Oh no! Grace has a CUP SONG ADDICTION!!!!! Will she get better?Find out.  P.S the cup song came from the movie pitch perfect.

One day Grace and Candy came to the lookout covered in coffee.

Chase: Ha ha! I... mean....... what happened?

Candy: Yah, tell em Grace.

Grace: We were coming back from Starbucks when..(flashback) 

Radio: I got my ticket for the the long way around, to bottles of wiski for the way, and I sure would like some sweet company, but I'm leaving tomorrow what do ya say. When I'm gone when I'm gone, your gonna miss me when I'm gone. (singing)

Grace: The cup song! (starts doing the cup song with her coffee cup)

Candy: NO NO, STOP.

Back to now.......

Candy: And her coffee cup was filled.

Grace: Sorry.

That night........

Marshall: mmmmmmm, huh? What's that awful tapping.

Marshall saw Grace on the roof of her pup house. She was moaning the cup song.

Sophie: Is she sleep cupping?

Rubble: Ill wake her up.

Zuma: Shhh! You can't wake up a sleepwalker.

Through the night the cup song continued.

She wouldn't stop doing the cup song.

Blizzard: Okay stop!

Grace: No, I'm having way to much fun.

The next night...........

Paige: Guys, I have an idea.

That morning...........

Grace: Hey, where's my cup?

Sophie: Right over mmmmmmm. (Candy covers her mouth)

Track: Huh?

Paige: What cup?

Skye: You never had a cup.

Grace: The cup song from pitch perfect!

Diamond: What's pitch perfect?

Grace: I guess it was a dream.