PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki

Hi! My name is Wyatt but I liked to be called Gamerboy94 because that’s my YouTube channel name!

I’m going to try to make a lot of Paw Patrol stories

This is my favorite wiki guy


He is so awesome!!

Here are the stories I made so far

Pups Save A Stuck Zuma (When he goes underwater to test out his upgrade on his scuba gear, Zuma gets tangled in some seaweed caught on an anchor. Will the PAW Patrol save him before he runs out of air? SPOILER ALERT: SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!)

Pups Save A Stuck Everest (While rock climbing & parachuting with Jake, Everest gets stuck in a branch up in the mountains! Can the Paw Patrol save her before she’s doomed? SPOILER ALERT: SML!!)

Pups Save A Stuck Tracker (When he was going exploring without anyone knowing, Tracker finds himself stuck in a quicksand pit and sinking fast. Will the PAW Patrol rescue him before he is completely submerged? SPOILER ALERT: RAYMAN!!)

Pups Save A Stuck Marshall (After saving Alex from a tree fire, Marshall gets his pup pack stuck in a branch. Now the Paw Patrol has to work together to free him before Mayor Humdinger causes chaos to them. Will they get him free in time? SPOILER ALERT: ANNOYING ORANGE!!)

Pups Save A Stuck Rocky (When helping Mayor Goodway clean up the town, Rocky gets pushed into a recycle bin and finds himself buried in waste dump. Will the PAW Patrol dig him out before it's too late? SPOILER ALERT: SMG4!!)

Pups Save A Stuck Skye (When Skye's copter malfunctions in mid-air and crashes at the top of a building, she can’t escape because the seatbelt’s jammed. Now it’s up to the Paw Patrol and a special guest to save her before she falls to her doom. Will this flying pup become a falling pup? SPOILER ALERT: PLANES!!

The Paw Patrol Story (Do you want to know what happened to Ryder’s parents? Do you want to know how Ryder met the pups? Do you want to know what their first rescue was? Well, read this story and you’ll find out!)

Pups Save Spongebob (After rescuing Chase from a cliff, Spongebob and Patrick need rescuing themselves because Plankton is trying to murder them after freeing Zuma. Can the pups help the sea creatures or will Spongebob and Patrick be buried in the deep end?)

Garfield To The Rescue (When Everest and Jake around about to do a parachute jump, Everest gets stuck on the tail wing of the plane they were on. Now the Paw Patrol has to team up with Garfield to save her. Will they get to her in time? SPOILER ALERT: GARFIELD!!)

Skye In Trouble (When flying her helicopter, Skye crashes into a hole with a tree blocking the way out and her hind leg pinned under her helicopter. Can the Paw Patrol free her in time or will Skye become a pupsicle? WARNING: CHASE X SKYE MOMENTS!!)

Chase and Skye: Love Is Like A Jungle Gym: (After Skye has the scariest nightmare in her life, Chase promises her that he will always be there to protect her. But when Skye’s nightmare starts becoming real, can Chase keep his promise and save Skye before she’s doomed? WARNING: CHASE X SKYE MOMENTS!!)

Pups In Baldi’s Basics (The SML Gang lost all 7 notebooks in Baldi’s schoolhouse and can’t get out without them. Now it’s up to the Paw Patrol to help them find the notebooks. But however, Baldi is trying to stop them. Can our heroes get all the notebooks and make it out alive? PS: User:PAWPatrolFam is going to help me) UNFINISHED

If I was in the Paw Patrol, my catchphrase would be, “Gain way cause here comes the gamer train!!”