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Hello! I am 15 years old. I am a female and I enjoy writing stories on my chromebook or on paper. I dance with the All that Jazz dance company. I am in the building this year for school so I am not on here until after school. On the weekend I might now be here I am a busy person so I may come on here at night.

Personality: Crazy, kinds, loving, bubbly, sweet, friendsly, very competitive, shy( only around new people I don't know or in a large group of people), adventurous, animal lover

Likes: cats, pitbulls, puzzles, reading, writing, staying up late, sleeping in, parties, walking me two dogs (Ace and Winnie), Swimming, dancing

Dislikes: being told what to do, Thunder & Lighting, doing things in front of other people (I get scared), Clowns, basements

Fears: the dark, basement alone, clowns, ghost( I do like to watch ghost show in the day time but not at night)

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I'm a fan of:

Chase.png This user is a fan of Chase.

I kinda take this kind of role a my house. XD

Marshall.png This user is a fan of Marshall

He's so funny and I just love his personality so much!

Rocky.png This user is a fan of Rocky

I like how he reuses things and doesn't let them go to waste.

Zuma.png This user is a fan of Zuma.

I love him a lot! I love to get wet too!

Skye the Air Pup.png This user is a fan of Skye.

I want to fly like Skye!

Tracker clear.png This user is a fan of Tracker.

Yo me gusta tracker muy mucho! Yo hablo espanol tambien.

Paw-patrol-everest.png..png This user is a fan of Everest.

I love to play in the snow in the winter!

D8D15A69-DC4E-4FF6-A21E-5677D17D7843.png This user ships MarshallXEverest!!

They have a lot of chemistry throughout the show kinda like Chase X Skye.

Chase and skye being the best couple ever.png This user ships ChaseXSkye!

I have always shipped them even before I knew fandom.

Favorite pages:

My top 10 OC's I made:

  1. Becca
  2. Brock
  3. Ballie
  4. Koda
  5. Regina
  6. Camilia
  7. Henry
  8. Blaze
  9. Spots
  10. Dierk

My OC's

Present Generation:

Second Generation:

Third Generation:

  • Loki (Shared with Busterlove)
  • Maya (Shared with Busterlove)
  • Delta (Shared with Busterlove)
  • Medea (Shared with Busterlove)
  • Murvin (Shared with Busterlove)

Coming soon Characters:

  • Milo (First gen)
  • Zola (Sec gen)
  • Andrew (Sec gen)
  • Ellis (Sec Gen)
  • Atticus (Sec gen)
  • Brianna (First gen)
  • Dove (Sec gen)

My ships (in my AU)

First Generation:

  • Koda X Ballie
  • Brock X Becca
  • Policing In The Sky (ChaseXSkye)
  • Fire and Ice and Everything Nice (MarshallXEverest)
  • Dierk X Maradith (Coming soon)

Second Gen:

My ships (not in my AU)

Stories I wrote:

Present Generation:

Second Generation:

Third Generation:

  • Non-yet


Non Canon stories:

Stories I wrote with someone:

Lost in Space (Collab w/ Rebecca200613)(CubeRyu)

Lost in Frost (Collab w/ Rebecca200613)(CubeRyu) (My first story I worked on with someone)

Paw Patrol Meets Reality(With Lilyfoever07)

Night in the Woods(with Sonicthefox19) (WIP)

Marshall and Chase ran away!( PupAcademyFan123)

Chase ran away(Elizabethpup) (WIP)

Chase Goes Missing! (Beththedalmation) (WIP)

Adventure City Mystery! (Collab w/ Rebecca200613)( CubeRyu) (WIP)

Rough Start, Happy Ending(Orcathenewfoundland)

Buster's family meets Becca's(Busterlover)

OceanXDawson's love story (Busterlover)

Stories Coming soon:

(I have some of them on a docs)

Present Gen story ideas
  • Pups and the Race (Pups race Becca and her brothers around town on foot)
  • Becca meets Tracker and Everest
  • Pups and the Jungle Fun
  • Pups and the sleepover (Everest come to the Lookout)
  • Pups and the Puppy Cold (Brock introduced)
  • Puppy Love in the Air (Valentines) (Brock’s love for Becca and my ships)
  • Pups go on the mountain (Pups go to Jack’s mountain and they hangout with Everest)
  • The visit (Peter and Milo come to visit her and tell her what they have been up to. Hangout with her to know what she has been doing.)
  • The search and Rescue (Ryder, Chase,Marshall,and  Brock)
  • The misunderstood German Shepherds (Skye thinks Becca was trying to take her love for Chase) (Maybe Nayah can be introduced)
  • Pups and the Ghostly Night (Spooky things start happening at the Lookout)
  • Paw Patrol and the Trio (Spots,Dierk, and Koda introduced. Spots love for nature, koda love for water, and Dierk love for building)
  • Pups and the Jungle thief (Sloan takes things from Carols and Tracker)
  • The Fall has just arrived (The pups playing around in the leaves with Tracker and Everest)
  • Pups and the Halloween Party (On google docs right now soon to be added)
  • Pups learn to snowboard (My OCs learn to Snowboard)
  • Pups and the Best Christmas (My OCs first Christmas)
Second Gen Story ideas
  • Sweet little pups (Ballie, Maradith, and someone else's pups get born)
  • Pups and the Fun Day (The pups send the day at the park playing and over all having fun)
  • Pups Go Camping (Sec gen and Mayor Goodway.)
  • Pups go to the Carnival (The pups and the kids go to the carnival and get toys, treats, and they hang out with their family)
  • The newest Members to the Team (When sec gen become a official member of the paw patrol)
  • Pups and the Night Terrors (Sec gen and Mayor goodway)
  • Pups go for a Swim (sec gen go to the beach and have a swim day)
  • Pups and the Snow Fun (The sec gen play with their family out in the snow)


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