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Aaron and Skye swam to one of the top floor of the castle. There were so many doors, they had no idea which one was Alesha’s. Just then, Skye saw Gretchen and Karen swimming down the hall. She got an idea, while Aaron hid behind a pillar.

”Excuse me,” she said to the two merpups. “Do you know which room is Alesha’s?” Upon seeing the cockapoo, Karen and Gretchen looked at each other in confusion.

”Are you new here?” Karen asked Skye.

”Oh, uh, I’m new in the castle staff,” the cockapoo lied. “Can you tell which room is Alesha’s? I've been asked to clean it up.”

“Four doors down on the right,” Karen said cheerfully. As Skye thanked the two attendants, Aaron waited until they were gone. When they left, he and Skye swam down the hall to Alesha’s room.

“I’m guessing this is Alesha’s room,” Skye said. “Aaron, you stay out here and keep guard while I look for the pearl.” That said, she swam inside and was left in awe at the sight of Alesha’s room. She looked all over the place, but the pearl was nowhere to be found. She grabbed one of Alesha’s sheets and put it over her head so no one can recognize her.

“Can I help you?!”

Skye turned and gasped, for Alesha had caught her red-handed. Alesha was wearing a frown and she had her paws crossed.

”What the heck do you think you’re doing, going through my things?!” she said crossly, swimming closer to Skye, who held her breath.

”Uh, making sure nothing's missing,” the cockapoo said nervously. Alesha grew crosser, she wasn’t buying it.

”Well, clean it up quickly,” Alesha ordered cunningly, continuing to swim closer. “My wedding's tonight, and I want everything to be perfect. Don’t you agree, landpup?!” She pulled the sheet off of Skye, revealing her.

”How do you know me?!” the cockapoo said in shock.

“Oh, puh-lease,” Alesha scoffed, holding up her magic mirror. “Do you seriously think I didn’t recognize you from the PAW Patrol?!” Skye looked into the mirror and saw herself and the others from nine years ago.

”Oh, and I bet you’re looking for this?!” Alesha guessed, holding up a pearl. Skye immediately knew that was the memory pearl.

”I don’t know how you maintained your memories of Chase,” Alesha said. “But I am not gonna let you ruin my wedding day.”

”Because I love Chase!” Skye said firmly, and snatched the pearl from Alesha’s paw.

“Hey, give that back!” Alesha cried. Skye quickly swam for the door.

”I got the pearl,” she told Aaron. “Let’s go.” The two swam down the hall as fast as they could.

”Guards!” Alesha called furiously, and three guards swam up to her. “Those merpups stole me pearl! After them!” With Alesha behind them, the guards swam down the hall after Skye and Aaron.


In another part of the castle, Isla found Chase in the hall.

“Hello, your highness,” she said, bowing at the German Shepherd.

”Hi, there,” Chase smiled. “You knew in the castle?” Isla nervously held her breath for a second.

“Princess Alesha has asked me to take you the south wing where she’s waiting,” she lied. “Come on.” The two swam down the hall.


“Go! They’re right behind us!” Skye cried as Alesha and the three guards chased after her and Aaron. Skye looked ahead and saw Alesha’s attendants swimming in their path! The merpups jumped over the two attendants and used their fins to push them to the floor. Upon entering a room, Skye and Aaron slammed the door shut and locked it so no one can get in. Thankfully, Chase and Isla were in the room, too.

”Skye, the pearl!” Aaron said. Skye raised her paw, but before she could throw the pearl to the ground, Alesha and the guards bashed through the door. One of the guards grabbed Skye. The other two grabbed Aaron and Isla, leaving Chase shocked.

”What the heck is going on here?!”

Everyone turned to see Alesha’s father, Jerry, standing still.

”Dad!” Alesha whined, taking back her pearl from Skye, and pointed at her, Aaron, and Isla. “These three broke into my room and stole my pearl!” Jerry was shocked.

”What were you thinking, going through my daughter’s things?!” he said angrily.

“Your daughter is spoiled!” Skye snapped. “She captured Chase, enchanted him into falling in love with her, and erased his memories of me and my friends!” At this, Chase's eyes widened.

”Dad, you wouldn’t believe them, would you?” Alesha said sweetly. “Do you really think I would do something like that?”

”I do know my daughter,” Jerry chuckled. “She wouldn’t do something like that, would she?”

”You are so encouraging this,” Skye muttered. “But, Alesha, please, Chase doesn’t love you; you just enchanted him into saying him that!” Chase looked more shock than before.

”Don’t listen to her!” Alesha cried, swimming over to the German Shepherd. “She wants to steal you!” Chase still wasn’t sure if he should believe either Skye or Alesha, so he said nothing.

“Guards, arrest these three at once,” Alesha ordered. Skye gasped in horror and hung her head. As the guards escorted her, Aaron, and Isla down the hall, Skye looked back a saw a guilty look on Alesha’s face. It would seem Alesha has gone too far.


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