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In the main hall, merpups from all over Kalypsorria came and took their seats. As the music played, Chase stood next to the pedestal, waiting for Alesha. Eventually, with her dad next to her, Alesha came up to the pedestal, even though no one noticed that she isn't smiling.

”Are you okay, hon?” Jerry asked. “You know, when your mom and I got married, I was nervous, too.

”Yeah,” Alesha said with a small smile. “I've always waited for this day ever since I was a puppy. And now, let’s get it over with.” Before Alesha met up with her dad, she had placed her memory pearl in her gown pocket so no one can steal it. She let go of her dad and swam up to the pedestal.

”Citizens of Kalypsorria,” the priest started announcing. “We are gathered to unite the marriage of the prince consort and the princess. Chase, do you take Alesha to be your princess?”

”I do,” Chase smiled.

“And, Princess Alesha, do you take Chase to be your prince?” the priest asked.

”I do,” Alesha answered, although her answer sounded more like a question.

”Wait, is that a question?” The priest said, noticing her tone.

”I do,” Alesha smiled, feeling more confident. However, there was still some reluctance in her voice.

“Well, in that case, by the power of the sea god, Neptune, I now pronounce you both prince and prin—“


Everyone turned to see Skye, Aaron, and Isla standing in the doorway.

”We object!” Skye called out.

”What?!” Alesha cried annoyed. “Can’t I get a prince of my own?!”

”We object that Chase is hit by a love spell,” Aaron explained. Gasps filled the room.

“Seriously, again?!” Alesha snapped, hiding her guilt. “I don’t know how you broke out, but I am not gonna let you ruin my wedding!”

”Seize them!” Jerry ordered, and three guards charged at Aaron and the girls.

”Split up!” he cried. The group spilt into three and swam all over as the guests evacuated. One guard swam after Isla, who threw a glamour pearl at the guard, slowing it down. Aaron swam in a loop with two guards behind. Using his fins, he pushed them into a chandelier. Skye swam in circles around Alesha, who she knew was still holding onto her memory pearl. She swam straight at the princess, and grabbed the pearl.

”Hey, give me that!” Alesha snapped, grabbing the pearl. The two girls tugged against the pearl.

”Do you want to know how I kept my memories of Chase?” Skye asked. “Because I love him!”

”No, he loves me!” Alesha snapped. “He says that every day!”

”He only says that because you enchanted him to!” Skye reasoned. The two continued tugging the pearl until Alesha felt a paw on her shoulder. It was Aaron.

”Alesha,” he said, “do you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who you forced to love you?” Alesha listened curiously to what Aaron was saying and hung her head in guilt. She let go of the pearl, Skye raised it up and threw it to the ground.


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