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Alesha, Aaron, and Isla brought Chase and Skye back to Adventure Bay. Chase and Alesha broke their engagement union. Alesha brought her spare memory pearl.

”Sure was fun being a merpup for the past nine years,” Chase said. “But I'm ready to be a landpup again.”

“You got it,” Alesha said. She held up her pearl, and went into concentration, making the pearl glow and a light appeared. When the light cleared, Skye and the boys were dizzy.

”What was that?!” Skye exclaimed.

”That was the alteration,” Alesha explained. “It’ll be like Aaron never came to Adventure Bay, Chase never left, and Chase did everything Aaron’s done over the years. You and Chase are now the only ones who remember Aaron.” Everyone agreed that it was best if they avoided the explanation. As Chase and Skye stood next to each other, Isla held up her Moon Ring at the full moon. Everyone watched as the light filled the ring, and Isla zapped Chase and Skye with the ring with a bright light. When the light cleared, Chase and Skye looked down and saw that they have hind legs again.

”It's what we oracle merpups do,” Isla smiled.

”Now, before you go,” Alesha said, “I have something for you two. It’s another way to make up for robbing your lives for the past nine years.” She swam to Chase and Skye, holding up two necklaces. They each had a charm that was shaped like a merpup.

”These are magical necklaces,” Alesha explained, placing them around Chase and Skye’s necks. “They can turn you into merpups whenever you want, whether it’s a full moon or not. All you have to do is say, ‘I wish to become a merpup’. When you want to turn back, say, ‘I wish to become a landpup’. But be careful not to touch anyone while you transform. Otherwise, they’ll transform, too.”

”Oh, thank you, Alesha,” Skye said kindly. She was happy that she can turn into a merpup whenever she wants. Skye wrapped Alesha in a hug, much to her surprise. But quickly, Alesha smiled and returned the hug.

”You’re a good friend,” they said to each other. As as she and Skye broke apart, Alesha, Aaron, and Isla swam away.

”Goodbye!” Alesha called, waving, and dove under the surface.

”Goodbye, Alesha!” Chase and Skye called back, waving as well.

”Come on, let’s go,” Chase said, swimming up to the shore with Skye.

”It’s been an awesome adventure,” Skye sighed, looking up at the stars.

”Yup,” Chase agreed. “And a new adventure is about to begin.” He took Skye’s front left paw with his own and said, “Alesha was supposed to be my princess. But, Skye, will you be my princess?” Skye beamed with excitement.

”Yes!” she cried, hugging Chase tightly. The two pups ran to the Lookout. Chase wobble for a second: he was still getting used to having hind legs again after being a merpup for nine years. When he and Skye arrived at the Lookout, Ryder and the other pups were waiting.

”Chase, Skye, where have you been?” Ryder asked.

”And where did you get those necklaces?!” Marshall asked in amazement.

”Well, there are some friends we made these past few days,” Chase answered. His answer was a lie, but not completely.

”There were in Adventure Bay for short time,” Skye continued. “And when it was time for them to go, they gave us these necklaces so we can remember them.”

”Wow, those necklaces are beautiful!” Everest squealed. “I’m guessing they believe in merpups since they gave you necklaces with a merpup charm.”

“But, that’s not all,” Chase grinned.

”Not all?” Tracker questioned, cocking his head to one side.

”Nope,” Skye smiled. “Chase and I are engaged!” The pups howled with excitement.

”I knew you could do it,” Marshall said, slugging the German Shepherd.

”Yeah, you've been dating for nine years,” Zuma agreed, and heading inside the Lookout with the others.

Oh, Alesha, Chase and Skye thought to themselves. But they soon joined the others.


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