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I do a lot of series. I make Paw Patrol Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race series. I also make stories. Many are in progress.

Fun Facts:

I am male.

I am a fan of the reality game shows Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race.

I don't make art because I am horrible at it

I am somewhat paranoid.

I don't know how to make sections lol(Update: I now know how to)

I try my best to use grammar, not punctuation that much though.

Whenever someone in my story says a swear word it will be like this ******, it's also for when a line is disconnecting.

My favorite romance pairs that are most likely to be included in stories are: ChaseXSkye, MarshallXEverest, RyderXKatie

My favorite bromance pairs are: Chase & Marshall(I like to consider them as brothers) and Rocky & Zuma(I wish their relationship didn’t just fade away in the late seasons and hope that it gets back somehow).

If I use fictional characters(unless they are created by me) they are most likely to be non-canon to my storyline.

I'm a fan of the object show, BFDI, my favorite character is Leafy. She will appear in some crossovers involving Paw Patrol and BFDI.

I'm not a superfan of the PAW Patrol, but I still like it.

More coming soon...

PAW Patrol members listed from best to worst(updated to have every single PAW Patrol member):

  1. Chase(I like Chase he is very mature and overall I do like his character. I do like making him a main character a lot. Since I'm not a huge superfan of the Paw Patrol him being mature is my kind of nature. I find him as a true leader and I am most interested in Chase, also I do feel bad he gets backlash from the George Floyd incident).
  2. Marshall(He is very funny and makes me crack up. No doubt he is the funniest pup in the PAW Patrol)
  3. Rocky(I kind of find his aquaphobia kind of funny at times. In addition I like his clever personality, he's a smart one)
  4. Skye(She was the only female member of the PAW Patrol for the whole season 1 so I do recognize her often)
  5. Everest(I do like her hyperactive and tomboyish personality, If only we could see her more because she's a secondary character)
  6. Zuma(I like him, he really deserves more screen time than he gets. Hopefully he might get a movie that makes him main character, not THE movie though).
  7. Ryder(I like his mature personality but I have more interest in his pups. Not sure why I'm putting him on this list though)
  8. Tracker(I find his personality nice and is bilingual language kinda cute and like Everest, I kinda wish I could see him more)
  9. Wild Cat(The first cat member of the PAW Patrol, I'm a fan of him being fearless, I want to see him in more than just Moto Pups episodes)
  10. Ella(I have interest in her, I kind of wish she could appear in more than just Mighty Pups episodes)
  11. Rex(He's nice and pretty sweet. I'm a little interested in him, but I'm more interested in the others)
  12. Tuck(Seems like a cool guy, I have a little less interest in him then Ella)
  13. Rubble(He's a bit annoying, I can't find a way to ship him with somebody, I don't have that much interest in Rubble compared to the other pups.)


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