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AN: The rest of the story starting here takes place many years later, when the pups are all grown up.


Nine years have passed since Chase and Alesha made their engagement union. The two have grown into young adolescents. Chase is now an extremely handsome young German Shepherd. His fur was as soft as silk. He also had broad shoulders; this was due to battle training with the guards. Ever since he moved to Kalypsorria, every day was a routine. First, he would wake up. Then, he would have lessons on how to run a kingdom as well as battle training; sometimes, he would do this for hours. Whenever he wasn't training, he would spend time with Alesha. Once again, it was summer. Chase woke up in his room. He went down the hall to Alesha's room. The room was painted in three colors: blue, purple, and orange. Alesha was sitting in front of a mirror with her two attendants, Gretchen and Karen. Gretchen is a green merpup and a boysenberry fish tail and blue stripes. Karen was a sky blue merpup with a pink fish tail and golden stripes. The two dressed Alesha in a pink off-the-shoulder dress that fades into red and magenta and silver tiara headband.

"Good morning, princess of the tides," Chase said in his somewhat deeper voice.

"Good morning, my prince," Alesha giggled, swimming over to Chase and rubbed her nose against his. "Dad has something to announce this morning."

"I wonder what it's about," Chase questioned, placing a paw on his chin.

"To be honest, I don't really know," Gretchen cut in.

"Yeah, he's been talking about it all night," Karen added.

"Maybe it has something to do with our wedding," Alesha whispered into Chase's ear. The two exited Alesha's room and met up with her dad for breakfast in the dining hall. Chase had a good relationship with Jerry, who became a fatherly figure to the German Shepherd.

"Your Majesty," Chase said, taking a bite out of a reef plum. "You did say there was something important we need to discuss, is that correct?"

"Yes, Chase," Jerry nodded. "As we know, you and Alesha have been betrothed for nine years. And now, you two are now of marrying age for merpups. So, I'm happy to declare that you are ready to marry each other." Alesha was so happy, she spilled her drink. Chase was also happy; the enchantment seemed to make him ready. After breakfast, the three merpups swam out to the front of the castle.

"People of Kalypsorria," Jerry started announcing. "As you know, it was my daughter's Alesha's seventeenth birthday the other day. And now, she's of marrying age. So now, she and her fiancée, Chase, will be married in three days under the full moon, and everyone is invited." Everyone cheered, and Chase and Alesha kissed.

"Ever since I was a puppy, I've always dreamt of my wedding," she told him romantically. "Oh, and thanks for the silver necklace you got me."

"No problem," Chase said, and kissed Alesha on the cheek. Later that day, Alesha, Gretchen, and Karen were outside a cafe eating lunch.

"I'm so excited for the wedding," Alesha said. "Girls, we have a lot to do to get ready for the big day."

"Question: aren't you a bit worried about those who knew up on the surface?" Gretchen asked worriedly. "I mean, if landpups come find him here, they'll try to steal him."

"Oh, relax, you two," Alesha declared. "I erased their memories of him. There'll be no one spoiling my wedding day." Little did Alesha know was someone listening to her conversation.


Throughout the years, although Skye was able to do her duties, she kept thinking about Chase. Ryder and the pups have grown into young adolescents, too. Skye bloomed into a beautiful young cockapoo. Her golden fur glistened in the sun. Any male dog would faint in they see her. One morning, she, Aaron, and Rubble were helping with a collision between two cars. Aaron used his cones and megaphone to direct traffic and his winch to pull the one of cars to the Lookout to be fixed. Rubble used his bulldozer to clear the mess. Skye brought the driver of one of the cars to the hospital. That afternoon, Skye went down to the beach. Aaron noticed her heading there. Although the two are friends, he always saw that she's sad whenever he's around. At the beach, Skye sat down on the sand and stared at the ocean, thinking about Chase.


Skye turned around and saw Aaron behind her. He walked up to Skye and sat down next to her.

"Are you okay?" he asked her.

"Uh, yeah, I'm fine," Skye said, trying to find the words.

"Are you sure?" Aaron asked unamusedly. "It's just that you're always unhappy when I'm around."

"Oh, it's not because I hate you or anything," Skye assured the light brown Labrador. "It's that... you don't have to believe me. But, you're not first the police pup in the PAW Patrol."

"I'm not?!" Aaron said in shock.

"There was once a police pup before you," Skye explained. "His name was Chase. He was a German Shepherd."

"Really?" Aaron cried. "Then, why didn't anyone tell me about him?"

"Well, no one remembers him except me," Skye explained. "One day, he was here playing on the beach with me and the other pups. The next, he was gone. Everyone I've asked about him doesn't believe me. It's like he never existed in their lives." She took a deep breath; it felt good to talk to someone.

"I do believe you, Skye," Aaron said kindly. Skye was shocked.

"I've been at a police academy," Aaron chuckled. "I've learned to keep an eye out for lies. So I know whether someone's telling the truth or not. And it appears that you're telling the truth." Skye felt happy. She was so happy, she hugged him. Maybe the light brown Labrador could help her find out what happened to Chase.

"You liked Chase, didn't you?" Aaron grinned.

"Yeah, I did," Skye smiled with tears of joy. Just then, the two pups heard a voice.


Skye and Aaron looked all over the beach, but there was no one there.

"Over here," the voice came again. The two pups looked ahead and their jaws dropped. A female merpup was sitting on a rock next to the shoreline.


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