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Thunder is one of the 9 main character it used to be 8 but Luke joined


thunder has a dark green eyes and short greyish black straight hair he is wearing a white and green outfit dark blue pants, mint green long sleeved shirt underneath his other shirt and white and red shoes.


Thunder is a hard working person he like skating with his skateboard ans sports he loves his sister and takes care of her he likes helping others but when he needs help he can count on his friends to help him out.


Riley - Thunder and riley are very close its because they are siblings.

Jay- Thunder Respects Jay because he is the leader.

Summer- Thunder thinks of summer like his little sister because summer spend so much time with riley.

Cody - Thunder thinks of Cody as a cool guy and he thinks he is Riley's other best friend.

May - He think may is a nice and a carrying girl and he started to develop a crush on her.

Zach- Zach and thunder are good friends.


Paw Patrol

Thunder and the others are good friends, they were friends since childhood they do different things together that makes them very close.


  • Thunder's birthday is on July 16d, that makes his zodiac Cancer
  • Thunder is 15 which makes him older than Riley cause she is 13
  • blood type is B.
  • Thunder and Riley's mother is unknown.
  • his height is 5'10"
  • he shares his name with 2 more Thunder
  • Creator @Cure Sammy