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Sometimes I am not editing. It is because I have nothing to write and because I am very busy. Or because I am taking a break and am on here for some time. And I have gotten bored of a lot of things, including Paw Patrol. And I am not a big fan of the show anymore because I kinda moved on. But I am still here sometimes. It depends.

I signed out of my old account and I am using a new one. I have more than 4 oc pups currently. And I have two series. In a dream series and time travel series. I use 5 of my ocs for my in a dream series and the six original pups for the time travel one. And also other stories too. I also don't use them much because I don't know how to get their personalities right, so I use my ocs and characters.

Also, I had gotten bored of Paw Patrol and now I am into music and roblox. Very into roblox.

I question life. What even is time?

I really really like zodiac signs.

About me:

I love space a lot. I even have ocs named after space stuff. My oc, Titan and my other oc, Rigel.

How I found this show

About three years ago, (summer of 2017), I recorded an episode of season three and I watched it. I don't remember if it was an accident or that I watched it before. But for two years I watched it. Until last year I took a break. Then I came back. I sorta took a break and I don't think I am coming back to the show. But I will be here. Also, if you want to contact me, contact me on my wall! I will always be there :). Anyways, what is everyone going to be for Halloween?

My favorite songs

What Makes You Beautiful (One direction) Always my favorite song

Story of My Life: Great song

Perfect and Little Things: It is a tie



Inactive (At times)

Active (Sometimes)

My favorite shows and movies

Avatar: The Last Airbender



My stories

The game telephone: my very first one.

A new pup/truth or dare

I forgot the rest.

My favorite pups:

Marshall: Because of his mishaps.

I don't have any other favorites to put here.

I do have limited ideas, and because of school, I am not really here that often.

Pup pals:

MrCjNinja: He is an awesome writer.

My Ocs and characters:


Omlett the Beagle















Second Gen:

A new discovery: MarrxTitan's pups

A complete space discovery: Oberon X Titania's pups

Beagle love: Hunterrxomlett's pups

Furry love NevilleXAliyah's pups

A pawfull of pups: RigelXRoscoe pups

Random facts about me:

This is my dog, Chelsi

I love space a lot. Titan is named after Saturn's moon while Rigel is named after a star system. Titania and Oberon are named after two moons of Uranus while their kids are named after more moons of Uranus.

I love to swim.

Sometimes I find missing stuff in places. I wonder how that end up there.

I love paranormal stuff. Like a lot.

I have a dog and a Hamster. Chelsi and Lizzy. Chelsi is in that picture.

About my fanonverse

  • The second gen pups will not have crushes. They will all be cousins to each other.
  • The timeline is a bit messed up. Roscoe is the oldest of my first gen and Ollie is the youngest.
  • They can have chocolate. (The pups.)
  • I have a lot of characters including parents.
  • I only have one crossover.
  • The six original pups with Tracker and Everest will not be having any crushes.
  • Some of my characters are named after moons and stuff about space. Some of them are named after stars. Like Rigel and her siblings.

My ships

Titan X Marr

Omlett X Hunterr

Aliyah X Neville

Cate X Slushee

Roscoe X Rigel

Oberon X Titania

Marrisa X Olliver

Friend ships

Titan and Aliyah

Aliyah and Skye

Oberon and Titan

My other wikis

Moon wiki


How I found this wiki

It was in the fall of 2020, I was looking at the relationship wiki when I came across this link that brought me here. And well, now this is one of my main wikis even though I am inactive sometimes. But not all the time.


Husky (Mainly, a lot of my pups are huskies XD)


Golden retriever




Mix of husky and German Shepherd