Tika is a street dog who is friends with Akira. She belongs to Seesee123.


Tika is a female Border Collie with pink eyes and a gold yellow collar. her fur is black and white and the inside of her ears is pink with a silverish black nose.


Tika doesn't go around a lot of pups. She is kind of a shy little pup. She only feels comfortable around Akira, her sister DeeDee, her mom Elysia, and her mate/crush Ajax. Tika and her family usually wander the streets of adventure bay looking for food or leftovers. And they sometimes sleep under tall trees. But every time, Akira comes to visit her and her family. Tika likes Akira. She is her best friend. They like to play a lot and Tika sometimes helps Akira rescue ocean animals. They are really good pals. Sometimes Akira begs Tika to come over to the Lookout to visit all of the other pups. But she is so shy that she cant and doesn't want to. But thats okay with Akira. Tika is also ment to have a crush on Ajax. Tika loves Ajax so much, that they even stay close to each other a lot. But right now, Tika is just a normal homeless street dog that does stuff street dogs do.

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