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Now this has become a routine since it has been a week since they started.


The same characters.


A week later.

"Want to do this again?" Aliyah asked, waking her brother up.

Titan woke up and looked at his twin.

"What?" Titan asked, rubbing his eyes.

"The thoughts that we shared a week ago, remember?" Aliyah asked.

"Oh right." Titan said.

They went to the lookout.

"So, let's do this again." Ollie said.

"Why isn't 11 pronounced oneteen?" Titan asked.

"Or 12 pronounced twoteen?" Aliyah asked.

"I have no clue. Like what Titan says, words are complicated." Oberon said.

"Colonel and kernel technically rhyme." Titania said.

"But their spelled differently." Titan said.

"I know." Aliyah said.

"Is sand called sand because it is between sea and land?" Marshall asked.

"Sometimes ocean." Aliyah added.

"Still." Marshall said.

"Scissors never cut. They precisely rip stuff." Chase said.

"And they can hurt." Rubble said.

"A piece of paper actually has 6 sides." Marshall said.

"Yep. But we only see 4 of them." Titan said.

"Brushing would be such a pain if our teeth are ticklish." Zuma said.

"I know." Titan said.

"Horrible and horrific mean the same thing. But terrible and terrific mean different things." Aliyah said.

"Words are complicated." Ollie said.

"Yep." Titan said.

"How does snow freeze without looking like ice?" Oberon asked.

"How does snow even become snow?" Chase asked.

"I know!" Rocky said.

"If we get scared half to death twice, what then?" Marshall asked.

"Then you're dead?" Aliyah asked.

"I'm not sure." Marshall said.

"We can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but never just whelmed." Titan said.

"What even is whelmed?" Aliyah asked.

"We've never lost anything. It is still out there." Titania said.

"I lost my bear, where did it go???" Titan asked.

"Dude, it is here." Oberon said.

He hugged his bear closely.

"Thanks." Titan said.

"If you've fell down and survived, congratulations, you've survived a collision with a planet." Roscoe said.

"Yay." Aliyah said.

"One day, there will be a last season of the news." Ollie said.

"Who even watches the news?" Aliyah asked.

"No idea." Roscoe said.

"Every odd number has the letter e in it!" Omlett said.

"One, three, five, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen. Oh my gosh, your right!" Oberon said.

"Who even invented numbers?" Titania asked.

"Why are bacons called bacons and cookies called cookies, when you cook bacon, and bake cookies?" Roscoe asked.

"We will never know." Oberon said.

"Doors are just portals to a new room." Aliyah said.

"Yes they are." Titan said.

"Speaking of doors, they are just opening walls." Mimas said.

"Yes, they also are opening walls." Aliyah added.

After a few door thoughts.

"Anyways, every number up until 1 thousand doesn't have the letter a." Titania said.

"Wait, seriously?" Mimas asked.

"Yeah, also every number from 1-10 doesn't have an l." Titan added.

"11 has an l." Mimas added.

"Yep." Ollie said.

"Does anything even exist?" Aliyah asked.

"Yes." Chase said.

"How do we know if we are even alive?" Titan asked.

"Dude, too deep." Zuma said.

"Oh." Titan said.

"Well, Titan is right." Aliyah said.

"A backwards sigh is a gasp." Oberon said.

"That's true." Titania said.