Chase and Rubble are playing soccer on the soccer field

Chase: Goal!!!!!!!

Rubble: No fair! Zuma, tell Chase that was no fair! Zuma? Zuma??

Zuma: I can hear you, just next time try t-

Zuma pauses as he sees something in the corner of his eye. A girl, she was BEAUTIFUL! Her purple eyes, that thick and luscious fur... Zuma had been lovestruck

Zuma: Oh my... Wow....

Chase and Rubble: What?

Zuma: Her...

They looked over to see a girl chocolate lab with a collar on that said Princess, she wore a small red barrrtte.

Zuma: *Sigh* S-S-S-She's the most beautiful pup in the whole world....

Chase: Why don't you go talk to her?

Zuma: I-I-I don't know, what if I mess up?

Rubble: Just try your best.

Zuma: O-Okay... here goes....

Zuma walked over to her.

Zuma: Um... H-H-Hi there....

Princess: Bonjour, I'm Princess.

Zuma: You have a little accent, like me!

Princess: Yes I'm from Parrie.

Zuma: Paris, cool!  (thinks) she's way outta my league  :(

Zuma and Princess went on a walk until sunset. Zuma told Chase all about her that night.

Zuma: She's so pretty! Will you help me impress her dude?

Chase: I can't impress girls. (thinking about Skye) But I can talk to her.

Zuma: OK then, don't say I like her!

The next day................

Chase: Hello Princess.

Princess: Bonjour, you're that German shepherd who can really play that ball game.

Chase: Soccer?

Princess: Yes.

Chase: So....... do you like anyone?

Princess: I have some one in mind, giggle.

Chase: (thinks) Oh no! She likes me!

That night Chase told Zuma everything, he was mad.

Zuma: I can't believe you!

Chase: I didn't mean it!

Zuma: I'm not talking to you!

So he went to Rocky for help.

Chase: Rocky, can you help me talk to a girl?

Rocky: Who!

Chase: Her name is Princess.

Rocky: Oh her, she nice, but a little out of your lead.

Chase:  >:(    Its for Zuma!

Rocky: Well, I guess so.

So Chase and Rocky were about to knock on her door when Zuma jumped out of the mailbox.

Zuma: I KNEW IT, YOU WANTED TO DATE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase: What? NO!

Zuma: Well Princess is sweet, pretty, caring, funny, and has a heart of gold!!!!!!!  You cant steal a girl like that!

Rocky: Hey Zuma, turn around.

All his yelling got her attention, she heard everything.

Princess: You really mean that?

Zuma: Certainly.

Princess: Oh Zuma!

Princess gave Zuma a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Zuma: Come on you should meet my other friends.

Rocky: Love is confusing.

Chase: Yea.

The End