Chase: Kahive?

Kahive: G'day mate

Chase: Your Australian

Kahve: Sydney born and bred

Chase: Whatever back to the point Skye said you were being mean to her

Kahvie: I may have said I'd rather jump off a dock then play with her

Chase: Why did you say that

Kahvie: Wait she took it seriously

Chase: Very seriously

Kahvie: Mate me and my sisters used to say that to each other all the time I was just joking

At the Look out....

Kahvie: Skye I'm sorry I was just joking

Skye: Hmmm okay I forgive you

Kahvie: Thanks

Marshall: Alright we have to go and pick apples with farmer Yumi

At the farm.......

Farmer Yumi: *Pants* I'm sorry I don't think I have time for apple picking today

Paw Patrol: Awww

Farmer Yumi: I'm sorry pups my sheep are just all over the place

Kahvie: Sheep? Ryder let me off my lead I can help

Ryder: I don't know Kahvie Katie said you are very tricky

Kahvie: Uggghhh *Thinks* ah ha

Kahvie bit the lead and it broke

She rounded up the sheep and went in a sorta crouching moud and used her Border Colllie stare to herd them

Farmer Yumi: WOW! I could use a dog like you on the farm

Ryder: hmmm Kahvie stay here for a while round up more sheep guys I need to talk to you to you in privite

But Kahvie was getting bored and decided to go back to the Look out but at the Look Out she heard them talking and couldn't help but ease - drop

Ryder: So we sell Kahvie to farmer Yumi everyone agree

Paw Patrol: Agreed!

Kahvie: There giving me away!!! I was wrong their like every ever owner I've had can't keep me

  • Runs away*