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Sage, Winter, and Aurora belong to Tundrathesnowpup- also known as Musicalmutt2 on deviantart

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Next Generation: RockyXTundra

The pups of Rocky and Tundra: Sage, the only boy, was born first, then Aurora, and then little Winter, the runt of the litter.

Sage and Aurora both know what they want to do when they grow up, Sage wanting to be an environmental pup like his dad and helping save the forest and wildlife creatures- becoming more of a forest ranger than a recycle-pup, but he still looks up to Rocky happily. Aurora would like to take after Uncle Zuma and Aunt Kailey and join them in Water Rescue, but little Winter is unsure for a while, just liking to watch her parents Aunt and Uncles in the Paw patrol do their work. After a long while, she decides she wants to take after the Snow Pup role like her Mother and Aunt Mindy.

After hearing stories about their Uncle Blizzard , Sage vowed to be a protective big brother, being loving and kind to his younger sisters, though he and Aurora are both very protective over the baby of the litter. Though once Blizzard redeems himself, they start to warm up to him.

The pups love both their parents with all their hearts, though Sage and Aurora tend to be more Daddy's pups, while Winter tends to stick next to Mom. Skye and Chase's pups, Ace and Lani , love to spend time with the other puppies, and Winter seems to take a big liking to Ace later on, having Ace or her siblings around makes her a little less shy. She gets extremely shy around pups and adults she doesn't know.

Aurora and Sage also take a liking to some pups- one of Zuma and Princess' sons, Shadow , and one of their daughters, Summer . Sage likes talking to and trying to break Summer out of her shell, finding her nervousness and shyness extremely adorable, he likes to watch her draw or just listen to her talking about something she likes. Aurora likes Shadow because he's not afraid to get dirty and explore with her, finding it rather fun to be around him.

When they're around 6 years old, they get married to their puphood crushes, and eventually have several pups of their own. Aurora has a girl and four boys; SilhouetteDusk , Midnight , Borealis , and Tide; Winter has two girls; Clarity and Breeze and later on a little boy named Cayo; and Sage has two boys and a girl, BearScarlet, and Rocky Jr.

The Trio are now fully fledged members of the PAW Patrol and try their best to fill their parent's pawsteps. Though the original members help out once or twice, they're spend most of their time with their grandpups. 

Aurora, Sage, and Winter still have a close bond to their friends, and especially their cousins. Winter loves visiting Faith when she's at the Stray Pup Sanctuary; and the Aurora and Sage still like to rough-house and play with Trapper, showing that they're still basically pups on the inside. They also like to help Dodge out due to his hearing issues; but it doesn't stop them from playing with him when time permits. They're not as close to Uncle Blizzard's pups, due to them mostly living with Blizzard at his owner's place, but they make sure to visit them and have some fun as well. 

They play with Aunt Icee's pups almost every day; Snowcone being Winter's partner, much like how Tundra and Icee were when they were younger. Slushie and Cameron are calmer than the rest of their siblings, so the pups enjoy hanging out with them. They still get a little stressed out with Andrea 's rambunctiousness, especially after she starts helping out Mr. Porter baking things, but they still love her nonetheless. 


Not pictured below in the gallery: When the pups are adults, they all wear marriage pins on their collars. When she's married to Ace, Winter gets a golden pin badge shaped pin with Ace's symbol and a rhinestone A initial on the side. When he marries Summer, Sage gets a golden star-shaped pin with a big S shaped with Rhinestones in the middle. When she's married to Shadow, Aurora gets a golden badge shaped pin with Shadow's symbol and a Rhinestone S in the side. Aurora keeps her bangs from a teenager as an adult.


Winter: slightly shy and soft-spoken, though she has a heart of gold and loves to spend time with her family and doesn't mind the affection and protection from her older siblings, rather adoring the love she gets from them. When she's comfortable with someone, she'll tend to be less shy, especially around the PAW Patrol and her siblings. She very rarely gets angry and never yells, though she can get a bit louder when excited, but it's not usually that much louder. When faced with her fears or with someone she's uncomfortable with, she either just whimpers or starts to cry. As an adult she's less shy, but she's still cautious and soft-spoken, usually only raising her voice if she's frightened or (sometimes, very rarely) angry.

Sage: Very goofy and slightly clumsy, though not as much as Marshall. He may act like a goofball and be playful, but threaten his family or friends, and he will not hesitate to spring into a hardcore fighter. He has a big soft spot for Winter and will not hesitate to roll over for his baby sister. he's an open book and will tell people anything- unless it's a secret, but he has a really hard time keeping them in. He's pretty bold and brave at times- though when he sees something he's totally afraid of- he'll turn tail and run.

