryder! Ryu!

Ryder: Comet?

Ryu: What's up buddy?

Comet: We need to go help Star, we were running and then this man came up to her and snapped, then she just passed out on the ground!

Ryder: (Looks over to Star) I'll go get her, just give me one second.

Ryu: What did he look like?

Comet: I don't know, he was really scary so I just ran as fast as I could.

Ryu: Can you describe anything about him?

Comet: He had this completely emotionless expression on his face, and it didn't change for the entire time I saw him.

(Ryder gets back with Starlight on the back of his ATV)

Ryder: Here she is. (Lays her down on the bench)

Ryu: What did he do to you?

Comet: Me?

Ryu: Do you remember?

Comet: Of course I do!

Ryder: So what happened?

Comet: He, he just- he looked at us-

(Comet pauses and Ryu looks him straight in the eyes)

Ryu: (Assertively) And? What did he do?

Comet: He scared me and- and then he just-

(Comet can't stop stuttering and Ryu is trying to get through to him)

Ryu: Comet, look at me. I need you to answer my question. What did he do to you?

Comet: He, (yawns) he just, (getting quieter) he.

(Ryder notices Comet beginning to sway, so he runs over and catches him before he falls out of the chair. When he looks at Comet, the little puppy is sound asleep)

Ryu: I knew something wasn't right with him, I've never heard him stutter like that.

Ryder: Let's get him and Star to the Lookout.

Ryu: Right. Thanks Mr. Porter!

Mr. Porter: Good luck on whatever you two are doing!

(They drive back to the Lookout and get Starlight and Comet in bed and hook them up to a machine to see their vitals)

Marshall: They look fine right now.

Ryu: Wait, something's changing.

Ryder: Look! Their heartrates!

(As they look at the screens, the three see that their heartrates are insanely high, and they both have scared looks on their faces and are breathing heavily)

Marshall: Spira, we need you in the medical room.

Spira: I'll swing by!

(Spira goes down and tries to calm them down, which seems to work because they calm down physically, but their heartrates are still too high)

Marshall: What could be happening right now?

(In their heads, Comet and Starlight are sitting at a table with a connect four game. The strange man is forcing them to play and there is a fire that is outside of the room for the loser)

???: Whoever wins will be set free, whoever loses will be thrown into the fire.

Starlight: (Frustrated) Leave me alone! I don't want you in my life!

(The man snaps and Starlight immediately finds it impossible to talk. She makes the first move right before the timer runs out and now it's Comet's turn. Both of them know that Starlight should win since she has the knowledge of a computer, but her nerves get the better of her and she makes bad moves)

Starlight: (Thinking) I can't think straight, I'm too scared!

Comet: (Thinking) I don't want to do this, is there any way we can stall this more?

Starlight: (Thinking) He's going to win if this keeps up. I can't do this to him, I love Comet, I have to let him win.

(While Comet tries to draw the game on for as long as possible, Starlight sets him up to win because she already feels defeated. The man writes down in his notepad that Starlight didn't ask about a tie)

Comet: What? No, Star! Why would you make that move? Now I can't not win!

Starlight: (Looks down with tears in her eyes)

Comet: No! Please! Don't do it!

(The man stays silent and stares at Comet as he is forced to make his final winning move)

Comet: (Crying) No, Star!

???: (Snaps)

Comet: (Gasps and wakes up) What? Where's the game? Where's Star?

Ryder: Oh hi Comet, is everything-

Comet: (Runs over to Star) Come on! Wake up Star! (Sobbing an nuzzling her) Please Star wake up!

Spira: He sounds really stressed, like, really stressed.

Ryu: Comet? Are you alright?

Comet: No! There was this man and he made us play Connect 4, and Star lose on purpose and now she's stuck there!

Marshall: That's why their heartrates were so high, because they were nervous. (He says understanding the situation)

Ryu: I need you to tell me, what did the man look like.

Comet: Will you promise to help us wake Star up?

Ryu: Yes, we'll do everything we can.

(Comet tries to talk in between sniffs as he cries)

Comet: He has short brown hair and is a couple inches taller than Ryder. He seems like he can control our dreams, and when we dream.

Ryder: (Gasps and grabs Ryu's arm) Gives us a second.

(Ryder and Ryu go to another room)

Ryder: I know who it is!

