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U CAN FIND ME HERE! You can still Ask me something and I will respond!!!! Yes, I'm still adding to stories!

Hiiiiii!!!! My name is BusterLover but you can call me Buster! I made a few stories all ready and I am the owner of Night Patrol! If you want to add a character let me know! Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcomed! I already have a couple close friends I talk to all the time! I’m so happy to be here and please be sure to check out my stories I did with my friends (Humdingers revenge, buster the watch pup, and night patrol info, etc.). Also if you want to tell me about your Oc and do a rp/ story together with buster let me know! I will gladly do it with you and if you want to use my character just ask please! Of course My Oc has a mate so no buster x Oc. Anyways I hope you enjoy my stories and Ocs! Here is my Buster Version Info! I do make adoptables and I am a MASSIVE Skase fan. Btw i am a female even tho some people might say I’m a boy. My dog’s name is buster and I love him so that’s why I’m Buster lover! I am MASSIVE Skase fan I respect if you like other pairings with Chase and Skye but I can't stand Skye x Marshall. But If you like it that's you. I tend to make jokes and pull pranks all the time. My birthday is August 26. Buster is leader / founder of night patrol

I joined this wiki on 9/28/2021

collabs: NEVER

requests: Sometimes

roleplays: open!


Chase x skye

Everest x Marshall

Zuma x Journey

Rocky x Molly

Buster x Kaia

Mia x Jake

Ryder x Katie

Becca x Brock

Oc's Pup's Ships:

Dawn x Moon

Ocean x Dawson

Max x Arkytior

K9 x Roxy

Gadget x Jack

Star x Bud

Other pairings i kinda ship:

Rocky x Zuma,

Buster x Molly

Other ships I DON'T ship:

Nayah x Zuma

Marshall x Skye

Chase x Everest

Marshall x Chase


Role Playing, Drawing, writing stories, when someone likes my character, Good comments on my Oc pages/ stories


When someone doesn't like my story/ character, when someone is mean to me or my friends, copyright, Baths, Marshall x Skye (I despise this ship)

Pup pals




Little Timber


My Top Oc's

  1. Buster
  2. Molly
  3. Mia
  4. Kaia
  5. Dante
  6. Rosco, Gadget and Phillip
  7. Cocoa
  8. Dawn
  9. Moon, Twilight, Star and Ocean
  10. Journey


I'm very nice (To people who are nice to me). I love to greet new people and I love to make new friends. You can ask me anything and I promise I won't get mad. If you need someone to talk to come to me. Me and my friends call me an Emotional Support Person because my friends or family come to me if they have a problem. I also tag along when someone needs help. So don't be scared to ask me anything or tell me something!

My favorite Original pups in order (greatest to least)

  1. Chase
  2. Skye and Rocky (tied for 2 I love them both so much!)
  3. Zuma
  4. Everest
  5. Rubble
  6. Rex
  7. Marshall
  8. wild cat


Fun facts

  • I know some Spanish
  • I love dogs
  • I love playing video games
  • 9/10 times I respond VERY quickly