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These pups belong to Aurychase

Note: Thanks to MidnightCollies, for helping me out with the pups' names ^u^


After an year, at the anniversary of their first encounter, Tracker proposed to Elena and they married. It took some months for Elena to become pregnant, but then she finally give birht to 4 little boys and a girl.. Entei, Kaze, Jeanie, Mauno and Elm.


Work in progress...

From left to right: Entei, Kaze, Jeanie, Mauno and Elm


Entei: He is a quiet and level-headed pup, with a bit of a sarcastic and snarky side, but acts mostly gentle. Even being the first born, he doesn't have big leadership skills and even if he is seen as older brother to count on he doesn't generally take the lead. He can be pretty independent and once used to be pretty closed off and indifferent about pups outside his siblings. Slowly, however, thanks to them he started pulling off the walls and opening more his heart to friends, considering them too part of the family. Still pretty careful, Entei didn't lose too much his calm attitude. He is still mostly reserved, but he is growing more and more inclusive of others. He would do anything for his siblings, even if they're too chaotic for him at times, mostly Jeanie, who drives him crazy (but with her insistence can get through him). He is the closest to Mauno between his siblings, even if his personality is more aligned with Kaze's.

Kaze: Even being the second born, he is the real "leader" of the group. He has a natural charisma that brings him to be followed and trusted, having a much more active a direct leadership than his sister's. He calmer like Entei, and tends to be a people/dogs pleaser, but he also has a very competitive side. Kaze is gentle and sometimes, most times, too much selfless. He doesn't care much about himself and his own good, resulting in often covering up for his siblings or going out of his way to help someone. Even being the most responsible of his siblings, he is actually the one his parents worry most about, considering his lack of self-consideration. All he cares about is his family and friends being happy and being there for them; that's what makes him happy himself. He can be also pretty much merciless when it comes to mean people and animals. He admires a lot Jeanie's ability to see the good in everyone, which is what he lacks mostly when it comes to questionable individuals. He understands Entei the most and can often corner him when it comes to giving him a talk/speech. He doesn't express it, but he pretends so much from himself also because he knows of what he is capable to do. He trust himself the most and can be a little arrogant, but never shows it openly or think ill. It's more a natural side of him that boosts his confidence and makes him work extra hard for others. He is inspired a lot by Jeanie, wishing to be more like her. Even being so sharp, he can be extremely clumsy and due to his very weak immune system he feels alone and isolated. Kaze was the weakest of the litter and at his birth it was very likely his passing, however his inner survival instinct kicked in and made him hang on.

Jeanie: She has a strong and sunny personality, often seeing the good in everyone or trying to give them a shot to be better individuals. She isn't, though, stupid. She can be a bit naïve but she knows when to act and when to make drastic decisions, even if she has strong morals. Jeanie has a natural sense of love towards others, mostly younger pups and kids, which increments her passive leadership, a more "moral and spiritual" kind, compared to Kaze's. She can be pretty chaotic and young inside, which brings her to act a bit funny at times. She is also pretty decisive, brave and active, often inspiring others to follow her in what she does and believes. She is almost as competitive as Kaze and admires him and Entei more than anyone else in the world. She would go miles for her family, which is the most important thing for her.

Mauno: He wishes often he was as smart as his siblings, but ultimately knows it's not so easy for him. He is pretty intelligent and wants often to think before acting, but he has more often than not to relay on his instincts. He is very sweet and social, with a very big dorky and nerdy side. His genuine nature is often clashing with his unstoppable and natural frankness, which brings him to sometimes speak too much or being too honest. Sometimes this even results in not so nice comments which he rarely notices to do, making him seem a passive aggressive pup, when he is just a cute teddy bear. Sometimes he envy his brother for being so smart and gets a bit pissed if Elm doesn't act upon his capacities, because he wish he was in his paws. This aside, they are best bros and buds.

Elm: Opposite to his brother Mauno, he has a very big brain and can pull off impressive and mind-blowing acts. However, he doesn't really acts a lot upon his capacities, being driven by feelings mostly and looking up a lot to Jeanie. Unlike Mauno, it comes natural to him to impress others, often considered the smartest after Kaze, whom he is most similar to as skills and inspirations. Elm is mostly innocent, sunny and friendly, with a simple yet open attitude. He has a strong sense of leadership but he often keeps it inside, not having many chances to show it with his siblings. That doesn't mean he doesn't speak up and take action, if anything he is much more balanced than Jeanie and Kaze (who need to work together to be at their best, while he can be alone). He is pretty observant and curious about everything and can hold the "cute" act even in unfortunate situations, much like his sister. They tend to see the positive side of things and be very good actors if needed, but they're usually genuine inside.


Being both born in Adventure Bay and with their parents related to the Paw Patrol, the pups got to know each others early enough, going around the town and having fun. Due to Tracker and Elena's busy lives, their pups didn't get to spend a lot of time in the place and this didn't help with Entei's distrust towards pups external to his family.