Aurora: very curious and adventurous, she has a big nose for exploration and likes to follow anything that moves. She likes the water and playing around the bank of the bay, digging around in the sand for shells and examining the little critters swimming around in the water. Like her brother, she too has a soft spot for Winter, but doesn't roll over quite as easily as Sage does. She can be a tiny bit stubborn at times, but will tend to listen after the second or third time she's told to do something. When confronted by her fears- she goes stiff- her fur bristling and her eyes wide with panic, anypup that is around her has to knock her out of her state- usually by a shove or a loud shout

Voice Actors


Young: Livvy Stubenrauch- Voice of young Anna in Frozen

Teenager/Adult: Neve Campbell- Voice of teen Kiara in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (gets a tad bit more mature as an adult but stays around the same)


Young:  Emma Salzman- Voice of Berry in Whisker Haven in early 2015

Teenager/Adult: Mae Whitman- Voice of Katara in Avatar the Last Airbender (gets a tad bit more mature as an adult but stays around the same)


Young: Henry Kaufman- Voice of Sultan in Whisker Haven

Teenager/Adult: Scott Weinger voice of  Aladdin in Aladdin (gets a tad bit more deep as an adult but pretty much stays the same)

Stories they appear in






  • "Leaf it to me!"
  • "I'll scout out the trouble!
  • "Let's branch out!"
  • "I've got a green paw!"


  • "H2O, let's go!"
  • "Splish Splash, I'll be there in a dash!"
  • "I'll dew my best!"
  • "Let's take a dip!"


  • "Let's slide!"
  • "Cold can't stop me!"
  • "Frosty day? Winter's on the way!"
  • "Icy the problem and i'll fix it!"

Pup-pack Tools:


  • Net(for catching small scared injured animals)
  • Claw arm
  • Screwdriver
  • Grappling hook/Rope
  • Seeds and a watering can
  • Camping gear


  • Diving gear
  • smaller buoy 
  • Rolled up towel (to dry off the rescuee) 
  • a robe to give to the rescuee(if human)so they don't have to be in wet clothing/wear a wet towel


  • Ice pick
  • Shovel
  • a mini heater
  • Thermos 
  • Blankets


Sage:  An olive green wilderness jeep, it has a port in the back that has different foods to give out to animals, and is also equiped with a GPS system that helps him locate any animals in need. It also sports a very deep trunk and compartments so he could store tools and other scraps like his dad

Aurora: A salmon-pink colored Hovercraft, similar to Zuma's. It's equipped with multiple buoys, and can also form into a submarine, but it's smaller and can't lift really heavy objects. It's also equipped with a net in the front, just in case she needs to drag something (not too big) out from way below

Winter: A smaller, thinner snowmobile. It has a snowplow like her mother's, but is also equipped with a salt dispenser to help salt the roads to make it less icy and slippery. It's main body is light blue with a white paw print on the side with two lighter blue snowflakes in the middle of it


  • They're the oldest of all the future gen pups- being the first born, but were followed four hours later by Ace and Lani
  • Though she loves everyone, Winter absolutely idolizes Cooper, Icee and Tundra. She also looks highly up to her father as well, her stuffed animal, Lumi, one of her prized possessions since he made it for her.
  • Even though she remains super tight with her siblings, her best friends are Summer and Aloe , the three have a bit of a "Shy/quiet Trio" going on.
  • Despite being so outgoing and bold, Sage has a bit of hard time expressing his feelings towards Summer, he'll try, and then he starts to change the subject, his face turning dark red whenever he tries.
  • The pups picked up on how to use Tundra's Puppy-dog pout from times she'd do it to their dad. Now Rocky finds it almost impossible to say no to them, but does know times when he needs to put his paw down(or just send them to talk to their mother).
  • Sage freaks out around Summer's pet sheep, being terrified of them- making it a bit harder for him to confess his feelings for her since she'd be spending most of her time with the sheep. After some gentle coaxing from Summer, he eventually warms up to her sheep, Skitt, but only him...He still is nervous around other sheep: Especially Marley.
  • Whenever the pups have nightmares(when they're finally able to sleep outside in their own puphouses instead of the nursery), Sage will tend to curl up with Rocky, Aurora varies between both parents, and Winter will snuggle tight to mom.
  • Winter may be shy, but she still likes to adventure with her siblings. She only gets shy with people/animals that she doesn't know or is extremely uncomfortable with. She's very sensitive and is provoked easily. When she cries, you'd better watch out for Sage and Aurora. 
  • In Pups get a Pet Sage and Aurora find and keep a Suger Glider named Chester
  • The fox that Tundra took care of in Tundra's Admirer manages to find a mate and have babies..He finds Tundra one day when she's inspecting the mountain and drags her into his cave, presenting the babies to her- allowing her to chose one out as a little pet. She then chooses the smallest cub to give to Winter as her pet on Christmas. Winter names her Snowdrop after her Grandmother. 
  • Winter and her Uncle Smoky bond a lot with their stuffed animals since they both hold a special connection to their stuffies and Smoky enjoys playing with his niece. This love of stuffed animals transfers to Winter's daughter, Breeze, and Trapper's son, Scout.
  • Even though Aurora and Sage seem to hang out with Rocky more, and likewise with Tundra and Winter, all three pups adore both their parents and love spending time with both of them
  • They won Best Future Gen OCs in the 2014 fanon awards
  • AceXWinter won Best Future Gen Couple in the 2015 fanon awards
  • Unfortunately for her,  Chandler and Sylvia's son Scooby has a big-time crush on Aurora and continues to persue her no matter how many times she puts him down, even though she's a preteen when he's a pup. Like father like son!
  • Aurora is close friends with Sterling, and loves to see him test his strength 

