The Merpup Princess Chapter 4

The next morning, Skye woke up. It may seem like any other day, but she was about to get the biggest surprise of her life. When Skye walked over to Chase's puphouse, she saw that he wasn't there.

"Chase?!" she cried. She looked all over with a worried expression, but Chase was nowhere. She decided to head inside. She saw the pups talking, but she couldn't see Chase.

"Morning, Skye," they all said with smiles.

"Morning, pups," Skye smiled back. "Have you guys seen Chase?" All of a sudden, the pups formed confused looks on their faces.

"Who's Chase?" Marshall asked. Skye was confused. Did Chase and Marshall fight last night and are now refusing to talk to each other? But she noticed that Marshall's tone wasn't angry, it was confused.

"Marshall, he's a German Shepherd, your best friend!" she said desperately.

"Sorry," the Dalmatian smiled. "I don't think of this Chase really was best friend."

"Hey, Rubble, Chase and Marshall rescued you from that tree on that ledge," Skye said, getting more and more desperate every second.

"Yup, that's how I met you guys," Rubble nodded. "But there wasn't any Chase." Skye was shocked. She ran into the elevator, which went up to the top of the Lookout. Ryder just finished fixing the control panel, when Skye exited the elevator.

"Oh, hi, Skye," Ryder smiled.

"Hi, Ryder," Skye smiled back. "Have you seen Chase?"

"Who's Chase?" Ryder asked. Skye was shocked; even Ryder doesn't remember Chase.

"He's our police pup," she cried.

"Sorry, Skye," Ryder said. "I've done all the police. Besides, we never had a police pup." Skye sadly left the Lookout. All day, she went all over town asking if anyone had seen Chase. They all said no, but Skye was more confused when they asked her who Chase was. That evening, Skye entered her puphouse and layed down.

"Where are you, Chase?" she said to herself.


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