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As soon as Alesha’s memory pearl hit the ground, it broke into dozens of shards. Colors flew all around the room. Lots of blue lights flew up to the surface, went to Adventure Bay, and flew into Ryder, the pups, and everyone's heads. The rest of the lights are red, pink, green, yellow, orange, teal, and brown. One by one, they flew into Chase's head. Shaking his head, he snapped out of the enchantment Alesha put on him nine years ago. Looking at the room, he looked at Skye. Although it’s been nine years since he last saw her, he immediately recognized her.

”Skye, is that you?” Chase whispered. Skye beamed with excitement upon hearing this.

”Chase!” she squealed, and the two gave each other a big hug. “I've missed you for nine years. I've thought about you every day and hoped I could find you so I can tell you that I love you.”

”I love you, too, Skye,” Chase said, and kissed her cheek before noticing Aaron and Isla. “Who are they?”

”Hi, Chase,” the light brown Labrador smiled. “I’m Aaron. I've been your replacement as the police pup ever since you disappeared nine years ago.”

“I see,” Chase smiled.

”And this is Isla,” Skye introduced. “She’s the merpup who brought me and Aaron here to Kalypsorria so we can rescue you.”

”Thanks, Isla,” Chase smiled. Everyone turned to face Alesha, who had her head down in shame.

”I’m sorry,” she sighed. “I now know that this was a silly idea. I was in love with you when I first saw you nine years ago. But I didn’t know that you loved Skye. I now know you can’t force someone to love you. After all what we’ve been through, I hope we can be friends.”

”I do forgive you,” Chase smiled kindly. “I see that you've learned your lesson.”

”If I may…”

Everyone turned to see Jerry.

”…I think I should apologize as well,” he said.

”What do you mean, your highness?” Skye asked.

”Well, I spoiled my own daughter,” he explained, and turned to Alesha. “When your mom died, I didn’t want you to miss her too much.”

“It’s okay, Dad. Everyone’s learned their lessons,” Alesha smiled with happy tears in her eyes, swam over to Skye, and removed her golden necklace from her neck. “Here, Skye, I’m okay with the silver one Chase gave me.”

“Uh, thanks?” Skye said, taking the necklace, much to her surprise.

”Hey, Alesha,” Aaron said. “You know, I can see that you have a good heart. And I like you for that. So, I'll be your prince.” Everyone was shocked, even Alesha, but she quickly formed a smile.

”I like that,” she cooed. Chase and Skye smiled; Alesha would finally have her own prince, after all.

”But how am I gonna get home?” the German Shepherd asked. “Nine years ago, I made an engagement union with Alesha, which made the transformation permanent.”

”Don’t fret,” Alesha assured. “If we undo our union vow, you’ll be able to turn back into a landpup. I'll help so you won’t have to worry the explanations from your friends when you return to Adventure Bay.”

”You can?” Skye cried.

”Yup,” Alesha grinned. “I'll change everyone’s memories with my pearl.”

”But we destroyed your memory pearl!” Skye exclaimed.

”Luckily, a good princess always has a spare,” Alesha grinned, holding up another pearl, leaving everyone shocked. “You know, when I was a puppy, still doing princess lessons, I would always use my pearl to erase embarrassing moments like mess-ups at dinner parties, or slip-ups during announcements, except Dad’s. I guess that as I got older, I started abusing the powers.”

”Don’t worry,” Isla said. “Sometimes, everyone has something they wish to forget.” And everyone laughed.


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