Relationship with their Cousins:

Smoky's Pups: They're a year apart from their cousins Trapper and Faith,. Sage and Aurora can get really annoyed when they try to copy everything they do; while Winter finds it extremely funny and cute. even though they're almost 3 years older than Dodge, they still love to play with him and help him out because of his hearing problems. Winter likes to help him out with his romantic endeavours with Marble

Blizzard's Pups: Even though they're 2 years older than Antarctic, Arctic, Snowstorm, and Snow., They still like to play with them when they come over sometimes for playdates. Though Winter is the only one that's really close to Snow, the other three are pretty close to their cousins, though Sage and Snowstorm tend to get playfully competitive with each other for sports.

Icee's Pups: Like Smoky's pups, they're about a year older than them. Winter gets along more with Cameron since he's more laid back than the other three, but the cousins are all still pretty close. Aurora and Sage like to hang out with the twins, and while they like Andrea when she's not on a sugar-high, they do not want to be stuck corralling her when she's had treats. 


Aurora: She'll say she's not scared of anything- but she is actually scared of Skunks because of the several times she's been sprayed. She's also scared of porcupines and badgers. 

Sage: Like his cousin, Trapper, Sage hates going to the vet, but he's also afraid of the dentist. He's not a fan of needles. He's also scared of bees and porcupines, like his sister, and is not a big fan of snakes like Tundra. He also has slight fear of sheep because he spooked a few while at Farmer Yumi's and Farmer Al's farm and almost got trampled by Marley, which is the sheep he's scared of the most.

Winter: Because of how small she is, Winter is scared of big birds like her Auntie Skye, specifically Eagles and Hawks, though not so much owls because of Little Hooty- who is now big Hooty. And though she likes horses, she's a bit scared of them stepping on her. She's not scared of the horses, but much rather her being trampled. That goes for a lot of bigger animals, while she does not fear the animal themselves, she's scared of being stepped on. For a while she is also scared of the dark and sleeps with a glow-in-the-dark stuffed puppy that Rocky made for her while tinkering with an old stuffed animal and some lights in his truck(Like a Glow Pet ). As a teen she still keeps the toy, just because it's really special to her; though she's not scared of the dark anymore. But eventually gives it to her daughter, Breeze. She also doesn't like the sound of thunder. She finds lightning slightly fascinating, but the loud boom of thunder makes her run for the covers, even as an adult


Winter:  This little pup has a plethora of mentors to choose from! While she mainly works under her mom's guidance, she loves to work with her aunts and uncles when Tundra needs a break or is called out on a tougher mission. As she gets older, usually Cooper or Everest will handle teaching Winter more of the rougher tasks since Tundra gets a tiny bit overprotective over her daughter. She works alongside her cousin, Snowcone, and when she's older she takes Alisha under her wing as her apprentice. She's a very excited mentor and loves to teach Alisha everything she's learned

Aurora: Under the care of Zuma and Kailey, Aurora is having a blast learning with them. Though Zuma is a little more strict, Kailey tends to sneak some fun stuff with Aurora, taking her to some underwater coves. She loves to dive and play with Wally. Later Aurora takes Pike on as her apprentice. She knows of his crush on her, but doesn't want to break his heart and just loves on the little pup like a little brother.

Sage: While he's learning from Ryder about Forest ranger duties and animal safety, he often shadows Rocky on Eco missions, loving to watch his father work and learning about the environment helps him better understand his animal friends and their needs.



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