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The Magical World is a world that connects all the different worlds of fiction.

Magic Portals

The Magical World has only one portal in the different worlds. Characters from other worlds can come and visit. They hang out with other characters; whether playing and learning games, or telling what the writers have in mind for them.

Portal Restrictions

However, since the magic is very fragile to ratings, there are strict restrictions, so the portals are not in worlds 

  • TV shows (Y-7 FV)
  • Movies (PG)
  • Video Games (E 10+)
  • Comics: all that happens is that when they are opened, it looks like a tv show in a book.

Magic Guardians

The Magical World's magic is very fragile. The Magical World is actually very well-balanced to the world of Pokemon, so special Pokemon are chosen as Magic Guardians in the world and use their magic to help protect it. Also, there are certain fairies that help guard the world too. Overtime, the Pokemon learn to talk, but the young ones just speak Poke-talk until they are older and/or gain their magic powers after they understand their purpose. Dewdrop, a Patamon, also became the first Digimon to become a Magical Guardian.

Guardian List




Mysterious Magical Nature

In the Magical World, there all kinds of magic in the nature surrounding the areas. And some of the magic is extremely dangerous.


Feather Ivy

This is a kind of ivy grows over chasms. Flying Creatures Beware! This ivy gets its name from the pollen it shoots out. One breath from this ivy and a flyer's wings will disappear and will never fly again. Also, the leaves are mint-green colored feathers, which are very ticklish. Only Team Umizoomi is immune to the feathers since they are too tiny to be touched by the feather leaves.

Giggle Flower Vines

These vines are very knotted up. It's hard to get out of them when stuck in the tangles. But, there is one way, tickling the flowers on the vines. The flowers are ticklish to furry tails, feathers, and noses that sniff them. They giggle so much, that the vines untangle.

Gravity Chasms

These chasms are very dangerous. The gravity over it is so strong, a flyer can be pulled down below. The only safe way across is swinging over the chasm.