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  • CubeRyu's Pages
  • My OCs are only breeds that have appeared in the show because I can't think of any others that would fit well. Also, I’ll basically only use Siberian Husky, mixed breed, Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog, or West Highland White Terrier exclusively. (Rarely Chihuahua, German Shepherd, and maybe some others in the future)
  • All of my ships will have 3 pups, no more or less.
  • My favorite breed is Rocky’s mixed breed (In the show)
  • Pretty new to Fandom
  • Proud Catholic
  • All of my pups are also strong Catholics
  • Really likes osu!
  • Sometimes tend to overwrite
  • Currently very active (I don't really edit, but I get on a lot. I'll start editing and making stories again once my friends return to the wiki. A lot of them are taking breaks or are busy, but if they come back, I will too)
  • Canon pups from favorite to least favorite (I don't like Wildcat if anyone was wondering, idk why)
  1. Rocky: I really like his resourcefulness and how he is utilized throughout the series. I think it's too bad that he's one of the more overlooked pups though (and he's cute)
  2. Zuma: I love the water and I think his competitiveness with Skye is really interesting. Also, I feel bad for him because of how underutilized he is in the series.
  3. Skye: Flying has always been a love of mine, so when you combine that with the aforementioned competitiveness with Zuma, you get one of my personal favorites.
  4. Rex: I love how knowledgeable he is about dinosaurs, and what can I say, I like them big lizards.
  5. Ella: Her energy and ability make me really like her. I would like to see more of her in the series, maybe outside of mighty pups.
  6. Tracker: His cables and his ability to swing through the trees are just so fun. Also, he lives in the jungle, and I like the jungle.
  7. Marshall: I'm clumsy sometimes so I can personify with him. It's really refreshing to see that these pups aren't completely perfect and never mess up, which is why a lot of my stories have the pups fail or mess up at first.
  8. Everest: Winter is my favorite season, and snow is my favorite weather, so when Everest was first introduced I was excited. I like her personality, but I feel like her vehicle is underwhelming, a grabber, sled, and plow are not the most interesting things ever.
  9. Sweetie: Sorry Melody, but Sweetie just isn't my favorite of all time. I like her character a lot, but the sinister aspect of her personality just isn't my style.
  10. Arrby: Arrby's somewhat oblivious personality is fun to watch. It would be better to see him listened to a bit more, which could make episodes more interesting.
  11. Chase: I like his casual side, but he's way too serious on missions. If he were to loosen up a little bit, then I would like him a lot more.
  12. Tuck: The less memorable twin, but he's still a good character nonetheless. That's why I gave him a really useful ability in my series stories.
  13. Rubble: Oh Rubble, the latest of the original six, the eater, and one of the youngest ones. What can I say, construction isn't my thing, his catchphrase gets obnoxious, and he is way too obsessed with food. I don't know, even his humor is a bit, awful. I don't HATE him, I just strongly dislike him compared to literally everyone else.
  • My favorite OCs (Only my OCs, not others')
  1. Ryu: Come on, I can't not put him at the top.
  2. Starlight: My favorite of the Space Patrol pups. First, I just wanna mention the name, I don't care how objectively bad it may be, I like it. I literally just jotted it down without thinking and now I love it. Her ability and role in the Space Patrol is really cool in my opinion and her picture’s really cute. I came up with her on the spot when I realized that Comet might not want to leave her. I might use her more than I do now. Edit: Just moved her from 5-2 and here's why. She's the most in depth character I've ever made and has really grown on me. Her character is so versatile and relatable to me, and that makes her my favorite OC (Besides Ryu but that's literally just me IRL)
  3. Glow: I love what I did with his personality and how his ability is throughout the story. His character turned out great in my opinion and he is pretty much always an important/pivotal part in the story.
  4. Digi: HIs intelligence and planning skills are really relatable for me. I don't like the unknown, or jumping in without a second thought. I've always wanted to be able to produce electricity, and that's what I did with him.
  5. Ash: I made it pretty obvious that I really like this pup, especially when you consider that I made him my pup in my universe. His drawing is honestly one of my more proud ones, and I love the skills and backstory I gave him, along with his vehicle and pup pack. One of the (probably) more overlooked features of his character, the changing pup tag, I’m also really happy with.
  6. Comet: The partner to Starlight, her mate. I like his color because it’s honestly my favorite. The way I made his backstory connect to Starlight and Stella’s was honestly something I may never be able to recreate. Also the name is kinda cool.
  7. Melody: I love music, especially because I've been playing the piano for almost my whole life. The way I made her control emotions turned out great, and it became a great tool in the story.
  8. Candy: Candy is really a great OC in my books and I love what I did with her. Her detail and depth with her character along with her backstory are just really great in my opinion. Also, her drawing is my profile picture because of how good it is, which adds to her value in my books. Her page is honestly my favorite OC page. It's a shame that she had to end up with Rubble.
  9. Stella: She's one of the lesser ones used in my stories, but she was the character that inspired the whole Space Patrol, which has to put her in the top 10.
  10. Terra: All of the Space Patrol pups have to be together, because I like all of them nearly the same, and Terra is not an exception.
  11. Silhouette/Lily: These two are the same for me, both great all around characters that I find interesting. Silhouette is definitely far more used in my stories than Lily, but that doesn't change that they're the same for me.
  12. Ore: His backstory was actually inspired by, fun fact, MrBeast. He’s not someone I watch all too often, but his buried alive video inspired Ore’s story. Part of Ore’s value for me comes from him and his bond with Ryan. I like his ability, breed, and personality, along with his connection to his owner.
  13. Mercy: I really like her picture, I think it's cute, and her ability is one of the more balanced ones in my universe, because it has a pretty heavy cost. She is definitely one of my most thought out and elaborate characters, and I like her backstory.
  14. Moonlight: I like what I did with her character. Fun fact, from that poll that I made quite a while ago, some people said villain. Hero won, so I had to eventually shift her character to protagonist, but I wanted to satisfy the villain voters, so there you go.
  15. Asteroid/Pluto/Spira/Chip/Izzy/Nova/Astra/Aether/Ryan/Curly/Sandy/Sahara: I can't choose, these are the same for me. They're not bad in the slightest, I actually really like all of them. I literally can't explain why, I love every single one of my OCs, just these ones a little less.

I haven’t used the other ones enough to put them on, but I will when I do

  • Relationships
  1. ChasexSkye
  2. MarshallxEverest
  3. RockyxStella
  4. ChromexCandy
  5. ZumaxMoonlight
  6. DigixMelody
  7. GlowxSilhouette
  8. OrexLily
  9. CometxStarlight
  10. TrackerxTerra
  11. EllaxChip
  12. TuckxIzzy
  13. SpiraxAsh
  14. MercyxRex


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