Ryu: Who is it?

Ryder: It's Hunter! Remember him?

Ryu: (Thinking back to when he met Chase from the Sonicverse) Yeah, he's a dreamwalker.

Ryder: Exactly, and Star has been talking about nightmares for the past few days where she was given hard decisions, but nothing bad ever really happened. Do you think he's training her like he did to us?

Ryu: I think you're right! Maybe it's best that we leave her with him in the dream.

Ryder: Maybe, but we already told Comet that we would help wake her up.

Ryu: Let's pray for guidance and go back.

(They say a quick prayer before going back. In the dream, Starlight isn't scared of the man, just ashamed that she lost)

Starlight: (Sniffs) Who are you? And why are you doing this to me?

Hunter: My name is Hunter. And I'm here to train you.

Starlight: Why would I need training? This type of training makes me feel awful!

Hunter: You need to learn how to control your emotions, especially stress. When under pressure, you look to your friends for help and never think independently.

Starlight: Okay, but why me? Why do you leave everyone alone but me?

(She sounds frustrated that she is the only one who has to go through this)

Hunter: Starlight, you are a dreamwalker. It is an ancient ability of some dogs that God chooses based mainly on their faith among other things.

Starlight: If that's the case, then why isn't Esther one?

Hunter: God has a different plan for everyone, Esther is doing great on hers, and I think God may be calling you to do well on yours. I'm the only human dreamwalker and have been doing my job for centuries. I follow God's plan for me, even though it's not normal for a human to do this.

Starlight: What do dreamwalkers do? (She asked tilting her head)

Hunter: They use their control of dreams to protect the light in the world and restore it within those who have lost it.

Starlight: I, I don't know if I can do it. (She said backing away as if she was scared)

Hunter: God chooses people he knows can do it, though it is ultimately your choice.

(Starlight almost begins to cry as she looks down at the floor, not wanting her life to change, but Hunter tells her to get up and says that whether or now she will do it, she has to at least give it a try. If she didn't, Chase from the Sonicverse could take over)

Starlight: (Wakes up and gasps) Comet!

Comet: Star! Star you woke up!

(They hug each other tight as Comet cries of happiness)

Starlight: I- I need to tell you guys something.

Comet: What is it?

Starlight: I'm a dreamwalker, but I don't know what to do.

Ryu: Come with us, let's have lunch and we'll talk about it.

Ryder: Glad to see you're back with us Star. (He says giving her a smile)

Starlight: Glad I'm back too. (She says smiling back)

(They go and eat lunch as they talk about the dreamwalker responsibility)

Ryu: The Chase that he mentioned isn't our Chase, he's from another universe.

Ryder: Yeah, and there's supposedly another me as well.

Starlight: I can't do it, it's sounds like too much for me to handle.

Ryu: You have to at least give it a try. Here, why don't we pray a Rosary about it tonight.

Starlight: Yeah, that'll make me feel much better about it. I hope God helps me out.

Comet: I'll join you guys there too.

(They do the Rosary after dinner and night time comes, when Starlight falls asleep, she's in a dream where Comet is strapped to a bomb and she has to defuse it. The timer is very strict, but she knows how to do it. The question is if she will be able to push through the stress and control herself as she does it)

Hunter: Defuse the bomb, you have until the timer runs out, go. Don't fall, there is an abyss own below.

Starlight: (Nervously takes a deep breath) Okay Starlight, keep your cool, and you can do this. (Getting even more nervous) Just don't mess up)

(Hunter observes as she tries her best to fight through the emotions, but she's so caught up in focus that she doesn't notice the alternate solution, untie Comet and push the bomb off of the ledge into the abyss below.)

Comet: (Muffled) Come on Star!

Hunter: Hush! (Snaps him to sleep)

Starlight: (Gasps) Almost done, just got to do this one last thing and- done!

(She successfully defuses the bomb, but then Hunter unties the bunny ear knot that Comet is tied with an kicks the bomb off)

Starlight: (Lowers her ears in embarrassment) Oh, I could've just done that.

Hunter: You need to let go of these emotions, they distract you from the solution!

(She brushes this comment off and goes through training after training night after night)

Hunter: Today you will be playing Comet again. Just like last time there will be no real stakes, but I will make you feel the same pressure as if there was.