One of the first pups who managed to get through him in the period he started considering more pups as family (Not blood related) was Aloe. Her calm personality always soothed Entei and she never had to force herself to make him open up. They have compatible personalities, both being the calmer ones of their litter and not too much bearers of the leaders role, despite being the oldest pups of their respective litter. Aloe loved to hang out with him and they both felt at ease to do their own activities next to each other, to then eventually warm up to conversations.

Slowly, they started to grow closer and closer, being each other's comfort pup, until they developed crushes on each other. Entei became quite obvious to some pups with his overprotective attitude towards her, one of them being his brother Kaze. Entei is very aware of his crush, but he prefers to keep things more private, just keeping on being natural as their bond progressively grows.

Unlike his brother, Kaze has a much more complicate and rocky story with his crush. Growing from rivals to friends/crushes.

For a long while, Merida would follow Cash around, having a crush on him and wanting to impress him. She acted as bully to meet up with his expectations and being reciprocated. However, this brought her to be in conflict with Kaze, his siblings and friends. Kaze's group would often end up in quarrels and troubles with Cash, confrontations weren't so rare as hoped. And with Kaze as leader, they met on infortunate situations.

Needless to say, it wasn't a nice first impression. Kaze doesn't like bullies and mean beings and can be very hard on them if it means helping his friends and family. During a new confrontation, the two got separated from the rest of the pups and while the whole conversation was rocky, Kaze could sense that she wasn't a mean pup at heart, just like she got to admire (with bonus crush developing) how he would stick for who needed, even being the weakest. Still, between the two the atmosphere was tense and Kaze didn't really have a turn around, not until much later, when Merida gave up on her act and Cash.

After she talked with her parents, she realized it wasn't worth it. Kaze inspired her to seek what really is. Eventually, Kaze softened up at her, when she demonstrated who she really is and managed to fall easily for the pup.

  • Jeanie: None yet

Pebble was always a dreamer, wishing for a prince charming. In the end, she got with someone who didn't give prince charming vibes at all. They don't get to interact a lot until they are a bit older. Even if more open, she still had a bit of a shy side, so his unwilling bluntness and "ordinariness" didn't make her think of him as a dream partner.

Getting to know him she could see his creativity and fantasy, a common topic related to movies (his interest and future career) and books (she loves to read). They know how to ride the trains of fantasy with two different arts and this is the drive that permits them to get to know each other more and develop feelings.

He backed down from his first dream and didn't get to become the prince charming of a cool rescue team as he wished, and while this could be the first red warning to drop any romantical thought about him, Pebble managed to see his own hero side, in trying to inspire others and trigger their fantasy with a simple story. Perhaps, simplicity sometimes can make blossom the best things.

  • Elm: None yet



  • Entei: Elijah Runcorn (Zuko - Avatar the last airbender)
  • Kaze: Amanda Miller (Boruto - Boruto: Naruto next generations)
  • Jeanie: Cristina Vee (Marinette - Miraculous)
  • Mauno: Emile Hirsch (Jim Lake Jr. - Tales of Arcadia)
  • Elm: Zach Tyler Eisen (Aang - Avatar the last airbender)


  • Entei: Clowns
  • Kaze: Disappointing others / Living short due to his health
  • Jeanie: Losing her family / Kaze's weak health and loneliness / Her mother being angry
  • Mauno: Bunnies and goats; he find their eyes creepy
  • Elm: Jellyfishes


  • "Entei" in the legends is a fire beast.
  • Mauno is from "Mauna", that mean in Hawaiian "mountain"
  • Kaze means wind in japanese.
  • Elm is a type of tree, related so to the forest.
  • Jeanie is an alteration of Jeanne Baré, the first woman to circumnavigate the globe, disguised as a man. It's also a reference to Jeanne D'Arc.
  • Entei's biggest passions and interests are revolved around any kind of art and he also loves to learn more about other cultures.
  • Kaze loves hot stew with very strong and juicy meat taste. Jeanie, instead and surprisingly, loves bitter food.
  • Mauno used to wish to be part of a rescue team, but fearing to not be smart and capable enough, he gave up on it. However, he found a new wish in his love for movies . He hopes one day to work in the department, mostly as director and inspire people to follow their dreams, thing he regrets sometimes to not have done for his puppy self's one.
  • Elm loves trains and like his brother he admires a lot rescue teams.
  • Jeanie's best friend is Aloe. Their personalities are very different but perhaps it's what makes it click between them! Aloe can bear Jeanie's chaotic side and look after her, keeping her on track. At the same time, Jeanie manages to help Aloe getting out of her shell more often. Jeanie was quite obvious of the growing relationship between her best friend and her brother Entei, but after she found out and understood she would often tease (unknowingly) them, by spitting remarks that to her are not embarrassing, when they totally are.
  • They often clash against Cash on their little adventures.