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Chase stared at the underwater world in awe. He swam with Alesha next to his side. All the fish he saw were different colors. He couldn't remember anything from his past, except his name. He and Alesha held each other's paws as they continued swimming.

"Here we are," Alesha said, stopping all of a sudden. "The kingdom of Kalypsorria." Chase looked ahead of himself and was left speechless. A city was right in front of him. It looked like Barkingburg. Only it was underwater.

"Come on, Chase!" Alesha said excitedly. "My father would want to meet you." With that said, the two merpups entered the city. Chase was in awe. Merpups were all over the place. The main road through town ended at a beautiful castle. The castle was made of marble and it was as white as an eggshell. Two merpup guards carrying spears and wearing vests stood in front of the castle gates. Alesha bowed in front of them and they bowed back.

"Your highness," one said, opening the gates. Chase and Alesha swam through the gates and into the castle. In awe, Chase stared at the lavender colored foyer, even though the carpets and draperies were ocean blue. Just then, Chase heard a door open. He turned around and saw a male merpup enter. The merpup's body was a golden retriever like Alesha, despite the fact that his fur looked more golden and his tail was yellow with golden stripes.

"Dad, this is Chase," Alesha introduced the German Shepherd. "Chase, this my dad, King Jerry."

"Your Majesty," Chase replied, bowing.

"Meet me in the dining hall," Jerry said. Chase gulped nervously.

"I don't know, your majesty," he said hesitantly. "I should get back to the bay. I've heard of the merpup legends. A landpup that's been turned into a merpup changes back when the sun rises."

"Oh, don't worry, Chase," Alesha winked, placing a paw on the German Shepherd's shoulder. "Royal merpups, like me and my dad, are very powerful, our Magic lasts longer than common merpups. You could be in down here in for days and still be a merpup." Getting a sense of relief, Chase agreed and he and Alesha swam through the hall. Chase took the time to look at the paintings, when he saw one. The painting he saw was a painting of a beautiful merpup. It had the same resemblance and color of Alesha, even though it was an adult, and the tail was blue with pink stripes.

"Hey, Alesha, is that your mom?" he asked. Alesha looked up at the painting. Even though a small tear formed in her eye, she tried to look composed.

"Yes," she sighed. "My mom, Queen Coral. She died when I was 4." Chase placed a paw on her shoulder with a sad look on his face. It wasn't just sad for her, but the whole kingdom, too. Chase followed Alesha into the dining hall, where Jerry was waiting for the two of them. The two sat next to each other at the table. A maid entered carrying a bowl of vermillion berries.

"These are seaberries," Alesha explained, grabbing a handful from the bowl and stuffed it into her mouth. Chase reached into the bowl and pulled out a seaberry. Even though he was hesitant, he stuffed the berry into his mouth... and his eyes widened in amazement. That was the most delicious berry he had ever tasted. Just then, cooks came out of the kitchen carrying food. Chase was confused; these foods weren't the same thing her ate before he met Alesha.

"Your Majesty?" he said nervously.

"Yes, Chase?" Jerry asked. "What is it?"

"I... I... I have a feeling for your daughter," the German Shepherd managed to say.

"I think I know what's going on here," Jerry chuckled. "You're in love with my daughter." Chase was surprised, but he did have to admit it, he did like Alesha.

"You know, Dad, I think Chase and I should be betrothed," Alesha said. Chase was surprised. He knew he wasn't a real merpup, he was just a landpup turned into one. And he wasn't sure if he should marry Alesha or not.

"If I marry Alesha, will I be a merpup forever?" he asked. Jerry nodded.

"If a landpup proposes to a merpup under a full moon," he explained. "The transformation is permanent as long as they have their union." Chase thought about what the king said about. The enchantment Alesha put on him was telling him that he should marry her.

"I do want to marry Alesha," he declared, making Alesha beam with excitement. Her plan of making Chase her prince worked! She grabbed him by the paw and the two swam out to a beautiful courtyard.

"This courtyard is where two royal merpup lovers make their engagement union," she told him. "We hold each other's paws and say this vow: 'I take you to have and to hold, to be your future princess. To honor the gods of the sea. For every wave flooding the shore, I'll be there for you. I ask you to be mine'."

"I take you to have and to hold, to be your future prince. To honor the gods of the sea. For every wave flooding the shore, I'll be there for you. I ask you to be mine," Chase repeated. As soon as he finished, a light from the moon covered his body completely. When the light faded, Chase stared at Alesha with a dreamy smile. The two rubbed their noses.

"I'll have servants escort you to your room," Alesha said. "There's something I need to do first." As soon as Chase was in the castle, Alesha pulled out her memory pearl, and said to herself, "I'll need to erase all of Adventure Bay's memories of Chase. That way, they won't come looking for him." She went into concentration, making the pearl glow. Back in Adventure Bay, Ryder was sleeping. All of a sudden, a blue light come out of his head and floated across the sky. Then, another blue light came out of Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma, Everest, and Tracker's heads and floated across the sky. Then, more blue lights came out of everyone else in town and flew across the sky.


Skye was asleep in her puphouse. One last blue light was coming out of her head, but something was pulling back it in. Her love for Chase was so strong, her memory couldn't leave. Alesha was confident, for she was sure she got everyone's memories of Chase. Well, she did get them all, except one.


AN: Now, I'm pretty sure some of you guys would want to hate Alesha since she erased Chase's memories of the pups and all of Adventure Bay’s memories of him. But, on the bright side of things, you can also feel sorry for Alesha since she lost her mom at a young age.


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