Starlight: (Takes a deep breath) okay, I've got this. Comet, you ready too?

Comet: Sure thing. (He says with a fake smile trying to hide his nerves)

(Hunter snaps and they are put into a dream. Immediately, Starlight feels this immense sense of pressure and stress take over her mind, so strong that it makes her vision go blurry, but she has to make the first move)

Starlight (Thinking) Star! Calm down! You have to calm down!

Comet: (Makes a move and presses the timer)

(They go back and forth taking turn on their moves, and this time Starlight wins, but it's not satisfying because it was because Comet ran out of time)

Hunter: A little improvement, you have to keep getting better at this.

Starlight: (Looks down and sighs) I know.

Hunter: Tomorrow, same time.

Starlight: Okay Hunter.

(She goes to the same spot the next day and Hunter puts her into a dream where she has to jump on rocks to get to the other side, while having the choice to grab Comet's magnet in the middle)

Starlight: All I have to do is jump these rocks?

Hunter: Yes, but don't look down.

Starlight: (Approaches the edge and backs up) That's really far down. (She whimpers nervously)

Hunter: Your time starts now, you have 5 minutes before the entire cave collapses.

Starlight: (Nervously shaking) Okay, I've got this.

(She slowly and carefully goes across the rocks, but she is behind pace to make it)

Hunter: You'd better hurry up.

Starlight: I- I can't, I'm too scared!

Hunter: Then control yourself! Emotions are distractions! (He yells back sternly)

Starlight: (Holding Comet's magnet in her mouth) Got it! Woah! (She yells almost slipping off and dropping the magnet)

Hunter: Why are you waiting there? Go to the end!

Starlight: But, Comet's magnet is down there. (She laments)

Hunter: Let go of him! You need to stop caring about that type of emotion!

Starlight: What? No, never!

(Hunter stays silent and decides to confront her the next day instead. He watches as she fails to finish the course in time)

Starlight: AHH! (She says blocking the falling rocks)

Hunter: (Angrily) You need to learn.

Starlight: (Happily) Okay, bye Comet, see you at dinner!

Comet: (Smiles) See you later Star!

Starlight: (Bumps into Hunter because she wasn't looking) Oh, sorry Hunter. (She says giggling)

Hunter: Come here.

Starlight: Why?

Hunter: Just do it.

(She can tell he's being serious, so she stops laughing ang follows him behind the Lookout)

Hunter: You need to let go of all attachments, relationships are nothing but distractions.

Starlight: What? No, I love Comet and everyone else! (She says firmly)

Hunter: Of all my apprentices, you're the most stubborn when it comes to this.

Starlight: I'm not going to let go of my friendships, what's wrong with that?

Hunter: You are being held back!

Starlight: I've been able to go through these situations without issue, I don't get what the problem is? (She says getting angrier)

Hunter: (Sternly) The problem is that you still love that Comet pup! In the cave yesterday, if you didn't care about his magnet, you would have made it out!

Starlight: If it makes him happy, it makes me happy too!

Hunter: Happiness doesn't make you a good dreamwalker!

Starlight: I'll never stop loving him! I'd rather give up on being a dreamwalker forever!

Hunter: (Turning around to leave) Then maybe you should, pathetic.

Starlight: (Extends her paw) Wait!

(It's too late and Hunter is already leaving. Angered, Starlight walks the other way, but deep down, this hurt. She couldn't let go of Comet ever, or any of the other pups. Hunter, on the other hand, had not felt emotions in centuries, but he was hiding the fact that he started to feel bad whenever he put Starlight through a test. This made him question himself as he tried to get Starlight to have no emotions, when he was struggling to do so as well)

Starlight: (Getting ready for bed) Hey Comet, want to go get water together?

Comet: Sure Star (he says with a smile) I'll help you bring yours.

Starlight: Thanks Comet.

(Starlight can't stop grinning when she's around Comet, so she questions Hunter thinking that having no emotions is not natural)

Comet: Here you go. (He says pushing her bowl closer to her)

Starlight: Thank you! (Takes a sip) Hey Comet, can I ask you something?

Comet: Sure, what?

Starlight: This might sound cheesy, but if you had to leave the patrol to be with me, would you?

