Skye was depressed the next few days, she seemed really mad at Moonlight.

Moonlight: Chase, I don't love you, I want to be your friend not your date.

Chase: I understand, I need to apologize to Skye.

Moonlight: Make it special.

Chase: Thought about those words, "make it special" He wrote her a song.

That night....

Chase: Skye?

Skye: Go away!

Chase: I've got something to say. (singing) Know I've done wrong. Left your heart torn, is that what devil's do? Took you so long, were only fools go. I shook the angel in you, now I'm rising from the ground. Rising up toward you. Filled with all the strength I found, there's nothing I can do. I need to know now, know now can you love me again.

He sang the rest of his song.

Skye: ..........(kisses him)