Chase: SKYE!!!!

Skye: What wrong Chase


Skye: sorry

Chase: you are forgiven but i've got to aplogize to Moonlight

Chase: Moonlight?

Moonlight: What do you want?

Chase: i'm sorry your my best friend

Moonlight: Oh really i thought i was a no good collar stealing thief

Chase: I'm sorry please!!

Moonlight: GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

at the look out Chase became sooo sad and never left the look out and lost all his confitent's in missions

The other pups tried to encourage Chase but he said no Skye felt sooooo guilty and often tried to encourage him.

soon his sadness turned to anger and started lashing out at everybody but then he got depressed again and starded blaming him self

Chase: god I'm so stupid

Skye: I'm so sorry please forgive me

Chase: it's not your fault i should never have acussed her of stealing my collar she was my best friend she was awesome, funny, smart, a great listener, is an awesome singer and loves playing the guitar I was so stupid

Moonlight: You really mean that?

Chase: M-M-M Moonlight what are you doing here

Moonlight: Alex said i should give you another chance glad i did

Chase: Y-Y-You mean that

Moonlight: Of course i do *Hugs him*

The End

thx smiles!! for making part 3 and 4 i will be making more episodes with her making her bio!!!