The Paw Patrol Adopt A New Pup (part 1)

Ryder: C'mon pups Katie said she needed to talk to us

All: Coming Ryder

At Katie's.........

Skye: Ryder Katie's coming

Katie: Hi guys! I called you here for a favor

Chase: What sort of favor?

Katie: Well I have a friend who works in a dog pound nearby and all of the pups there are adopted or getting adopted-

Rubble: That's good!

Katie: Yes Rubble but....

Ryder: but what?

Katie: you see there is one more pup that needs to be adopted and f she dosen't get adopted soon they're going to put her down!

All: *Gasp*

Katie: so if its not too much trouble could you adopt that pup?

Ryder: Of course we can no jobs too big, no pups to small

When the Paw patrol got to the pound Katie and a girl name Mary came out with an unusaul looking pup

her ears were wine red and sticking up her body was skinny her fur colour was brown and creamy-ish

Katie: Paw patrol meet Kahvie, Kahvie meet the paw patrol this is Ryder, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Skye, Marshall and Chase

Kahvie: Hey 



Stay tooned for part 2!!