Kahive: Oh I should have known, they wouldn't keep me, like every other owner!

Kahive got so mad she went to Katie's but know one was there. She unplugged the computer and opened every bottle of shampoo and squirted them all over the place. With no shampoo left in the bottles.

Kahive: Hey that felt kinda good, but I am hungry, Ryder didn't keep me till my first meal.

She ran into Mr Porters but he was there, so she waited till he left. Then she took action but eating everything, but she didn't want to stuff herself. She feed the rest to the seagulls.

Kahive: Eat up, I know what its like to go hungry.

Then she ran into city hall.

Kahive: What can I break that the dumb mayor can't replace? Ah ha!

There sitting on the desk, was Chickaleta.

She took her but half way out......

Kahive: Wait, what do I want with a chicken? Oh well!

She put her on the roof.

She was going to seal island when......

Skye: STOP!

Kahive: What do you want! 

Skye: I want to know what is wrong.

Kahive: Well, your the first to care, no one cares. (Now crying)

Skye: Tell me.

Kahive: You don't know what it's like to spend you're life, born in the pound and in and out of homes. People say I'm trouble, but I just get carried away.

Skye: RUN!!!

A net flew over the too.

The dog catcher saw the tag on Skye, so he let her go.

Skye: Kahive, were is your collar?

Kahive: I threw it away.

She was put on a boat heading for foggy bottom.

Skye went to Ryder.

Skye: Ryder! Kahive....

Ryder: I know, destroyed the town. She is in so much trouble.

Skye: You're not listening, we need.....

Ryder: To clean up, right. Paw Patrol to the lookout!

Skye: Ah.... Hey!!!

At foggy bottom......

Kahive: Wow! I didn't know foggy bottom meant big sunny hill!

She  got out before they even put her in a cage.

Kahive Was getting on a boat back to adventure bay.

Kahive: (singing) Days like this I want to drive away. Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade. You chewed me up, then spit me out, like I was poison in your mouth. You took my light, you drained me down. But that was then and this is now. Now look at me! This is the part of me that your never gonna ever take away from me!

Back at adventure bay......

Skye: No one listens to me!

She threw her collar on the ground. Maybe she should of thought about that before the dog catcher came.