A narrator named Ryder tells this story. Years ago, there was an evil man named Mayor Humdinger. He makes a magic mirror that makes beautiful sights look ugly. He brings it to his workers and takes them to look at the ugly world through it. The mirror falls and shatters. Years later, there are two pups named Skye and Chase who live in the a village and are neighbours and best friends. They can get to each other's houses by stepping over the gutters on the houses. On a day of a snowstorm, Skye's grandmother tells them the legend of the Snow Queen. She is the queen of the snowflakes or "snow bees" and she also likes to look in the windows of people until the frost covers it and it looks like flowers. Chase says he will protect Skye if she comes for her. That night, he is terrfied to see her through the window while watching the snow fall. That summer, they were looking at a book of flowers when the splinters from the evil mirror get in Chase's eyes and prick his heart. Chase destroys the windowbox of flowers they have made. He becomes a mean and nasty pup. The splinters have caused him to fall under it's influence. He makes fun of Skye's grandmother and teases Skye. He now has the skills to copy what the people say or do making people believe he is clever. He no longer likes flowers and now only likes snowflakes for they seem to be the only beautiful things left to him for the rest of the world looks ugly to him. That winter, he is daring to impress the older boy pups by tying his sled to a big white sledge that comes into the village since that's what the older boy pups do as a custom only with carts. The sledge races out of the village and goes far away and the snowflakes become bigger and fall harder until they look like fowls. The driver is revealed to be the Snow Queen. She kisses Chase's head twice. The first time to warm him and the second to forget Skye, her grandmother and the place he lives. She doesn't kiss him a third time for that would kill him. They fly through the sky until they reach the palace. Chase falls asleep and the Snow Queen carries him inside to where he has to live under her spell.