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Tulip Petals is a Flower Fairy who loves puppies. She appears in Pups in the Magical World.


Tulip Petals is one of the good magic guardians of the Magical World. She helps with the rescue since she knows that Dark Chaos is behind the pony-napping and he always has nasty schemes. During the mission, she gets a crush on Geo, proven by when she calls him "Lil' G".

Tulip also has a cousin in the fairy kingdom of Fairy Dust named Daisy Patches.


Tulip Petals is a nuture of nature and really kind-hearted. She's always sees the good in others, except Dark Chaos (since he has no goodness in him).


Tulip is a Flower Fairy, that means she has green thumb magic (no she doesn't have a green thumb); she can make things grow by planting stuff in the ground. But she's has another power she calls 'Puppy Love'. She has powers that transforms the pups into mer-pups, fariy-pups, and camo-pups (invisible).


Tulip has ruby-red hair, a light skin tone, and bright lavender eyes. She wears a green dress with two red tulips on each side. (picture of her fairy wings will come later, but don't ask when or it'll be pushed back more)