One day Track and Paige were on a walk when they saw grofiti on the side of Mr Porters building.

Paige: Look at that! It's awful!

Track: It looks kinda cool.

Then a white fluffy dog with a blue ear appeared out of the bushes. She was holding a pink spray paint can.

Paige: You did this! Clean it up before I get Mr Porter and he calls the pound!

The dog: Okay okay.

Paige: Well be back in one hour if this is still here, (slides her paw across her neck)

One hour later.........

Paige: Well, I guess it is good enough.

Track: Are you kidding! It looks better than before!

The dog: Awww thanks.

Track: What your name?

The dog: I don't have one.

Paige: Really, well let's go Track.

On there way home........

Track: That dog is suck a good artist, we should put her on the Paw Patrol.

Paige: No, she did a crime and she is filthy.

Track: She was just expressing herself and we could clean her up.

Paige: But what use would an art pup do, besides cleaning her own mess.

That night Track found her and brought her to the Paw Patrol.

Ryder: Well........ I guess we could have another pup.

Track: Yes! You can stay!

The dog: I can!

It took awhile for her to get a pup pack, uniform and truck, and collar. But soon she was a member.

That day she went on a new mission with Rubble to build a new house. And she did a lot of painting. She got her name to, Violet.

That night.........

Violet: Track, why does Paige hate me?

Track: She is just healing.

Violet: Huh?

Track: She was a puppy mill dog, a puppy mill is when people put dogs in cages and force them to have puppies so they can sell them to pet stores, just for money. Like most mill dogs, she never saw sunlight or tress or clouds till we got her.

Violet: That's so sad.

Track: I rescued her and had and outrage, and attacked the owner of the mill.

Violet: Ha ha well you told him.

IMPORTANT NOTE: puppy mills are real, people should not buy puppies from pet stores because that help puppy mills continue. And most puppies that are there are sick and dye in a matter of about 2 years case they were never known being sick. And the sweet, innocent mother is a prisoner, though she has done no crime. If I ever see a mill owner, I will do what Track did. No joke.   :(         END PUPPY MILLS!!!!!!!!!!!