(Comet blushes and walks closer to her, nuzzling her reassuringly)

Comet: Star, I would do it in a heartbeat.

(Starlight is filled with intense joy and happiness as she nuzzles him back. She makes up her mind at this moment that if she has to give up Comet to become a dreamwalker, she won't. they walk over to go to bed and fall asleep in each others paws)

Hunter: (Praying) Lord, please give me an answer. I have always thought that no emotions would help focus on you, but even I am starting to feel immense sympathy and empathy for Starlight, what should I do?

(He hears a voice in his head telling him to do what he thinks is righteous, what he thinks Jesus would do. Hunter thinks about how Jesus had emotions too, and he was perfect, so Hunter starts to break down knowing the error of his ways, crying for the first time in centuries. Then he next day comes)

Ryder: Paw Patrol, to the Lookout!

Pups: Ryder needs us!

(Everyone goes to the elevator, and the Planet Patrol also happens to be in the lookout on the top floor)

Chase: Paw Patrol, ready for action Ryder sir!

Ryder: Thanks for being up so early pups, but we have a lost item in the water! Well, a couple lost items, because Cap'n Turbot dropped everything he had on the Flounder overboard, except for the pup houses.

Rocky: That's awful!

Glow: What should we do?

Ryder: I am going to need Zuma. You will go across the surface of the water and get anything you find.

Zuma: Let's dive in!

Ryder: I also need Glow to go with Zuma since it's still dark, and light up the back of the raft to see if he missed anything.

Glow: Glow is ready to go!

Ryder: Is Starlight there?

Starlight: (Her ears straighten) I'm here Ryder! (She says running over)

Ryder: Great! Thanks Star, I need you to go onto the Flounder and look for items around it with your light.

Starlight: Starlight is ready for flight! In the sea, of course. (Giggles)

Ryder: Alright! Paw Patrol is on a roll!

(They all go to do their jobs and Starlight arrives to the Flounder just when Chip is jumping in the water)

Starlight: Hey Cap'n! I'm here to light up the water so we can find your things!

Cap'n Turbot: Thanks Starlight, I bet you'll be a handy helper.

Starlight: Silly Cap'n, I have paws not hands. (Giggles)

Cap'n Turbot: (Laughs) I see what you did there.

Chip: (Surfaces) Here's the squid jerky.

Cap'n Turbot: (Grabs it) Thanks Chip! I'll put it right behind you Star.

Starlight: Okay, let me get my light out. Star light!

(She puts her paws over the rim of the Flounder so that she can see better and starts to look)

Zuma: Here, I bet if we go further from the Flounder, we can find things that drifted away!

Glow: Great thinking Zuma, let's go! (Howls)

Chip: (Surfaces) I got everything that was sinking, now I'm going to be under Zuma's hovercraft to see if anything sunk.

Cap'n Turbot: No problemo Chip, good luck!

Starlight: I think I see something! I'll try to grab it.

(She goes over the rim on the right side of the ship right as a playful whale lifts up the left side of the ship, making it tip but not fully)

Starlight: Whoa! (falls into the water)

Cap'n Turbot: Oh no! Starlight! Swim to the back of the ship! I'll get you there!

(As Cap'n Turbot waits at the back of the ship with Izzy ready to help him pull her out, Starlight is stuck in between the handle of the bucket and the bucket itself. She can't get out and is starting to lose her breath. She tries to call for help but isn't heard)

Cap'n Turbot: That's weird, where is she? Isn't she a decent swimmer?

Izzy: Cap'n! I don't see her!

Cap'n Turbot: Oh no! This is a perilous predicament! (Calls Chip) Chip! We need you at sea floor under the Flounder now, Starlight is sinking and is definitely running out of oxygen!

Chip: (Into his mouthpiece) I will be there in 5 minutes minimum.

Cap'n Turbot: Oh no! A pup can't hold their breath for that long!

Starlight: (Thinking) I just have to stay calm. Remember what Hunter taught me!

(She calms down and slowly starts getting out of the bucket, but time is running low and her breath is running out)

Starlight: (Struggling) I can't make it! I'm out but I'm too weak! (Losing consciousness) Someone, save me.

(Right before passing out, she feels someone grab her and swim her closer to shore)

Cap'n Turbot: (Dives into the water to try and find her)

Izzy: Stay safe Cap'n!

Ryder: What's going on?

Izzy: Ryder! Call Zuma, we need him here now! Star fell overboard and is sinking right now!

Ryder: Zuma, get to the Flounder right now! it's an emergency!

Zuma: I'm on my way!

Ryder: Let's hope Cap'n finds her. (He says nervously)

(On the shore, Stella, Comet, and Terra are out for a beach walk when they see what seems to be Starlight washed up on shore)

Stella: (Running) Pass the frisbee Terra!

Terra: (Throws it) Catch Stella!

Stella: (Catches it) Got it!

Comet: (Chuckles) You guys are good at this!

Terra: Hey, isn't that Starlight?

Stella: (Turns around) What? She's not on the mission?

(Comet immediately notices that she isn't moving and runs over to check her pulse)

Comet: (Sighs of relief) Thank you God that she is just unconscious, but we need to get her to Marshall now!

Terra: Marshall! Starlight just washed up on shore and she isn't conscious!

Marshall: Okay, get her here fast. I'll set up for her.

(All three of them run as fast as they can to get Starlight back to the Lookout. Meanwhile, Ryder and the others are stumped)

Cap'n Turbot: I couldn't see her. It's like she just, disappeared.

Ryder: Could anyone else have taken her to shore?

Cap'n Turbot: If they did, they didn't contact us.

Zuma: (Surfaces) No luck.

Chip: Me neither, couldn't find her.

Ryder: Where could she be? Let me call Comet to let him know.

(Comet, Stella, and Terra, arrive at the Lookout and give Starlight to Marshall when Comet gets the call)

Comet: Yes Ryder?

Ryder: Starlight has disappeared. She fell overboard and we can't find her!

Comet: She's at the Lookout right now.

Ryder: What?

Comet: She's at the Lookout. We found her unconscious on the beach.

Ryder: (Sighs of relief) Oh thank God, I was so worried.

Comet: Marshall is taking good care of her now.

Zuma: Yay! good job guys!

Stella: (Talking on call) Is the mission over?

Ryder: Yeah, we're just finishing up.

(They all go back to shore and Starlight regains consciousness)

Starlight: (Coughs and gasps) Someone saved me!

Marshall: (Chuckles) Whoa there Star, slow down a little.

Spira: We're going to check your vitals, okay?

Starlight: Okay.

(Starlight sits there patiently as they check the screens showing her vitals, and ultimately find that she is doing just fine)

Marshall: Okay, everything looks good, you are free to go now.

Starlight: Thank you Marshall and Spira!

Spira: Take care of yourself next time Star. (She says giving her a playful look)

Starlight: (Chuckles) I will Spira.

(Starlight runs over to the meeting place where she sees Hunter, and then she finds him waiting there for her)

Hunter: Starlight, you were right.

Starlight: What do you mean?

Hunter: I was wrong about relationships, about emotions. Those are completely natural and a good thing to experience, but I was too focused on the task given to me to notice. I am sorry.

(Starlight, for the firs time, saw Hunter as an actual human being with emotions, rather than just a mentor trained to teach her)

Starlight: When you feel like something is good, chances are it is. Me and Comet, and even the rest of the Planet Patrol have a relationship that just feels, right.

Hunter: I was too blind to see that, I will go correct my mistakes, and you?

Starlight: What do you mean?

Hunter: You have completed your training, thinking by yourself and making decisions in life or death situations under pressure.

Starlight: When did I do that?

Hunter: Just now in the water, even though you needed help, you still kept your cool and did not panic.

Starlight: Wait, were you-

Hunter: Yes, I was the one who saved you, because you saved me. Thank you Starlight.

Starlight: (Giggles) No need to thank me, it's just something we'll all learn.

Hunter: So now it is your choice. Either become a Dreamwalker now, or become one later, or even don't become one at all.

Starlight: (Thinks about it) I think I'll be best in my little town with my group of friends. I don't think I am ready to make that type of change yet.

Hunter: Very well, I will see you around Starlight. Now I will erase your memories of me and being a Dreamwalker so that you can go back to normal life.

Starlight: (Stops him and smiles) No thanks, I'd rather keep these experiences. Thank you Hunter.

Hunter: (Smiles back) You're welcome.

(And suddenly, Hunter is gone)